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The City of Ithaca, New York needs to grow in order to pay for the municipals which are already forecast in the city's future.  Thus the City of Ithaca needs a major corporate interests to balance out its academic centered industry / education non-profit institutions.
It was with this understanding, along with the additional comprehension of the real economic impact of academic institutions on local communities, that the Internet campaign of The City of Ithaca, The Cultural Magnet Destination City was launched on the internet- a with proven affect.
Mr. Roger M. Christian

Ithaca Night Life, NY is a main cog of a central plan to assist in the regional promotion of Tompkins County as a whole.  This is to give an example to the rest of the nation of how we can begin to come together stronger as a nation via special communication channels through the internet, to promote national  unity; Inter - City Cultural Communications.  Moreover, there are national and International issues in which a small community can take on, and can make improvements, as a result, in humanity as a whole.  Thus the vision of Ithaca Night Life, N.Y is realized.

 Thus Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY intercultural initiative and mission is now three fold:
1. Establish an Inter- City Cultural Communications Network ( This is now 40% completed )
2.  Promote the city of Ithaca as the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Region of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  ( This is now an acknowledged International known campaign - as copies of this promotional have appeared.).
3.  Provide a focus in which to attract others, especially those who are local researchers-whose technological innovation has clean industrial applications , to investigate the development of alternative National and International Services, and Exportive Entertainment services and futures industries. ( This is the newest component ).
Developemental Extractions:
This website was developed to attract the attention of students / scholars, and top researchers at Cornell University and Ithaca College - who have the ability and interests to create and broaden the economic - industrial based of the city of Ithaca, New York
Social Extractions:
Off campus activities offer a broader range of social and cultural opportunities which are not present on campus.  Moreover, the connections between personal aspirations and testing ones abilities to manisfest these aspirations in both social and cultural marketable terms are impelling factors to participate off campus.  The limitations for on campus activities are in their dynamics are driven by administrative anxieites.  Where as limitations for off campus activities are solely determined by both market dynamics and rule of law, and their internal safety systems of legal redress and relief.
Employment Extractions:
The first initiative for part time applications for employment is now based upon a search for On-Campus representitives who earnings are based upon generous commissions rates for high quality and top notched goods and services.

Here we may display a picture of recent downtown development:

Newest Hotel
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