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Ithaca's political nature is govern by a string of coalitions between various social and cultural segments which seeks their own mini spheres of control while at the sametime pleading their central cause of Ithaca being the idealistic community ( This was once described to me as ' The Movement ' ). 
What is entailed is the actual political realities which often are ingnored;from fear by the present rulling coalition in themselves lossing control-they can not adapt to the real circumstance both politically, socially and economically which pertains to Ithaca in future economic and social growth terms. 
As of 2006, the small economic growth boom has been felt every where in Tompkins county and it comes from a trickle down effect between large urban centers to mid level urban centers.  In Ithaca's case the communities who saw a boom in 2004 were both New York City and Syracuse New York ( adjusted from 2005 ).  Moreover, and since the slow down in New York City was felt in August 2006, Ithaca's present boom can only last until February 2008, or not unless something else happens to increase the industrial or cultural manufactoring base by at least 16.7 %. 
There is a glut in services and those who struggle within the service industrial base of Ithaca / Tompkins are now feeling in masse " Income Anxieities as a result of this."  This has further triggered additional socio-economic fear, and has impacted negaitve sentiments to anything new, or connections to any terms of upgrading-for there is no money for either anywhere.
None the less, all this is irrelavant until one central problem is confronted, and if it is done successfully then Ithaca will emerge into a semi - city state with a certain amount of economic independency ( this also means upgrading Ithaca Hours ).  Thus it is of extreme importance that in order for Ithaca politics, its political nature must mature to a crucial point of connecting to real National and International " proven trends of community and private sector successes "so that local real economic and social issues must confronted head on and thus you can look and study the following issues.......

Political Endorsement for the Election Year of 2008 is ..........

Check out their web site for the latest election features events, action alerts, positions and membership information.

Due to the present dysfunctional domestic public policy of the United States the Ithaca, New York based Lincolinians website and eventual sociopolitical coalition in now necessary to produce and implace within the present national political discourse.

Major Student - City Issue 2007 - 2008 Bicycle Lanes in Ithaca

There are very few issues in which native Ithacans and transiet students / scholar population base can come really together on and that getting bicycle lanes established.  There are " of course " the energy and environmental issues.  Nevertheless, and what native Ithacan's should focus on - is that once a tourist industry does start to bloom here in Ithaca, then you will need additional parking; this issue matches student and community concerns together in so many directions.


Needed in Ithaca are New Voicies.

Recommended to area's Womyn.

In addition is this group:

SGP is a grassroots organization dedicated to engaging, educating, and empowering conservative women. Men are more than welcome to join.

