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Already the home of three glamorous boutiques based in London, Fifi Wilson can now offer everybody the chance to purchase beautiful, unique clothes and accessories from the comfort of their own home. With a vast choice of labels from all over the world such as London, Paris, NY, Italy and Denmark A buying priority is to offer customers something different from all the other department stores and boutiques. The buyers at Fifi Wilson cherry pick the very best from collections every season and work extremely hard at supplying a variety of price points suitable for all pockets.

Due to the varied stock Fifi Wilson has gained a large creative and celebrity customer base which includes Kelly Osborne, Andrea Corr, Liberty Ross, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sam Taylor Wood, Sharleen Spiteri, Jessica Lange, HRH Princess Eugenie, Jemima Kahn, Katy Perry and Betsey Johnson.

Fifi Wilson online, not only offers unique, quirky clothes but also fun up to date blogs containing information on the latest additions to the store and cool goings on the London fashion scene. All purchases arrive with a special treat from Fifi Wilson, as they know little details count!

The staff at Fifi Wilson pride themselves on impeccable customer service and knowing their stock inside out. This gives them an edge on Etailers that are shipping from warehouses. “We are renowned for the great service we give in our London boutiques and we shall endeavour do the exactly the same on our online store.

The first Fifi Wilson boutique was opened by Fi Lovett over six years ago. Having always been consumed with a passion for style and fashion she decided to depart from her theatrical background and concentrate fully on retail. She had been balancing acting and buying for a boutique before taking the plunge and opening the first boutique. Fifi is her nickname and Wilson came from part of the name of the boutique she used to buy for, as she was reluctant to put her name over the door. Fifi Wilson has expanded rapidly to three London boutiques and now with the online store, worldwide.


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DC Fashions Reports [ From Press Releases ]:

Washington, DC (June 21, 2008) – local artists R. Alexander Clark, Michelle Fatovic, Sofya Mirvis and Emily Chimiak will exhibit different styles of painting ranging from colorfully edgy to mystic abstraction.  The show takes place at DEKKA, a cooperative gallery showcasing fashion art and music. 


DEKKA consists of a diverse group of clothing and accessory designers, retailers, and fine artists.  Each artist is an integral part of unifying this eclectic mix, forming a cohesive space between sound, sight, and style.  R. Alexander Clark's calligraphic drawings of city sass and bright DC row houses merge with the urban fashion of the showroom.  The work of Sofya Mirvis harmoniously integrates the flowing, feminine fashion and accessories (of the back showroom) with subtle drawings and ethereal hues, intertwining the element of the space in a skillfully choreographed movement. Michelle Fatovic's bold sculptural paintings shine in brilliant contrast on the brick wall staircase, as her syrupy lines stand alone with striking intensity. The paintings of Emily Chimiak transform the entrance way, propelling the viewer into layers that seem to rise from a deeper space.  


The show will open Saturday, June 21st 6-9:30 pm. This will be the first art show since the grand opening of DEKKA on April 5, 2008. DEKKA artists plan to host monthly rotating exhibits and community art events. Each show will be an opportunity to meet with the artists. DEKKA is located at 1338 U Street, N.W., 2nd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20009.  For more information about DEKKA artists, please contact Joshua Tiktin at (202) 986-1370 or visit http://www.dcafam.com

European Fashions: Milan, Paris, and Moscow are now three of the eight leading fashions centers of the world.  Nonetheless, other cities in Europe are likewise making their efforts heard at the sametime.
What may be occuring today is an unexpected time period of good times, or even a golden age in which peace is growing.  So what does societies and cultures do during good times? We create!

Welcome to American Fashions Press Releases Wanted advertsing web site and directory. Wanted are your press releases, or announcements on all cultural events and annual fashions show events & photos. Send via.. email below.

Email:  euro-quest@lycos.com

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World of Dance Visions:  World of Dance Visions started as a special to Dance Ithaca E - Magazine, then it focused on Ballroom Dance Champions as well as for Latin / Salsa.  It is now the news gathering site for city dance companies, and new dance teachers to send their dance news to.  This is then linked to Dance 4 American as like an online bureaus for each community this online publication.  More importantly Dance 4 America Online Publications, D.B.A. was like established as separate to Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy, D.B.A..

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