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The Single Importance of this Innovative Step " Take Back the NightLife " - especially if your are female patrons at various nightlife venues, as well as a potential patron.
How to transfer the central concepts of safety, especially for women, which was discussed on College and Universities campus throughout the world in an effective overall sociocultural [ which means addressing sexuality ], and sociopolitical [ which means legal recourse as well as protecting personal self-determination > realities.
Campus life has a somewhat elusiveness which tries to focus on issues, however, it has extreme limits in which each academic administration must conform to as well as to begin a process in which its students / scholars must also conform to as well. These limitations as themselves is to self-protect their financial security from any negative legal action which may occur in the course of students . scholars length of study or research.
What Take Back The NightLife confronts is how to transfer the prime program element as to allow a new social condition to emerge.
A note of caution, never the less, several Non - For - Profit Organizations which exist outside the campus arena as a result of never being challenged as to their idea of authority and thus both sociocultural and sociopolitical ownership of what they think are key issues, have their own self-impossitions as well. Their limitations which has been growing over the years are critical, and their leadership and funding dependency is too entrenched from taking the next steps towards the issue of safety during the NightLife - Entertainment activities. Please be advise and lets start to really address the central issues involved.


Wanted are your photos to replace the above illustration.  If you want to create a strong personal image and is able to speak out for " Take Back The Night." then your leadership will likewise begin here by such demonstration and will.  Send photos - email attachment to roger14850@lycos.com.

A fundemental change is needed to positive impact the nightlife scene.
Take Back The Night, RMC is the central theme in creating safer environments within the nightlife of urabn centers, towns, and communities.  Moreover, and importantly too, to replace the tackyness which is " Ladies Night " promotionals, and the modify nightlife venues with critical information to create change within their businesses' towards their female patrons.


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