Find more photos like this on Smart Girl Politics

Ithaca's basic political issue:
Raiding by Syracuse.
Normal economic multipler impact of an academic campus economic - capital flow activities ( Faculty - Staff incomes-purchases of goods and services and contracted arrangements - capital insourcing revenues ) upon the adjacent communities is on average 2.65 ( Southwick '66 -' 74 and UB School of Management research ' 84, '96 ). 
In an interview ( some years ago ) with the Office of the Vise President for University Relations, Cornell University " the last assessment of the economic multipler affect upon the greater Ithaca area was 1.12 .  " At first this was not believed, until an investigation was made about Ithaca's academic communities' relations with businesses in the Syracuse region.  Also, Economic Studies grad students at Syracuse University were likewise de-briefed, and then came the discovery that Tompkins county academic expended revenue ( Cornell, Ithaca College and TC3 ) related multipler affects upon the Syracuse community is somewhere around 1.45.
December 9, 2005 - As a result of the posting of this webpage, October, 2005, more news - hidden from everyone who should have   known.  With the slow demise of Ithaca's private sector, the public revenues ( from our taxes )  expended to maintain and publically service ( fire - streets - policing - sewage -etc ) the Academic Manor houses of Ithaca / Tompkins County  ( pardon my Southern twang of labeling both Cornell and Ithaca College " Academic Manor Houses  ) increase proportionately in draining the overall available public revenues general fund.  The figure which was quoted, and if it is true means the increase proportional margins in which Cornell and Ithaca College has drained from these funds-no matter their contributions to date ( no real fault of their own - by the way ) has forced the 1.12 multipler impact to go below 1.0Mayor Nicols had it right in the first place. WE MAY HAVE A NEGATIVE ECONOMIC IMPACT.
Then the crisis is then realized.
Thus the main economic beneficary of both Cornell University and Ithaca College is Syracuse.  Not Ithaca!
With this alarming difference other avenues were looked into, and what was discovered it that those who made the purchases of good and services, did not, again, did not, want to deal with Ithaca's businesses - private sector.  In many incidents, the purchasing agents of various academic departments, as well as University planners would not deal with Ithaca.  Also, Ithaca's product lines were not up to snuff either.  There are exceptions IE. Evolution 102, ShangriLa and Shalimar.
Something happened back 1975 - 1977, which caused a reverse of positive business - academic relations which triggered the slow demise of Ithaca's private sector.. A socioeconomic vulnerability emerged of which helped to further trigger Citizens Savings Banking institution's collaspe and subsequent takeover by M & T Banking . The first and last real victim.  Also, there are some real bad attitude problems too ! This surrounds how an academic community, which is what Ithaca is, is able, or is unable to respond to the academic insitutition's pedagogic mission-for Ithaca, politically; this is most crucial.
Interviews with past clients have noted this too !
However. Syrcuase has proven to " be " more positive in how they view Cornell University, and with their up - beat sales pitch, not detracting form either Syracuse University, nor its struggling football team, The Orangemen - affectionately labled, they are a better sales community. 
Syracuse has taken the lead and not Ithaca !
Thus, and with the positive efforts from the office of the various mayors of the city of Syracuse, for the interest in Syracuse, for example of the city's drive for more and more business was transacted with Cornell University than here in  Ithaca.  All at the lost to local merchants. and is reflected in Ithaca's shrinking tax base.
It is not Syracuse fault either, they " just " did a better job!
Moreover, and retrospect to several cultural processes, IE. which has, lets say,  underminded the development of the Ithaca Ballet [ see Dance Ithaca Essay WebPage on ], the Ithaca market has continue to be raided for the last 35 years.  Very much like the Ithaca Ballet.
This has indicated that in order for a community to economically benefit from it's academic industry it must apply itself as The Community Leader in upholding the letter, and the more important social, cultural, and economic results of the pedagogic mission's statement  Once the academic institution becomes the assumed ( without a vote ) Community Leader, then the adjacent community has been enforced as serfs.
It is no longer an issues of political left or right, rather it is in the manner of money.  Where is it going, and how it is interacting with the private issues of the consumers' interest and personal expectations themselves, and nothing else.
Roger M. Christian, December 9, 2005
Now you know why I am hot on both the clients right to self - determination, cultural zionism, Arab - Israeli Reconciliation, and cultural democracy!
Another edit, December 12th, 2005 - needed some cleaning up.

Ithaca Impact: Ithaca's OnLine Business Community News which reflects Ithaca's economy and business development.

  Corporate Headquaters in Ithaca, New York
The City of Ithaca, New York needs to grow in order to pay for the municipals which are already forecast in the city's future.  Thus the City of Ithaca needs a major corporate interests to balance out its academic centered industry / education non-profit institutions.
It was with this understanding, along with the additional comprehension of the real economic impact of academic institutions on local communities, that the Internet campaign of The City of Ithaca, The Cultural Magnet Destination City was launched on the internet- a with proven affect.
Mr. Roger M. Christian

Political Presentation Model on the Internet:
InterCultural Communications - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.

