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The insider track to finding what is happening in Dallas, Texas, its concerts scene there are the following resources: 
Thus if you, or more importantly your date, are looking for an old favorite to sits and enjoy top entertainment is the Granada Theater;
if its the International reknown Gilleys you know something is happening, along with a Dallas Cowboy CheerLeader stopping in once and a while at its SouthSide Music Hall; for top nich and well organized concerts events there is the D.S.M. Management Group [ Anything with group in its title you know there are more than two working very hard.]; The Bishop Manor, along with a touch of sophistication; and for something more free and very lifting as the sametime The Bethany Church.

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International Students / Scholars InterCultural Communication Resources and Promotions for State of Texas:  To offer greater hospitality to incoming Internationals on our campuses nation wide.

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