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Social, Cultural, Spiritual, and Political Community Discourse:  Photo above creditFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia New York skyline  Source:

Blogs, Bloggers, Forums, amd Journals:

The Fashions Bitch: Bitchy is tends to be, yet it is based upon key fundementals of fashion sense at the sametime; thus this is, likewise, a vague attempt of entertainment too!

Israel Information Center Ithaca blog: This is to give a rare visual look at the diversities within the Israeli society of diversities; yhe working basis of its emerging civilization. 

Inter - City Blogging Program [ Links ] from the Ithaca NightLife Blog:

The following categories are samplings of the complexities which are involved in each community.  None the less, alot of what is listed here are themselves sociocultrual and sociopolitical innovative and are in their very beginnings of being established.

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Social focus:
This is where you see community activisms at its best.  Thus you have a broad range from those groups. like parents with pre-teen children, who will meet from to time to arrange events.

The National - International Social Calendar:  Various social calendar gleaned from various selected cities and communities on  a global scale.


Cultural Focus:
This is where something is either made or performed.  Thus you will have crafts as well as a dance performance at a local theatre.

Category  Dance:

Spiritual Focus:
Churches, Synagogues,  Mosques, and Temples all fall into this category.  None the less, include in this list are those lay organizations as well as businesses which a faith based initiatives in which spirituality helps to facilitate moral centered private sector groups.
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Political Focus:

Illegal immigration, Amnesty and Nullication Issues:  This recognize the single fact that many employers in Agriculture of illegal immigrants are depended upon them as a cheap supply of labor. This webSite indicate that there is a direct connection between the supply of labor and the necessity of recognizing the fait accompli of the present force of nullification.

Social - Political focus:
This is where you see community activisms for change at its best.  Thus you have a broad range from those groups. Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation, who will meet from to time to arrange sminars, agenda, goals, public demonstrations, or rallies..

United States Cities:

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National Cathedral, Washington DC
Selected Blogs, Bloggers, Forums. and Journals:
The cities selected were based upon these criterion.  Historic and academic presence, as well as inclusion of smaller adjacent cities, IE. Elmira, New York which gives a larger regional sociocultural and sociopolitical influence to a major or growing urban city, IE. Ithaca, New York.
They are at present Albany, New York; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Binghamton, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Buffalo, New York; Columbus, Ohio; Cortland, New York; Dallas, Texas; Elmira, New York; Ithaca, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Miami Beach, Florida; New York City, New York; Owego, New York; Rochester, New York; Sayre, Pennsylvania; Syracuse, New York; Toronto,  New York; and Washington, D.C.

Canadian Cities:

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The cities selected were based upon these criterion.  Historic and academic presence.
They are Montrel, Quebec, Canada; and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ontario, Canada
Selected Blogs, Bloggers, Forums. and Journals:
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The political scope, especially during the election year of 2008 is too complicated to fully cover. Thus everything covered with reguards to the ongoing election will be brief, as well as supllying needed links for you to get the fully scope of each canidates views.
None the less, there are issues from whom an entire network grid was developed inorder for them to get noticed on the Internet.  In this case they will be covered, and with cooperation for other users users of the Internet, comprehensive in developmet.

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