Think Differently
By Mr. Roger M. Christian
Article I
There are three distinct elements which I considered when looking at the internet and how can I get the " best " message out in what I publish which best represents the actual intent of my personality, interests, skills, and knowledge.
One.  Fundemental to everything in which I posted / published was based upon hard empirical evidence.  Thus very hard core research was involved in every aspect of any bit, or in this case " byte " of information, and the additional deliberate action to force introspective personal discoveries, is the continued some-what selfish motives and passions behind each step taken.
Two.  The single aspect of InterCultural Communications as a very deliberative means to produce events was the essential empowering element which I found out is the primary socicultural and sociopolitical power platform for the future.  The power comes from the transition of time, and of discourse of additional aspects of human development in which we, as a civilization are slowly becoming aware, which events which are based upon InterCultural Communications becomes the very formative up-evolutionary behaviorial anthro-developmental traits which triggers conflict preventioning to occur.  And it is exactly here, "Conflict Preventionng where everything else is derived.  The evidence for this truthism is overwhelming.
Three.  The actual recognition of the objectiveness of the internet itself, in as much as everything it views from various serach engine crawlers or spidders, bugs, has the interesting clean slate encryption - as each webpage is initial judged.  Moreover, it is from here, and the further understanding of the various technologies involved in both hardware and software development that  wide -spreading of content was imperative; this demanded higher and more deeply penitrative knowledge, and as a result I have well worn used at least 7 libraries within the academic central community of Ithaca, New York.  The central factor for this very timely and costly action is that there are distinct connections to the bugs of the internet, and empirical information-hard factual content information which triggers higher results..
The internet goes real buggy over hard and qualified content information.  Like a camel to desert oais water well.  At first it can not get enough.  Then later its rider is likewise very satisfied as a result. Thus, a deeping and harder introspection of each information byte produced the qualified results.
Thus you now have the initial three points, and what they eactly entail, and why everyone should begin to think differently is not only based upon the growing dependency on the growth of the internet for future prosperity, but that the single physical action we should take is to produce those events which promotes InterCultural Communications.  To do this, we need addtional International Students / Scholars - which according to my research means an additional 4.8 million addtional International Students / Scholars.
Does the world have them to offer?
The pedagogy of each institution of higher education will likewise have to adjust their academic curriculum and grading proceedures to meet the resulting discourse resultant evaluations,  faculty evaluations - student- and teaching aspects adjustments,  adjunctive financial support structures - and the needed additional principle America academia will have to adopt to modify its pedagogy as a result. 
Then, and only then, will be very clear what Thinking Differently means both a vision, and the circumstance resultant as a result of making such a commitment.
Article II
We have here in the United States millions, as it now seems, of migrate labors who are primiarly from South America - even though the Asian are now becoming more numerous.   This is opportunity.
What this means, from my own personal point of view is that these hard working peoples should be out-reached to for these very specific factors:
  1. Access what are the conditions back in their home country, and from which calibrate a community needs assessments.
  2. Measure further interests on future jobs developments by the traning needs they wish to recieve while working in the U.S, and Canada.
  3. Determine the area of their home community's available resources, and sociocultural and socioeconomic existing structures.
  4. Confirmed all date base requirements for a think tank resolve in developing career - jobs traning program to coordinate with loans and credits for future economic development and construction of industry, or services in their home of origin
Mr. Roger M. Christian.
You should be getting the point now!

The Illegal Immigration Issue:

Immigration, Amnesty, and Nullification Issues [] WebSite []

Nuts & bolts
The Nuts and Bolts of this issue.

The Future Map of Human Consciousness



The Heroic Generation.
At the cutting edge of Du Avant Garde, is that a civilization's development rest solely on the socio - cultural processes of how it nurtures it's youth.   Thus is should be to everyone surprise that something happened previous to the year of 2000.  What has happen, is the development of The Heroic Generation of American youth who are now entering the 16 to 18 years of age, as of June, 2006.

The Critical aspect of this is based on the clear observation that as the American civilization has became more complex, there has been increasing equal complex burdens of sociocultrual and sociopolitical adaptions being made in childrearing techniques by both the parents and children of each family since about 1982 till the present.  The forms of these adaptations have magnified the self - perceptions of diversity of the emerging core of youth even more, than their parents own development in their own childhoods'; the present impetus of greater self - discoveries as a result.  
The newer aspect....

