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Welcome to Chicago Night Clubs ( NightClubs ), RMC. Wanted are your press releases on all cultural events, along with photos, and ongoing weekly socials. Click on the email below.  ~ Thank you.


Welcome to the MSN Group Night Clubs ( NightClubs ), RMC promotional page developed to encourage you, especially female patrons to join.
" A Night Club internet interactive listings and group participations for various nightclub / night club patrons to make comments, loyality statements, criticisms and warnings about those nightclubs / night clubs they have visited. "


 Why female patronts are most encourage.
One. The development of the ciritically needed nightlife program " Take Back the Night " to replace the often tacky and seedy nightlife promotional " Ladies Night."
Two: Based upon information and critical date discovered in participation in Women Studies, State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo State, " When women feel and know they, you are safe the more responsive they, you are in assert a more active sociocultural leadership in the nightlife in their, your community and the more relax they have in choice. 
Choice =  A - Broader selection of style of dress. B - More open in intercommunal communications.  C - Freer aspirations, social and sexual, in the selection of the type of partnership needs.


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