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Movies, Music and Television have made Los Angeles the undisputed and unapologetic entertainment capitol of the world – and now Downtown LA Fashion Week will step onto the stage and saunter down the runway to showcase and showoff the sexiest, the most stylish and the absolute best of American fashion. Downtown LA Fashion Week will produce three days of fashion shows highlighting designers presenting their latest collections for Spring 2010.


Downtown Los Angeles, the heart of LA’s fashion, art, architecture and entertainment scene. The GEFFEN Contemporary at MOCA will morph into LA’s newest and most provocative fashion arena. The GEFFEN Contemporary at MOCA is a huge, modern venue that will be transformed -- complete with runway, seating for attendees, lounge areas, backstage areas, lighting and sound -- allowing fashion designers to show their collections.


Twice a year. Downtown LA Fashion Week SPRING 2010 shows will be held on Tuesday, October 13 through Thursday, October 15, 2009. Fall 2010 will be presented in March 2010. Dates to be released shortly.


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