Then the physical impact of hours and hours being spent at home computers and access to the Internet by children as early as 2 1/2 has likewise created further expansion of the depth of the child's development of their audio and visual perceptions, increasing their range of needed additional information, and emotional needs during all the years afterwards; their growing dependencies upon the Internet. 
As of now:

Their resulting increased visual and intellect range [ what is still not yet been measure by present early childhood reseachers - conclusively, and maybe by their present skill research skills unmeasureable ] is far different than their parents.  This component has likewise appeared in experiences of increasing fustrations in their dealings and learning with their primary and secondary school teachers - who in most instances are unaware of their emerging student traits.  This is the additional impact of computer usage and its ability to influence their own innate drives -  while most of their parents being totally unaware.  Furthermore, those who families have home acccess to the Internet have triggered a unique struggle for this generation of Internet users to find common idenity; this has created the basis for a different more complex cultural society to emerge within America's mulit - cultural mosaic. 
Most amazing is the increasing and voluntary, they are not being forced to commit in using the Internet by their parents,  interdiction of the internet experiences into radicalizing their abstractual intellegence, and near fantasy visual ranges in conjunction with the mental impacted sociocultural sphere of influences of present early childhood ( per - 12s ) sensory developments by their parent's sociocultural, socioeconomic, and  sociospiritual childrearing efforts [ What the parents are passing on and the advance technique they likewise have used from the radical 1970's. ]. Moreover, their developmental causal extrapolations of rapid access and installation of competant and more highly advanced usage of computer soft wear technologies, and internet prowless has impacted new adaptations after 12 YO ( and at a critical developmental stage Piget/Erickson); thereby creating new unkown emotional structures which has their further generated biological resultant imprints on this population's innate drives.  There is no research known within this area either.
Part conclusion...
" Similar to design technology functions invested in computer advance technologies and rapid streaming of mass information within the growing massive information insourcing spiders of the Internet ( here before never used by previous generations ) have had a radical impact which are largely the additional unknowns confronted by todays parents and unfortunately and similarly by present University educators as well.  They, " you " [ if " you " fall into this generation ] are now the outsourcing resultants"

Now, historically, now, this process has created new emotional and intellectual structures and have been observed to be firmly inserted into this generations' overall personality traits which is generated by every single successful experience during time durations [ after an unknown quanity of time expended ] related computer access obtained by the child user.  In dealing with present forms of how children are integrated into society this has created a separate intellect, nonetheless, and thus forming new resultant and yet unkown " impacted innate intellectual drives which are increasingly creating emotional technocentered more adpated " new corridors."
Presently this has been recently touched on, largely in their emerging emotional fields, by Presidential Canidate Barack Obama.  His campaign use of the Internet and who, the users, he has been getting his political message to, and likewise his contributions from. 
Part conclusion ....

Simply the causal resultant of increased usage and depth of range of their nervous systems has result in a different intellectual population.
It is what is contained within in this new corridor is their main future focus of unity.  How internet experiences have impacted their own personal, and individual bio - spheres, and the resultant increased locations and more diverse usage of their brain stimulus is still even the greater unknown - even to themselves.
Thus and unlike Gertude Stein quote about the " Lost Generation "  We now have the " Heroic Generation. "  In a historic review we have had Heroic Generations born in 1745, 1832, 1876, 1919, 1946, and then 1982.
What is even more surprising is that they have caught upon certain indenity ethos which is in its initial stages of social and cultural evolution - development; and are just now being defined by themselves, while others outsiders are in the dark. Moreover, the socio-spirituality of this genertion is their  special gifts.
The result in art, music, and others is just now appearing at their other edges....
This is leading us to the....
The impact of which will be felt culturally around the year 2016.  Politically is the greater unknown, can Barack Obama tap into it? No one knows...
Pax Fidelis!

Alert - Continues:  There were corrections, nonetheless, there is something within the Cornell Server which disrupts outside websites, and world wide rankings of Google.Com within Zip 14850, 14851, 14853 ( ? ).  Why?  Google crawlers have been modified and adpated to local zip codes, as a result everything locally became more vulnerable to the Cornell's server with regards to page rankings.   What most are not aware of,  in regards to the Cornell server,  is that every webpage this server hosts is linked internally, and thus there are power rankings surges as a result everytime a webpage is clicked on.

