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Clubs / Lounges / Bars
Phone Number.
413 Taughannock Blvd.
272 - 1370
1230 Danby Road
273 - 1370
Dino's Collegetown
313 College Avenue
273 - 5819
The Huant
702 Willow Avenue
275 - 3447
107 1/2 Dryden Road
277 - 7529

2nd Floor Bar

The Commons, 119 East State Street

277 - 0291


403 College Avenue

277 - 1490

Felicia's Atomic Lounge

508 West State Street

273 - 2219

The Chapter House

400 Stewart Avenue

272 - 4136

The Nines

311 College Avenue

272 - 1888

The Shop

312 East Seneca Street


The Chanticleer

101 West State Street

272 - 9678

Level B Bar

410 Eddy Street

272 - 3888

The Westy

516 West State Street

216 - 2851

Bandwagon Brew Pub

114 North Cayuga

319 - 0699

Crossroads Bar and Grill

3120 North Triphammer Road

533 - 7803

Farrell's Bar and Grill

114 Main Street

898 - 9518

Fisherman's Pub

323 Taughannock Blvd.

256 - 0028

Old 76 Club

470 Seventy Six Road, Brookondale

539 - 6344

Roman Village

Locke-Groton Road, Groton

898 - 9538

Viva Taqueria

101 North Aurora

277 - 1752

Ron Don's Inc.

1 Old Main Road

387 - 5622

Delilahs on Cayuga

106 - 112 South Cayuga

277 - 9143

Silky - Jones



Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar

2300 North Triphammer Road

257 - 9725

Blue Stone Grill

110 North Aurora

272 - 2371

The Boatyard Grill

525 Taughannock Road

256 - 2628

Chili's Grill and Bar

614 South Meadow

272 - 5004

Cloud Nine

91 North Street, Dryden

844 - 8188

Corks & More Wine Bar

708 West Buffalo

319 - 4172

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Photo Credit: Downtown Partnership

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Summer 2011

Dancing in the Streets. Tuesdays
7:00 to 10:00 PM
Now Finished!

M&T Bank Summer Concert Series Schedule 2011

Concerts are Thursday from 6-8pm unless otherwise indicated.

June 16 - The Ithaca Concert Band (7-8pm)

Ithaca's community band since its founding in 1976, composed of a diverse group of people. (

June 23 - El Rumbon

8-Piece group that started up in 2008, performing live salsa and merenge music in the Ithaca area. (

June 30 - Radio London

An Ithaca Band that has played together for over 20 years, playing versions of popular songs from the 60's. (

July 7 - The Double E

"Original country rockin' rollin' waltzin' dancin'"

July 14 - The Makepeace Brothers

4 brothers from Ithaca, playing upbeat songs with positive messages, combining jazz, country, African and Brazilian styles, as well as others. (

July 20 (Wed) - Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band

A band that mixes the sounds of zydeco (a type of folk music influenced by Creole culture) with hip-hop, R&B, rock, and pop music.

July 21 - The Ithaca Concert Band (7-8pm)

Ithaca's community band since it's founding in 1976, composed of a diverse group of people.

July 28 - The Horseflies

Band formed in the late 1970's that puts a unique spin on fiddle music and folk rock. They combine traditional and modern through their poetic, original songs. (

August 4 - GoGone

A rock band playing distinct original songs that range from ballads to "raucous and rockin' tales of adventure." (

August 11 - The Blind Spots

An Ithaca-based rock band playing a variety of creative, energetic original songs.(

August 18 - Gunpoets

New School live hip-hop group that incorporates pop, rock, soul, and funk into their unique, positive, energetic songs. (

August 25 - The Destination

A 9-piece dance band that performs a wide range of popular songs, from Disco and R&B, to Swing music. (

September 1 - The Downtown Summer Block Party

A fun, family friendly event welcoming everyone back to Ithaca for the fall. Will have games, food, beverages, information booths on local non-profits and more. A great way to close out the summer!



From the Twin Houses of Academia: Concerts.

Auditions for Dance Bands and Dsic Jockeys


Belief in yourself is the key requirement in producing your own sound and then taking the next step in forming your own band.
What this audition process allows you to try out both your new sound, or traditional dance music and have your band have a place in which it can likewise reherse - but with a very active groups of dancers interacting with you at the sametime.
Here on on the Ithaca Commons is the focus in which you can explore, while giving your fellow bands members the additional public opennings to get known necessary for their musical development. It all goes on every Tuesdays - when the weather permits - from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.






You do not have to be from around the Ithaca area. All you need is willingness.

