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The Issue for Nullification:
Presently Americans, both north of the border and south of the border are now comming to a point in " our " histories in which " our " future relations are going to be dramatically changed.  There is, now, no stopping this.
This site is developed with the intent to explain why we are both in a era of denial, and this reflects the central necessity for a period of reflection and close examination under a new term  ... Nullification ,,, [ which is the existing National socioeconomic fait accompli ].
There is an historic connection, along with a historic warning, to what the decling Eastern and Western Roman Empires had likewise confronted with their own immigrant crises with the agricultural peoples of the Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Heruli, and Orthogoths around 380; these peoples were to be used to farm great northern Roman estates.

Website Mission:

The additional aspect of the present political discourse of Illegal Immigration before the nation is the opportunity for expenditure reforms within the Agency for International Development, as well as facilitating more physical conservative policies of the World Bank.
These immigrants comes from areas in urgent need  for social and economic development; thus to produce the wealth and economic foundations to create jobs! Why not has that happened?
 Often, and very much like the US Congress adding admendments to each bill to help their constituency back home, foreign service professionals as well as Presidential foreign negotiations have both used the funding coffers of the Agency for International Development as a political cash wedge-subtle bribery.  From the World Bank [ though limited in giving out such information ] these funds have not matched the expectations in which even the US Congress would appove-though in their own dealings with own bill riders in current legislation are not innocent themselves.
However, the numbers of the present influx of illegal immigrants [ An unknown number which the national anxiety has produced un realistic numbers - as no one really knows. ], they represent a more direct approach of gattering more accurate information on the development needs of their own home locations as well as availabe resources.
What this relects and the central factor for Nullification is that it would lower the present ethos of fear and personal anxiety of these peoples, and at the sametime keeping a respectful posture on existing laws.  This allows for legal space.
Why Legal Space.
Presently most funds from the AID is allocated on al system and methods of choices all based on where the information and needs for funding comes from.  Latin America is totally criss - crossed with corruption.  Here they have to deal with the present officals of each country - who like all politicans have their own agenda-especially to stay in power or maintaining the degree of popularity they experience within their own countries.  None more to the less, the present immigrants are a better source of where development is actually needed - its at the core of why they have had to make their trek north.  Immigant migrations into the United States are a direct link-consequence to on-going corruption within Latin America which is largely paid for by the United States tax payer.
Historically right after WWII, the devestation and the needs for development produced two plans.  One was the Marshall Plan to offset further Soviet successes in obtaining inroads into Eastern Europe caused by the resulting economic plight triggered by the Nazi distruction of their various independent civilizations. Eruope, as a result of the Marchall Plan not only resisted Soviet aggression, but became prosperous!. 

Central issues of why we are successful, this reflects the price of basic food stocks, and to extend this is likewise true south of the border through the illegal immigrants themselves are future needed low cost labor investments they have contributed to the American economy as well.

We are in period of opportunity only if we do not go fool hearty into a poltical discouse which from a South American laborers point of views has the potential of socioculturally tansforming the United States into the future object their national hate.
The opportunity comes from a central understanding in the opportunity of the energies, and personal commitments in which the illegal immigrants are making to come north of the border, and from which they could be likewise transformed into future economic development partners for hemispheric prosperities.
This all stars by the recognition of the status quo
The Economic [ Agriculturally based. ] Nullification which has up to now have protected most of them.  The urgent factor for citizens of the United States for this is the actual price of
This reflects recent increases in the prices of these vital food stocks, and as a result have inflicted harsher burdens upon the American poor - who really can not keep with these increases. The roots causes are reflected in present attempts, sometimes too successful, at law enforcement, and the loss of traditional immigrant labor force [ There are growing anxieties within the immigrant population of where they should go and find work, or who they should work for. ] which had traditionally kept these prices under slower rate of increases.
Both the agricultural economy, along with its vital exports to maintain the present national balance of trades, and with all countries, those of Latin America, and the American poor are locked into this very disjointed national political discourse and behavior which has expanded the poverty base on both sides of the border. 
Likewise, and not even reflected anywhere within Americana is that the border barrier is now being seen from a Latin American point of view as an Iron Curtain, and as such the United States is seen as future targets for future hostile actions triggered by growing poverty in Latin American.. South American Political Science Academians are now alarm, and foresee future conflicts and even war itself!

The nature and crux of not only our liberities but more so the authenticness of " our " [ theirs and ours together ] co - revolutionary spheres of democracy which rest solely of the ....
Liberation of the Middle Class ...
The Second Plan: Most important, as we learned through the unexpected benefit, the massive expansion of American wealth during the 50s and 60s was a direct result of the G.I. Bill of Rights issued just right after World War II actually created a system of further inculsions of others into the Middle Class
- an inclusionary sociocultural and socioeconimc discourse."
What this translates to the present opportunities for more reliable information gethering process, is the actual traning of the illegal immigrants, under nullification through their labor investments, is to train them for self-development opportunities back at their homes - based upon the new acquired information - mostly provided by them in the first place.
We do not need to interject any more anxieties, in as much as it will not  resolve anything but more complex hardships on Americans ( both North and South ), by the resulting co-hemispheric increased levels of poverty it will create.  The United States has already felt the impact of this already in the increase rates of inflation on basic foods stuff during recent detensions of illegal farm laborers.  We need this labor source willing to continue to contribute to argricultural economy of the United States, as well as make additional adjustments to be likewise be trained for economic development of their own homes; this means actual schooling while at the sametime contributing their own labor resources - virtually in the clusters of famring communities through-out the United States. They have already proved they have the energies required.  Do we have the wisdom?


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