The Ithaca Public Policy Forum

Ithaca Socials [ Forum ] - membership required to plan non - academic socials .

One of the elements in solution finding which is now being explored can be found on the Academia - Cornell / Ithaca College webpage .  The other is the private initiative to promote the city of Ithaca, New York as the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State region of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio .

Academic Slavery of Ithaca, New York
A Focus.
In the absence of alternative industries to those of academia, which were lost during 1966 - 1974, Ithaca's sociocultural and sociopolitical environments have slip'ed in to a dream like state representitive of academic freshman behavoirsims.  A form of collectivism has also emerged not as a poltical force, but rather as a protective network to garde itself from the outside world; and in many instances to stop top flight service professionals from getting locally established.  What is more alarming is that the general population really does not care anymore, and it is why which should alarm those who still have grasp of normal realities which exist outside of Ithaca.
It is under this strange form of collectivism from which the real leftists have completely disavow themsleves of, an ethos of Anti - Semitism and Racism now exist in the open.
Ask yourselve these leading questions.  What happened to the Tompkins County Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P., and where are the Zionist organizations; the frontline advocates of liberation and freedom.  They were both chased out of Ithaca during the same era 1966 - 1974 along with the bulk of Ithaca's private industries, and the upper middle class structure they contributed and established.  Both ( all ) are linked.
It is how Ithaca was able to get rid of the N.A.A.C.P. which mirrors every other institution-white controled-and under the lip - service banner of Ithaca 's Liberalisms  in which whites tell blacks how to be black, and from which the leading experts in being black are seldom black.  Thus the missing component of a local black community agenda.  Thus Ithaca is one of the leading racists communities of New York State, and possibly the entire Northeast, in which the emplaced form of countering a black agenda from ever emerging is the racism of inclusion, seculsion, and delusion ( sorry Jessy ).  
It was the strategic loss of private sector industries, the N.A.A.C.P, and Zionist organizations which triggered the loss of Ithaca's investment base as many additional talented individuals fled as a result.  Moreover, as I have heard many who called themselves Liberal  state-that both the N.A.A.C.P. amd Zionist organizations are racists.
In the final focus of local racists tendencies and to further look in to this, you should look at available commentaries on the racists history of Savannah, Georgia.  It is from the available published resources of this community which will give you the perceptual skills necessary to detect the ongoing tragedy which is evolving in Ithaca.
It is also under this cover that slow corruption in the Arts now exist, and that religious insitutions are next to be chased out if they resist.  This has triggered interest from two organized crime families in the New York City region.  One from Queens, and other, the Russians at Brighton Beach-even though a Rochester family has dips on Ithaca. The words of Christ and Ha-Shem are increasing being shuned, while Allah is increasing being praised.
With addition destain of reality the general population of single adults who are mostly frustrated in realizing their ends as being failures, have pused this community into a form of heterophobia [ A dissident form of sociosexuality coming largely from degenerate heterosexuals ].  All the while the conservatives hide further their cowardly nature-the fear of being sued; thus the lost of old money.
All of which causing many to be dependent upon the scraps on the academic table of both Cornell and Ithaca College.
Lastly and saddly there are service dependent families who have spouses serving in the Persian Gulf who are also forced to be dependent on local food pantries to make ends meet.
If none of these are seriously addressed then we will have to contend with the additional forms of an expansion of poverty along with established organize crimes gangs and families. 
There is a need for a moral center! and Social Contract!

