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Science, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethnics:
" To protect the future of discovery. "
This web site is an inclusive forum by which the public, private, academic and scientific sectors in our society, as well as the world about America comes to a central communications Internet network to  focus and  review new science and technologies.
The Goals of this site are:
Support of Free Scientific Inqury, and Open Research:
Proper review of all data to assure accuracy of all information published on this site:
Ethical considerations are also solicited so long as they do not in any manner what so ever seek to politicalize any field of research, or the innovator and scientist in the process of discovery.
More importantly, science and technology as both a field and profession must be totally responsiable for the security aspects of every innovation made.
This is assisted, networked and further developed by the following processes.
Public Access:  This feature makes the science more understandable to a larger population segment. Moreover, to inspire others with considerable academic experiences to formulate a democratic informative focus which assists greater comprehesion by the social, cultural, spiritual and political leadership about  major science and technological issues of today.

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