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An Integrated I Frames look at this growing and healthy city:

The Sociocultural and Sociopolitical Mosaic which is Ithaca, New York:


United States Cities:

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National Cathedral, Washington DC
The cities selected were based upon these criterion.  Historic and academic presence, as well as inclusion of smaller adjacent cities, IE. Elmira, New York which gives a larger regional sociocultural and sociopolitical influence to a major or growing urban city, IE. Ithaca, New York.
They are at present Albany, New York; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Binghamton, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Buffalo, New York; Columbus, Ohio; Cortland, New York; Dallas, Texas; Elmira, New York; Ithaca, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Miami Beach, Florida; New York City, New York; Owego, New York; Rochester, New York; Sayre, Pennsylvania; Syracuse, New York; Toronto,  New York; and Washington, D.C.

Canadian Cities:

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The cities selected were based upon these criterion.  Historic and academic presence.
They are Montrel, Quebec, Canada; and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ontario, Canada
Selected Blogs, Bloggers, Forums. and Journals:
Buy one bunch of daisies - get the second bunch at half price. For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.

The political scope, especially during the election year of 2008 is too complicated to fully cover. Thus everything covered with reguards to the ongoing election will be brief, as well as supllying needed links for you to get the fully scope of each canidates views.
None the less, there are issues from whom an entire network grid was developed inorder for them to get noticed on the Internet.  In this case they will be covered, and with cooperation for other users users of the Internet, comprehensive in developmet.

Ithaca verses Syracuse, New York:
This focuses on the leading question.  What is Syracuse is doing which is right when compared with Ithaca in Ithacan consumers' purchases of big ticket sales merchantise, and products.
This addresses the need for Ithaca to established three crucial elements to fill in the major social and economic holes caused by this competition:
One: Modification on contracting construction of major building projects be credits augmented in such a way as to allow local contruction contracting able to compete with both Syracuse, Binghamton, and other firms who now have all the contracts. This does not apply to higher costs, as it has been suspected, but through credits augmentation assist locals contractors to recieve guaranteed loans based upon contract awards in order for restructuring their companies and to achive higher construction standards as well. Later on after local building contractors have obtained a fair share of these awards then assists their future competitive bidding efforts for construction contracts of major building construction in other communities outside of Ithaca, New York.
Two: The re-establishment of Ithaca / Tompkins County Chapter of The National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples.
Three:  The creation of an Independent American Youth Hostle Orgnaization of Ithaca / Tompkins County along with the construction of American Youth Hostel.

Blogs, Bloggers, Journals, and Forums.

The following categories are samplings of the complexities which are involved in each community.  None the less, alot of what is listed here are themselves sociocultrual and sociopolitical innovative and are in their very beginnings of being established.


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Spiritual Focus:
Churches, Synagogues,  Mosques, and Temples all fall into this category.  None the less, include in this list are those lay organizations as well as businesses which a faith based initiatives in which spirituality helps to facilitate moral centered private sector groups.
Still life of Christmas theme

Social focus:
This is where you see community activisms at its best.  Thus you have a broad range from those groups. like parents with pre-teen children, who will meet from to time to arrange events.

The National - International Social Calendar:  Various social calendar gleaned from various selected cities and communities on  a global scale. 



Today's Specials
Buy one bunch of daisies - get the second bunch at half price. For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.

Blogs, Bloggers, Forums, and Journals:

Ithaca: The Cultural Magnet Destination City


" The City of Ithaca, New York is the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Regions of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio."
Mr. Roger Meredith Christian's Milinnia Resolution January 1st, 2000 Civic Statement Goal.
It was from here and the discovery about the connections between fortran programing and the creation of the Internet that Mr. Christian began his online promotional civic campaign.  This created the Inter - City Cultural Communications web site program between special selected global cities, and their establishing links to Ithaca, New York created by his online actions.  This was based upon his working knowledge of how important Intercultural Communications is in promoting conflicts preventioning. This further attracted interest by national press who were already started looking at Ithaca to take another look and investigated further, and gave Ithaca the expected higher rankings as a result.
There are now more artist who have already been attracted to the city of Ithaca, New York and thus Ithaca's role as a talent magnet has been firmly established within those markets in which the Inter - City Cultural Communications web site program has been marketed too!
This has given Mr. Christian an immediate edge in anything he post on the Internet, and the positive perspectives it likewise has created.

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The Fashions Bitch: Bitchy is tends to be, yet it is based upon key fundementals of fashion sense at the sametime; thus this is, likewise, a vague attempt of entertainment too!

Israel Information Center Ithaca blog: This is to give a rare visual look at the diversities within the Israeli society of diversities; yhe working basis of its emerging civilization. 


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Ithaca Date Book:
An online helper.
First get your cell phone and a date book.  There is one to your left.  Then you get this site on the date book, and then click on Ithaca Concerts, Concerts and Entertainment, Theatre, or Entertainment websites for the evenings entertainment.  Then if you want something very good to go actually dinning out too, and not a rush job, you go to the Ithaca Recommended Restaurants for one hell of a great evening.  In the end it will become more easy to plan, and you really do not even have to sit at home to do it. 

Ithaca Research Centers:

The Ithaca, NY location is the home for three Research Units -- the Plant, Soil and Nutrition Research Unit and the Biological Integrated Pest Management Research Unit and the Plant-Microbe Interaction Research Unit-- led by Leon Kochian and Donna Gibson, and David Schneider respectively.  In addition, there is a Location Support Unit that provides a comprehensive administrative support program to these Research Units.  The Location Support Unit provides personnel; financial management and accounting; travel services; procurement, contracting and property services and extramural research agreement support.  The Location has a very active partnering program involving many universities and other federal agencies.  More details about each Research Unit can be found on their respective web pages. To access these web pages, please use the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

For New Arrivals:

Political Focus:

Illegal immigration, Amnesty and Nullication Issues:  This recognize the single fact that many employers in Agriculture of illegal immigrants are depended upon them as a cheap supply of labor. This webSite indicate that there is a direct connection between the supply of labor and the necessity of recognizing the fait accompli of the present force of nullification.



The City of Ithaca, New York is first and foremost an Academic cultural  center.  Both the faculty, students, and staff at Cornell University, Ithaca  College, and TC#3 are very demanding consumers in the socio-cultural industries of this city.  Moreover, with their on-going research they have also impacted the city of Ithaca to excell in other areas..

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Press Releases also wanted for:
Dance Ithaca E - Magazine: Central New York's first Online Dance  E - Zine publication.  You want this audience attention you will have to first go here and get your dance news items published.


World of Dance Visions:  World of Dance Visions started as a special to Dance Ithaca E - Magazine, then it focused on Ballroom Dance Champions as well as for Latin / Salsa.  It is now the news gathering site for city dance companies, and new dance teachers to send their dance news to.  This is then linked to Dance 4 American as like an online bureaus for each community this online publication.  More importantly Dance 4 America Online Publications, D.B.A. was like established as separate to Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy, D.B.A..

Dance 4 America Online Publications:

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The City of Ithaca, New York on International InterCultural Communications

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