Searching for a Moral ContractMarch 26, 2006 report:
There are two MSN groups, and a Website which has been created to attract and poll the local dacadent/degenerative nature within the Ithaca region from which to obtain additional information and what to advise as a result.  These internet items are what I call fly-paper sites.  And very much flies, those of a diviant nature have already interactively acted over the internet lines and indicates a degenerative cancer growing within Ithaca.
In contrast, a whole series of cultural democractic websites and internet groups have also been created.
Thus direct comparisons have been measured and more distinct perception has also evolved. 
What everyone should be advised of is that:
Ithaca has Massive complex sociocultural perception of itself, and as a result, a lot of people who reside are vague when it comes to focus.
Especially when it comes to conclusion and term....
This has given rise to the term of
Counterfit Liberalism.
The present sociopolitical ethos of Ithaca.
What this also entails from my own point of view, and what I will
recommended ~ promote as a result is for you, you who are reading this, to immediately reconnect to your family's traditional form of worship.  This also goes for those who for what ever reason have chosen not to believe in a " G - D ".  still should associate yourselves for purely sociocultural reasons.
If you would take my advise, I would encourage everyone to study " The Torah " in its Jewish socialcultural and sociospiritual perspective.  This note of encouragement goes double for those who are Not - Jewish of all ethnic backgrounds.
Thus, and as a result you note the critical development of moral perceptual skills ( not necessarily an endorsement of practicing everything Jewish ) in very personal way.  It is the resulting intellegent development of skills which lends to the deep personal development of qualify and social behavior in order to achive moral focus.
This means at the sametime general knowledge by the entire Ithaca community at hand of The Thirteen Princeples of Jewish Faith (  M' - Ha'Rambam Iggertim T ' Yemen ) .  As your first knowledge-and it is that point in which I am stressing. Thus you study of The Torah will be firmly established in good earth.  The result is the establishment of a sociocultural foundation necessary for Ithaca to grow beyond the present limitation.  Please note: I did not mentioned sociospirituial foundation. Though from my own personal faith, I fondly wish.

Another part of the moral contract:
Economic and Futures Development:
Something new.   Developing a veterans' credit union, and how to build one and what havng one can be of extreme value for those who are veterans.  Moreover, and with 43,800 residence of Tompkins county being veteran related [ someone in the immediate family is a veteran ], this is almost a must.  Especially when you consider this population segment in the largest permenant voting block [ est. yr. 2000 @ 68% ] in all of Central, New York.  This is real potential economic power by a group of individuals who are not lax when it comes to hard work or sacrafice-real people.


Ithaca's labor Leader: Pete Meyers.

The Tompkins County Workers' Center has embarked on a critical campaign that is keenly focused on organizing with the workers that are most directly affected by low wages; lack of health care; lack of the ability to organize for ourselves in the workplace; a lack of worker's rights; and a lack of simple free speech.


The initiativeIn this view, all that is mentioned above, I am promoting a Proud to Serve campaign - to touch back to my own traditional base.  First effort ( non-political )- Persian Gullf Veterans.
New, Fantastic & Innovative!
Sociocultural Interactive Programs:
An Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Community Cultural - Democratic Initiative.
Participate with others in expanding the social and cultural opportunities of Ithaca.  Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY ~ Ithaca Social Calendar is now open for you and your organization to post your weekly social events.  Moreover, Ithaca Social Get - Togethers forum is where you and others can plan and create your own social group, and socials  More importantly, it will allow you the ability to explore your own leadership potential and set idealistic principles to emerge at the sametime.
In conjunction with this program is Dance Community ~ Ithaca Get - Togethers forum where you can plan and create your own social dance groups and social dances.  Here also you can post your weekly dance socials on Ithaca Social Dance Calendar .  Also, to assist you in developing your own social dance group the Dance is Fun in Ithaca forum has been created for you and others to use in the organization of your own independent dance groupe or amatuer dance troupe.
These processes are offered free'ly and with high internet visability, Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY is the perfect site for you to launch and plan your own innovative cultural programs.  The networking of resources are available on these webpages to give you the added information you can use in your sociocultural initiatives for Ithaca.
Add stimulating and fascinating events to Ithaca's social calendar, and to meet interesting people as well as encounter the unexpected in your life.  Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Inter - Cities ( 50 cities up to date ) Cultural Communications Network now includes Les Avant Garde @ Ithaca Les Avant Garde . This gives you the additional opportunities to explore ( off - campus ) social, cultural, and at times spiritual issues which are at the cutting edge of human frontiers.  The Heroic Generation, Pax Fidelis, Arab - Israeli  Reconciliation, The Social Cultural Revolution of Cultural Democracies are but a short list of topics for the year 2006.  Start today! Initiate your own dialouge groups and later on an organization on Les Avant Garde ~ Ithaca Get - Togethers today.
Keeping our nation safe and secured, while at the sametime giving you opportunities to assist in peoples initiatives for reconciliation is another opportunity. Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC series is the major internet promotional arm of The Foundation For Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York .  It is the private sector aspect where you can privately have influences which make this approach uniquely different. Exciting news are forth - coming about this process .  FAIR's - Ithaca Get Together forums allows you to initiate discussions forums and seminars on the ethnocentric commonalities which exist between the Israeli and Arab peoples to occur as public events within Ithaca itself. More to the point, and thus all to the more important, it will be initiated by your ongoing developing community leadership and not academia's.
When you step back and take a long look, you will be able to see the vision of the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Social Interactive Programs are a two way portal through Inter - Cities Cultural Communications.  Impacting Ithaca by your positive actions and be able to see what other communities are also doing is essentailly the heart of cultural democracy.  In an addition is the network - The Cultural Democracy Network.  The object of which is to increase the social and cultural expectation of the nation as a whole.  This also,  insures the intent of this effort, and that is to transform The City of Ithaca in to the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Region. RMC / Editor

