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Hi! I'm Heather Sprague and I work for Tropical Soul Productions. We are a new dance company who provides quality professional dance instruction for any dance style  in Orange County, California. Please consider taking the time to add our link to your site and we'll do the same.
Our company's goal is to connect students and a qualified teachers in the area of southern California . We know that sometimes it is hard to find good dance teachers, so our goal is to make it easy for students to have great instructors closer to their home. We have good connections with some of the best dance instructors for Ballroom (Latin, Standard, Smooth and Rhythm), Argentine Tango, Salsa and Swing.
Professional Dance Lessons in Southern California:
Dance Lessons, Classes and Dance Shows in Orange County, by Top Qualified Dance Instructors. Group and Private Dance Lessons and Shows for Salsa,Tango, Swing, Ballroom and Cha-cha-cha.

United States of America (Press Release) October 2, 2007 -- Salsa Instructional Video

Maybe you find yourself feeling a little too shy to take that first salsa lesson. Or, you’ve got such a busy schedule that you can’t even imagine carving out enough free time to get to a class. Whatever your reason may be, have no fear, because nowadays it’s incredibly easy to find a good salsa instructional video. Begin learning the basics or fine-tuning your existing dance skills in the comfort and privacy of your very own home.
The market for salsa videos and DVDs has grown tremendously in recent years, and covers the major styles: Cuban, New York, Los Angeles and Mixed/Fusion. Salsa instructional videos range in skill level, covering the spectrum from novice to advanced, so there is something available for everyone. These variations do mean, however, that you need to read the back of each video carefully to make sure you purchase one that is appropriate to your skill level and dancing desires. For the most part the videos will use the same basic structures, utilizing step-by-step instruction and demonstration to teach the dance. They will diverge on the skill level of the steps they teach you, the movements growing more complex as you progress to higher levels. Beginner videos teach you the basic elements of the salsa, focusing on footwork, posture and other fundamental concepts. Progressing through intermediate and advanced lessons, you will hone in on technique and then learn the little “extras” that can make a salsa flashy: Lifts, tricks, dips and other complex movements.
Another option in the salsa instructional video market takes salsa and fitness to a different level: Salsa Aerobics. Salsa Aerobics and Latin exercise videos actually combine elements of the dance with other workout techniques. The overall goal of these tapes is health and fitness, but all of the exercises are based on the spicy movements of the salsa. Of course, the workout is set to hot salsa music to maintain a lively pace. This style of salsa instructional video also offers something for every skill level. For those who have never taken salsa lessons, the video is a chance to start experiencing this saucy, fun method of dancing. It also is a great alternative to the average workout for people who are practiced salsa dancers.
A salsa instructional video is a fantastic way to start emerging yourself in the sizzling world of salsa. When you feel ready though, check out a 6 hour salsa boot camp at!

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