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This is the series of open letters to the citizens o Baghdad Irag initially published in Baghdad Night LIfe ( NightLife ), RMC.


Second Open Letter:


" Wheres the Trust?"

There are now 4,900,000 displaced Iraqis.  It is they who should be the primary focus of International concern.  There are key factors for this, and its importance should be at the forefront of all reports.

With the American involvement came an additional influx of other foreign fighters-who were solicited by local Iraqi radicals to fight for their cause.  The Iraqi general population got caught in-between, and as they saw the growing influences of the foreign fighters, led by local criminals and radicals, had within their neighborhoods and children and as a result they fled.  The primary cause was for the physical and emotional ( they do not want their children to learn hate ) safety of Iraqi children.

It is this group and this group alone which the attention should be placed as they are the Middle Class structure of the Iraqi nation, and are the only ones who can make a Modern state work.

According to the growing Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Coimmunications Network of Iraqi participants, they are litterally shock at the political discourse in which American is emeshed.  They, everyone, and along with their networks of Iraqi friends and contacts,  view both the recent election for control of  American Congress and the ongoing and emerging presidential canidate debates as totally distructive to their rights to self - determination.

The simple reason is that their voices should have been solicited in its diverse concerns and heard within the American poltical discourse concerning the presences of American troops, the conditions necessary to allow them to return to their homes, and the distribution of public - oil derived - revunes.   That displaced Iraqis should be heard, and not the wild meanderings of  the foreign fighters, or those who need and solely depend upon them to have potical power.

They see American invoklvement into their nation as being too late as America should have backed the poltical opposition when it previously existed.  American, with its false promisses,  witnessed in detailed intellegence reports how Saddam forces killed them off.  Leaving Iraq devoid of those Iraqi individuals who are desparately needed now to establish political stability after the removal of Saddam.  It is as if America wanted this to happen and thus those who are trying to make their lives work in Iraq really do not trust America.

Moreover, and most important, they view American attempts at separation of Church and State democratic role model as being Anit - Arabic, and have simply said " No." .They view The A.C.L.U. for example, as an American created evil.

In the unfolding political ethos of discourse in the American political process in the selection of Presidential Canidates, and the following elections Iraqi citizens must be included in every aspect which deals with Iraq.  Any thing less than that will mean they will not step foward and risk their lives to make Iraq work.  They once did before the American involvement into their nation and were simply killed in mass.

As one email by Ali ibn Yussef said.

" Wheres the Trust?"

Mr. Roger M. Christian / Editor

Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Coimmunications Network

To The Citizens and Peoples of Baghdad and all of Iraq.

The one commonality that we have in common is free trade.  It is the cement that now only binds the bricks of civilization to produce goods and services, but more importantly it has the ability to cross over ethnicities, beliefs, and International boarders with the sole result being a joint prosperity.  It is what prosperity can bring, and the happier lives it is associated with which makes free trade not as important as one beliefs, but allows those beliefs to flourish.  In the ends, not with standing the further implications which prosperity will bring, in which free trade engages a civilization to grow to magnify itself.
In the course of conflict, ask yourself, what are you able to offer your children, and your children's children?  In the present ethos in which the blood and Iraqis and Americans are now both mixed in various cities / village streets, highways, valleys, and hills of Iraq what is more noble.  To build a civilization based upon the free trade, or the continuation of more ancient traditions of inter - strife and conflicts?
In the view of the emerging technologies, which are themselves are a direct result of free trade societies, the next few years will come even more dramatic advances.  Ask yourselves, one and all in Iraq, how then will you be able catch up while at the sametime being able to be self-dependent as a peoples ( note the plural ). 
Look at the developements which are coming out of the technological machine of free trade, and look yourselves in the mirror.  What is your place in this real world of civilization ?  Think out what you feel, believe, and take this one sole advice.
Rebuild yourselves anew through a cooperative focus in fully reopening and securing  the University of Baghdad, and allow an academic accord of freedoms to exist in which your children, and then much later, their children can resolve the real differences you have while you are constructing a rebuilt Baghdad and Iraq.  Let your children's sense of idealisms and search for truth be so liberated that hope will appear and Iraq can begin to become self-dependent by their resulting and collective discoveries about themselves and others who call themselves Iraqis.
Roger Meredith Christian
Ithaca, New York
Additional note:  As of  October 16, 2006 an additional open letter is being put together.  Many citizens of Iraq have responded, essentially by emails, and have expressed two items.  One - is the central importance of Inter - Iraqi  reconciliation [ based on how oil revenues are to be distributed internally ] without any American involvement in this process. Two - the necesssity to keep open lines of communications and relations necessary to further promote free trade, and this means keeping Americans involve in Iraq, and more importantly, access to American markets; for the sake of these two aspect only.

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