Grass roots Websites:
IthacaFalcon    -    DanishFalcon    -    Issues   -  
Political Parties:

Additional investigations into the politics, political parties, and others within Ithaca / Tompkins county will be posted before March 15, 2006.  More unkowns to be knowns.  Alas...........
The Front Four!

The Democract Political Party:

The Republican Political Party.

The Liberal Political Party.

The Socialist Political Party.

Public Politcy Development is primarily how ones goes about to focus on both needs and constitutional protections of and to full personal development.  This is the affected needs of today - as it defines the necessity to trigger rapid expansion of the socioeconomic Middle Class.
Thus, today, public policy is a majoritive " Pirvate Sector " in both initiatives, and in the production of manufactor goods, as well as providing sociocultural support services in the arts and sciences.
Thus the organization necessitates a private sector SocioEconomic Party - rather than a political typical in the present day mold of behavoir and politics.
Thus the vision or need for The Linclons.

In addition, probe site has been developed to explore the continuity relationship between science and public policy in order to clearly review what is necessary in Ithaca / Tompkins county for industrial development - high tech.  Thus the ' Science, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethics ' web site was devveloped just for that purpose.  Moreover, Ithaca College, and Cornell University: Clubs and Students / Scholars web site were also developed in order to initiate the attraction of its best students to make their homes in Ithaca - thus adding to our resource base.  This along with Students Notes, a sort of Love Report is developed to galvanize all three web sites with Human Honors leading, along with Persian Gulf Veterans.  A complete out -  reach Internet Campaign.
The charateristic of which:
Academic focus and beyond campus activities.
Cornell University is both an academic institution as well as a research center.  It is it's research capacity this focus is to concentrate upon.  The city of Ithaca, New York is the prime community which facilitates the public untilities, and off campus services of Cornell University, as well as Ithaca College, TC3, Wells College, and Empire State College.  None-the-less, the city of Ithaca which now must look for additional opportunities for advancing the social, economic, and cultural needs of it's citizens, and not Cornell University or Ithaca College.
 Thus Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY intercultural initiative and mission is now three fold:
1. Establish an Inter- City Cultural Communications Network ( This is now 40% completed )
2.  Promote the city of Ithaca as the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Region of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  ( This is now an acknowledged International known campaign - as copies of this promotional have appeared.).
3.  Provide a focus in which to attract others, especially those who are local researchers-whose technological innovation has clean industrial applications , to investigate the development of alternative National and International Services, and Exportive Entertainment services and futures industries. ( This is the newest component ).
Developemental Extractions:
This website was developed to attract the attention of students / scholars, and top researchers at Cornell University and Ithaca College - who have the ability and interests to create and broaden the economic - industrial based of the city of Ithaca, New York
Social Extractions:
Off campus activities offer a broader range of social and cultural opportunities which are not present on campus.  Moreover, the connections between personal aspirations and testing ones abilities to manisfest these aspirations in both social and cultural marketable terms are impelling factors to participate off campus.  The limitations for on campus activities are in their dynamics are driven by administrative anxieites.  Where as limitations for off campus activities are solely determined by both market dynamics and rule of law, and their internal safety systems of legal redress and relief.
Employment Extractions:
The first initiative for part time applications for employment is now based upon a search for On-Campus representitives who earnings are based upon generous commissions rates for high quality and top notched goods and services.

