Bicycle Lanes in Ithaca, New York.
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For additional information contact:  Tim Logue  City Transportation Engineer; 108 East Green Street, Ithaca, New York, 14850,  ( 607) 274-6535




 East State Street Up-hill Bicycle Lane Proposal


The Board of Public Works is considering a proposal to install an up-hill bicycle lane on East State Street between the Tuning Fork (where Green Street, State Street and Seneca Way come together) and the intersection with Mitchell Street (Rt 366). A number of local and regional plans have recognized the need to improve connections between downtown Ithaca and the Collegetown/Cornell area for those traveling via bicycle. This segment of E. State Street has been identified as one of the most appropriate segments for improvement due to its high motor vehicle volumes, high connectivity to key destinations, and the comparatively gentle slope. The proposal before the Board includes:


  • A 5 ft wide uphill (eastbound) bicycle lane to allow bicyclists to ride at their own pace without obstructing motor vehicle traffic or feeling like they are obstructing motor vehicle traffic.
  • Relocation of centerline striping to create a wide downhill (westbound) travel lane that allows motorists and bicyclists to have adequate shared maneuvering space.
  • Consolidation of parking on the south side of the street and revision of on-street parking regulations.
  • Installation of bicycle-related signage and crosswalks.


It is anticipated that construction will take place in Spring 2008. The Board is interested in public comment through the end of September and may vote on the project on October 10th. Comments and feedback can be directed to Tim Logue as above or at



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