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June 12, 800 PM, Fireside Lounge Area.
Orientation Meet
Residence of University Park Apartments and friends.
Life workshops, seminars, socials, sports, and dance troupe applications for American and International Students / Scholars are being looked at for the Summer of 2008 by Mr. Roger M. Christian, Owner of Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY website and past mentor International Students / Scholars Organizations for both Buffalo State College and University of Buffalo and resident of B - 104.
Life Workshops could include shopping tips for Internationals - especially for new arrivals. How to lower the cost of food purchases while increasing quality, additional sources for Students / Scholars loans, home schooling, collective child care - what parents must do, socials - home away from home, night spots for Internationals-dating and health care costs - alternatives. These are just examples. Seminars: InterCultural Communications and Cultural Democracy.
Sports Soccer all the way the chest tourneys.
Dance troupe focus: Hip Hop, Latina Danza, Ballroom Theatre Arts, Lindy Gone Wild, and Modern, as well as Asian suggested dances.

Mr. Christian is on Events Planning and Marketing Committee, Ithaca Downtown Partnership, coordinates Dancing in The Streets, Downtown Ithaca, Founder International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement, and developer of the Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation Movement.

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