Who is Roger M. Christian
Look at his idenity WebSite - click on thinker.

Les Avant Garde Get - Togethers. [ WebSite ]: A developing network of Intellectuals, workers, artists, and multi-media peoples who Get - Together for Round Table discussions on the futurism.  Moreover, this along with the Cultural Democracy Get - Togethers, as well as The Foundation " For " Arab - Israeli Reconciliation Get Togethers will focus on the " Heroic Generation of Youth " -who are between the age of 12 to 16 years old. 
It is with this in mind, that the vital nature of securing the sociocultural lead within Ithaca's private sector, that other socioeconomci resolutions, and joint academic - local community economic reconciliation, and private sector restoration initiatives are absolutely necessary.  This is very complex, and thus involves a slow process, but must be taken up now, nevertheless.
The focuses on the single means to produce a capital cycle of repatriotation of expended revenues.  This can only come about by acknowledging the additional draw and conditions which will come about by investigating those issues which reinforces the measure of the Ithaca community taking the intellectual lead.
Thus a series of Get - Togethers built upon established internet groups, membership which I am totally moderating is 27,000 which have a wider marketing range as result, as more than half of these members belong to other internet groups, will assist in the development of these Get - Togethers both Nationally, and Internationally - as emails, as of December 12, 2005, has already stated they have started. The exception is the Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York to be constrained to New York State only.

International focus points: Largely due to the presents of thousands of International Student / Scholars attending various academic program within Tompkins county, an Interntional focus is always present within " all " local sociopolitical domans.

Economic therory:
The various labor coalitions are established, essentially on the second floor of Autumn Leaves Used Book Store ( sounds like romantic drama - second floor of a used book store ), on the Ithaca Commons.  There too is the Ithaca Hours. This the real nerve center of Ithaca Liberals.  The real thing, and not idle talk over coffee, or in the bedrooms of the white collar Ithaca Liberals.
The proposition....What are the  eoconomic consequences when the capital worth of labor is increased, while cost increase in goods and services remains?  What are the ripple effects in the increase or decrease in capital concentrations typically used for investments?
Thus, with a major store preselected. IE Wal Mart.  Then issue under tight control issuance of Ithaca Hours  - with the serial numbered bar codes for computer tracking - to modify Wal Marts employee pay.  Then apply a measure and time sequences of how often they are being exchanged and the increased ratio of purchases they have impacted.  And finally how it caused increases, or decreases in over all sales to Wal Mart in comparision with previous years sales records, the outsourcing issuer - with Ithaca Hoiurs monitoring.
Then an increase of pay in ratio to pricing can be measured.  Thus all future labor negotiations will take a historic departure!  Moreover, and from the view of labor, it gives a new track of economic tactics and services by which to increase its overall membership and all future negotiations for labor salery contracts.

Political Blog Links:

Representitive of academic issues is the on-going struggle which is The State of Israel.   In the regard several Israel related WebSites were developed to trigger the Matrix affect, now being absorbed by various INTERNET crawlers ( as of November 18, 2005 ).  Therefore several essays - commntaries are being written as per Israeli Tikvah - Israel Information Center Ithaca - Israeli Folkdance and Performance Ithaca - The Foundation for Arab Israeli - Reconicliation, Ithaca, New York -  Israel Programs  -  Specific Information Tracks ( the highly political focus sheet - issues ~ The Dhimmis )- Zionist Organizations in Ithaca, New York.  These are largely based upon cultural Zionism.
What they do is to give someone who does not know who or what is The State Israel is, or its diverse culture, and gives them a real basic knowledge core in which to choose.  Moreover, it is also, a complete through package which is both balanced and objective: the reason for Arab -  Israeli Reconciliations imprtance.

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