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Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy

It was a time of elegance and grace.  America's Age of Iinnocense. Everyone danced to the Ballroom Dance of the Waltz, then later came the Foxtrot, and then The Tango.  Everyone also enjoyed the great company they met on the dance floor.  Ballroom Dance is still just as graceful and those who are dancing on hard wooden floors litterally glides with the smoothness of silk in romantic motions and graceful movements.  The gowns were lovely as their hems wisp'ed silent hushes upon the Ballroom Dance floor, and the smart white tie formals and tails of the bows ( males ) added a sense of dignity and charm in full " social promenades ".  
Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca ( ) design and course development is to bring the charm and grace to the Ballroom Dance floor here in Ithaca, New York.  Each Ballroom Dance Class is in fused with this as central to it's  motivation - to contribute to the Ithaca scene this formality of grace and culture.  The ends of which is to bring social ownership, another - words empowering the public, back to Ballroom Dance Socials.  Only then, can it be expected for the youth of Ithaca to join in, and this includes the children too!  Otherwise see Dance Ithaca E - Magazine. This can be witnessed at a dance competition See; Dance Competitions Ithaca [ WebSite ]. Dance Ithaca [ WebSite ]

This is the Ballroom Dance Competition WebSite which gives notes and details of who, what, where, and hows of dance competitions.

The emphasis, and noted training to be prepared for dance competitions is rigorous, and a lot of focus on each detail of technique, style, and appearances on the dance floor.  Everything has to work at the sametime.
Yet the greatest reward in going and competing in dance competitions, is that the winning is not the real draw, but the class of peoples who these competitions attract.  It takes real sense of character to not only get out there, but be able to give a good of oneself too!

Lettrers / Email

I recently came across your web-site and felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed it. The information found within it has been helpful to me, and I wish to return the favor. Rather frequently I search the internet for a wide variety of information, varying from football, personal training, and dance, to artwork, travel, and business. Your site appealed to me on many levels, and I would like to recommend to you a few links in which I think will benefit your viewers greatly.

The first link is of the Moscow Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker", they have a web-site at "" I have been to many of their shows and this site has provided me a great resource for following the company and helping me purchase tickets, and even try out for auditions.

The second link is " "; they are one of the top retailers of Cheerleading & Dance apparel, accessories, and information regarding contests and camps. My daughter is involved in cheerleading and we frequent this site for her every need, and that is not a joke!

Once again, thank you for your time and effort in setting up such an information site, I hope you like the links I have recommended. Thank you.



I will try to correct the later Sir, and thank you for this email / letter...RMC

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Amanda Nichole Payne Ballroom Notes:
My name is Amanda Payne and i'm a junior at Kemp High School near Dallas Texas. This year i started a ballroom dancing club, we named it Dance Hall. We are trying to raise money to get a professional to come help teach us. Right now it is just our teacher sponser Mrs. Wagnor and I. I'm learning bit by bit off the internet. Everyone said it would be impossible to get anyone in my school to join. They say you can understand the music and relate to it so they wont join only way they would is if rap was played. I have already got ten pairs joined and more want to know about it. We have lots of ideas for fundraising and are willing to go the extra step. I just wanted to submit this to see what you and your colleague think.
Thank you and Sincerly
Amanda Payne



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Latina Danza de Arte ~ Ballroom Theatre Arts ~ Hip Hop - Jazz - Dan " Z " ing to " da " Jazz Lindy
 Our motto is " dance experience helpful, but not necessary ", in as much as we do training internally, and that auditions are for placement " only " for three categories.  Amateur. Pro-Amateur. Professional.

Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca

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From classes to dance performances, we do it all.
Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy
B - 104 University Park Apartments
87 UpTown Road
Ithaca, New York 14850
( 607 ) 279 - 9945
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Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy




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