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The Celebration of Life:

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Chinese Moon Festival

The North Coast Music Festival
The North Coast Music Festival has arrived to Chicago with a star studded lineup to match. Top acts include: Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Paul Van Dyke , Moby, De La Soul, The Chemical Brothers, Damien Marley and more, but it's not just the A-Lister's that will be seen in the limelight.

Independent recording artist Khaled M has found himself just one step from the big stage, literally.

A top vote getter in the festival's "Toast of the Coast Play-in Contest," Khaled M has been handpicked along with 9 other acts to battle it out in a private show. Those chosen to the Top 3 will receive a spot in the official North Coast Lineup which is expected to draw 40,000 fans in early September.

Most call it an opportunity of a lifetime, but it hasn't happened just by chance.
Khaled states, "My fans are the true soldiers, but while I'm excited about all of the votes, I just want a chance to perform. Hopefully my music can speak for itself."

The critics will be watching closely.

Fans will need to come out in droves not only to cheer Khaled on, but to show he has a loyal fan base like the voting suggested.
The "Toast of the Coast" play-in show will be held at The Tonic Room in Chicago beginning at 8:00p.m. on Thursday August 26, 2010.

In its inaugural year, The North Coast Music Festival is a 3-day event held in Chicago's Union Park on Labor Day Weekend.

Khaled M is a Chicago-based rapper that uses a rare combination of quick wit, substance and lyrical ability to attract sincere fans from all corners of the globe.

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Celebration of Life:  The living enjoyment of have a good time and appreciating the society and culture in which one lives and works is what festivals promotes.  More importantly it gives a time in which people actually communicates through their talents and abilities important living traditions which gives a peoples their idenity.
Festivals are the primary Intercultural Communications Events in which the community seeks through its labors to bringing about such events.  It is here where everyone get together and to share their common cultural experiences and future aspirations.

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At several College and University campuses, several International Students / Scholars have banded themselves into recognized student groups.  First this was a means to keep in touch with ones home, as the human connection between fellow citizens help'ed in the sociocultural transition.  None the less, and more importantly, these groups started to initiate their own social and cultural programs.  The ripple affect within the sociocultural academic ethos was awesome as it created a high character representation of their homeland and peoples and resulted in long term relationships after graduation with Americans.  Americans who got an up-front cultural education as a direct emotional consequence of freindships they and the International Students / Scholars formed together. In several instances, both in the private, as well as in the political sector these freindships had even a more profound impact on the American national consciousness in its foreign relations.  See the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement web site.

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There are numerous types of festivals in the world. Though many have religious origins, others involve seasonal change or have some cultural significance. Also certain institutions celebrate their own festival (often called "fests") to mark some significant occasions in their history. These occasions could be the day these institutions were founded or any other event which they decide to comemorate periodically, usually annually.

Seasonal festivals:  Seasonal festivals are determined by the solar and the luna  calendars and by the cycle of the seasons. The changing of the season was celebrated because of its effect on food supply. Ancient Egyptians would celebrate the seasonal inundation caused by the Nile River, a form of irrigation, which provided fertile land for crops. In the Alps, in autumn the return of the cattle from the mountain pastures to the stables in the valley is celebrated as Almabtrieb. A recognized winter festival, the Chinese New Year, is set by the lunar calendar, and celebrated from the day of the second new moon after the winter solstice.

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