Please email :
or call 607 - 279 - 9945  [ If you have a caller id block then please leave a voice mail message.]



What is now happening at Cornell University.

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Thursday, June 7th…..Tarbox Ramblers…..Bernie Milton Pavilion.....7pm-9pm



Katie Clapp, Ithaca Downtown Partnership, 607-277-8679,



The annual Downtown Ithaca Summer Concert Series, a staple seasonal event on Thursday evenings in downtown Ithaca, kicks off this Thursday, June 7th at the Bernie Milton Pavilion with the Tarbox Ramblers performing their signature alternative primal swamp blues.


This Boston-based band is a staple of Rounder Records, and their 2004 release, A Fix Back East, has been critically acclaimed by Rolling Stone Magazine. In 2001 the band toured with legendary Led Zeppelin front-man, Robert Plant, and in 2002 their self-titled debut CD was featured on the BBC’s list of the year’s top ten albums. Expressing the need to follow the musical traditions of hillbilly music and Delta blues reinterpreted towards the modern world, they have been compared to alt-country favorite Wilco, and are a great match for Ithaca’s music loving crowd.


The Downtown Summer Concert Series, which runs through August 30th, has evolved into an Ithaca summertime tradition. This year’s series, presented by M & T Bank and Performance Systems Contracting, features a diverse selection of artist from Latin Jazz to Swamp Blues.


Bill Kirchen, the Grammy nominated rockabilly legend behind the hit “Hot Rod Lincoln” will be another Series highlight on June 21st.  Ménage, who graces the stage on July 5th, hails from Asheville, North Carolina and has been praised by critics as a mix of Patsy Cline and Neil Young. Local favorites The Horse Flies will perform their own brand of science fiction bluegrass funk on August 16th, and the “End of the Summer Blow-Out” featuring the Dave Matthews Tribute Band on August 30th will bring the Summer Concert Series to a close.


All concerts are free and take place on the Commons from 7pm to 9pm Thursday nights except for a few which occur on Wednesday nights. A complete schedule is available at or by calling the Ithaca Downtown Partnership’s office at 607-277-8679. Series brochures are also available at all downtown hotspots.


Parking in downtown is free evenings and weekends at the City garages and at the meters. Many shops on the Commons maintain later hours on Thursdays as well, so people can come early to shop, dine, and enjoy the music.   


For more information, contact Katie Clapp at the Ithaca Downtown Partnership, 607-277-8679 or email


Stephanie Winston Vann
Marketing Director
Ithaca Downtown Partnership
171 E. State St.  
Center Ithaca  PMB# 136
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607-277-8679
Fax: 607-277-8691
Cell: 607-279-3984


Ithaca Date Book:
An online helper.
First get your cell phone and a date book.  There is one to your left.  Then you get this site on the date book, and then click on Ithaca Concerts, Concerts and Entertainment, Theatre, or Entertainment websites for the evenings entertainment.  Then if you want something very good to go actually dinning out too, and not a rush job, you go to the Ithaca Recommended Restaurants for one hell of a great evening.  In the end it will become more easy to plan, and you really do not even have to sit at home to do it. 

Strategic Links:
International Students / Scholars InterCultural Communication Resources and Promotions for State of New York:  To offer greater hospitality to incoming Internationals on our campuses nation wide.

Dancers Come Alive at The Ithaca Commons.

Everything from Freestyling, Liquid Metal to Break Dancing is coming alive at the Ithaca Common's Burnie Milton Pavillion. Stay tune to the date when this series starts. By best quess - when its warm within the Ithaca - Tompkins County Region.

Traditional held every Tuesday between 7:00 to 10:00 PM, this series has hosted everything from Latin to Israeli Folkdancing, as well as Argentina Tango.

Please make your comments and let us know if you are interested in helping out too!


Where we are attracting from on the InterNet.

Concert appearance Spring 2007/ " Historic State Theatre."

The State Theater of Ithaca (New York), where Dark Star Orchestra will recreate the Grateful Dead’s legendary 5/8/77 performance on its thirtieth anniversary: May 8, 2007. The State Theater is located in the same town as Cornell University, where the original show took place. DSO does 5/8/77 on 5/8/07! More information and tickets are available at and


FREE MUSIC!  And it's GOOD!  How often do you get to spend a leisurely summer evening enjoying a really good outdoor musical performance for free?  Come on down (or stay down!) and celebrate the "official" start of Summer with the Tarbox Ramblers (

The Ithaca Dixieland Band
IDP ( Release )

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