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Foundation " For " Arab - Israeli Reconciliation, New York City


Welcome not to hope, but to some very hard work!

Words like hopes and dreams in the Middle East have exhausted their real values.  Always the realities, later on,  will set in, and fear once again becomes the ethos of happless peoples ( note the plural ) who are always trapped in a political wirlwind of diplomancy and agreements, and of which later on will be shattered by a car bomb. 
No More ! It is about time a new offering contained in a new word should be given.  " Work " and a phrase " No More ! "
WE need workers for peace!

The Children:



Wanted are Graduate Students / Scholars within the New York City area to do co - research issues concerning Arab - Israeli Reconciliations as part of an International marketing effort. Send your interests via.. email below.

Email:  israelitikvah@aol.com

" Palestinian parents will never condone their children throwing stones at human beings, especially at ' armed ' Israelis.  Nor will Israeli parents, cognizant of the Holocaust, ever condone their children denigrating a peoples, especially ' unarmed ' Palestinians. "  Roger M. Christian, Ithaca Journal, March, 2003, Ithaca, New York .

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The Discovery Process:
Creating a focus to promote reconciliation is never easy anywhere.  It is even more difficult when you are trying to it online - via the INTERNET, but building an effective web site that allows free and open discussion options, is something never really tried. This is the effort whereby the INTERNET becomes a tool of " personal " discovery. Then the INTERNET, if used properly,  can make a huge difference in increasing social and political responsiveness of each member's behavior in public the sharing of ones  owns views..

Everyone needs to find more information, and how this information triggers personal self-discovery,  how it affects your  emotional needs, and drives involved in the issues surrounding ethnocentric commonalities is what this site is about.  The desired organization, the ethnological commonalities involved, and the sociocultural needed responses is the focus we need to provide for each other.  The work must be look on with obsolute patience, as well as critical allocations of time and efforts.  We should all look forward to working with each other.
Appx. [ Intercultrual Communcations Thesis  being developed as a result.]


103 West Senca
Suite 206A
Ithaca, New York 14850

FAIR's New York State Get - Togethers.  For those who are not academic related this is the best means to add your support and contrubution to.

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Join in the peace process of self discovery-click on.

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