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Open markets for fresh produce are located in the main student plaza on Fridays between 3 to 6 PM, and Agri-Quad between 2:30 to 4:30 PM every Tuesdays.

Dilmun Hill Student Farm History

Ella Duncan
TA: Rachel Ruttan

The organization that I will be looking at for this assignment is the Dining Services of Union College. Before coming to Cornell I worked for Union Dining for two years, and therefore am very familiar with their structure and procedures.
The organization in question, Union Dining, was very good at making sure work didn't get "backed up". If each person did their assigned work, then the system rarely met with any problems. Lines always moved quickly, and waste disposal (a big issue for dining services) rarely interfered with other parts of the system (ie: garbage was taken care and utensils kept clean without other processes having to stop and wait for that to happen).
The organizational design that helped that success was the successful division of labor. Tasks were specialized by location, so that people were not running into each and getting in each others way. Instead each worker had one job and a space to do it in. Also, for people to come in on different shifts, each dining location had very similar procedures and materials so that any worker within the system could come to work at each location and be able to fit into the routine without having to take time becoming familiar with a new set of processes.
Also, the bureaucratic structure that helped to enable these successes were the implementation of localized managers for each location, supervisors beneath them, and finally student workers. What this did was create a system where the student workers could ask the supervisors specific questions about procedures and immediate issues as well as receive constant feedback on their job performance and therefore improve on the spot, and be able to turn to the localized supervisors for advice. It also encouraged a positive work environment through the close relationships between supervisors and student employees.
What the organization did poorly was adapt to any sudden/unforeseen changes to the system. For example, if an oven or dishwasher broke, there was no good alternative system to take over while repairs were being made. And as such, a small breakdown anywhere in anyone of the organization's locations would have an impact on all the locations, because the site of the system-breakdown would be overwhelmed and whatever duties they would usually have taken care of were then distributed to the other locations, those of which were often unprepared for the increase in work. The other problem- which seems a polar opposite- was labor that was so specialized that it was inefficient, in that two or three employees were doing the work that one employee could have accomplished.
The bureaucracy fails here in that the system is badly planned and coordinated. So that there are no alternative routes to take should the norm prove impossible for some period of time and also that other locations that are effected by a breakdown in the system cannot/do not coordinate to deal with the increased workload effectively.
In order to better support Union Dining's mission to satisfy the needs of the College student body, there needs to be an increase in contingency planning and preparations for possible breakdowns within the existing system. There also needs to be a system of external review for the specific locations to ensure that labor is not being divided to the point of inefficiency.

Who are we.
This is an extension of Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY in which to developed a consumerist advocacy among Cornell University students in which to discover students needs for goods and services, as well as off - campus social activities. This includes organizing off - campus student run organizations from Ithaca College, Wells College, Cornell University, Empire State College, and TC3 are its base memberships [ coalition of students ]. 

Funky Arcade:  Want to play a game online?

Volunteer position
D.R. Congo team, Global Witness   1-2 days per week for 3-6 months    Global Witness' team working on the Democratic Republic of Congo, based in
London, is seeking a part-time volunteer to start 1st December, for a 3-6 month period, working 1-2 days per week.  The volunteer will assist in monitoring international press on the DR Congo and the natural resource sector, translating French documents, conducting desk-based research on related topics and
carrying out a number of administrative tasks including updating contact
details, filing and mailings.

The position would be most suitable for recent university graduates and
post-graduate students with a background in international relations, human rights, environmental science or international development. Applicants should be reliable and well-organised with good computer and communication skills. Proficiency in written and spoken French and English is necessary.

Global Witness provides a daily transport and food allowance.  To apply, send a letter of interest (including dates of availability), CV and names or letters of
reference to Lizzie Parsons, Campaigner, at

Please put "Volunteer Application" as the subject of the email. The deadline for applications is 14th November.

To help maintain your social connections to Toronto.

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To help maintain your community connection to New York City this New York City NightLife Ning dot Com group was put together.

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Dance Gift Certificates are now being sold:  From $ 20.00 - 4 classes program to $ 1,480.00 complete social dance program [ 48 Classes and 24 Privates ] and more.
Call 279 - 9945, and if you have a caller id block please leave a voice mail message, Thank you.


Cornell Hip Hop Dance Classes in Ithaca, New York

Visit Latin Dance Master U.S.A.

In the mix is --->

Ithaca College Students Takes the Lead.
See Story Short " click on "

What are the ideals of today?
Human Honors.: A WebSite which reflects on the humanist and human pioneers of the past in order for the emerging idealists of today can find their own vocies and meanings.
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Cornell Societies - This is a listings of societies which are either sponsored by Cornell University, affiliated, or who have co - sponsored events both locally, or Internationally
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Ithaca Fashions:  This is The Fashioning dot Com forum in which I joined to assist your the Students / Scholars of the Academic culture of Ithaca, New York to likewise join and interact with a larger wolld whose central focus is Fashions.
International Students / Scholars @ Cornell University : Information and design are the new magic of the Internet.  Here is where International Students / Scholars can find the critical information needed to make their participation in America's academic culture more pleasure'able.
Ithaca Apartments, Studios, and Business Rentals: A consumer based recommendation website where to locate the best rental within Ithaca, and Tompkins county.
InterCultural Communications- Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.
Israel Information Center Ithaca, New York:  A Cultural web site which depitics the central elements of Cultural Zionism and its promotion programs.
Cornell Students for Israel . An Inter - Cultural and Social Group in which the common interest is Israel.
Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News Covering the major fashions global centers and Ithaca's 4 emerging merchant retail markets.
Employers who are in need of qualified workforce  and those who are looking for stable employment should go to Ithaca Jobs Board
The Ithaca Downtown Partnership Blog:  This help to promote this group on campus in which future business personel can volunteer or focus their business related  research by interviewing this agency.
Thesis Searches, and Discovery and InterCultural Communications Cornell University ; You need a topic and one in which it at the very edge of future innovations in human research? Here is your opportunity.

Whats happening?
Ask yourself this.
Want to travel and more often ?  Do you want other fellow students / scholars through out the world to know what Cornell life is really about ?
Then the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network has the established network internet power [ via webpage rankings page one ] base to let it happen-virtually overnight. Those who have already traveled have the on hand experiences and based upon those experiences,this is an important resource of information, and once compiled with several others, then costs will likewise go down for others to follow-as your knowledge of where the best deals are will be reported on these sites..
Online students / scholars - users of Cornell, this is where you can get involve right from you very own lap top, library computer, office, or home in both privacy and comfort.  If you have information or online photos relating to the various websites being developed, then you are the exact person we are liooking for.  More importantly, if you look at the top website menu bar you will see a menu of other items we are looking for.  Sort of like a cleaner internet version of graffiti on the internet, but with several little interesting sociocultural twist. Thus you are being given an outlet to let others in this area of 15 square miles surrounded by reality what you want others locally and through-out the world  to known about student academia - culture.
Objectively, many have long since known that beauty is Liberation.  This high-lighted the 70's.  Why? See " IVY" advise on this site.  Subjectively, recently beauty is often curtailed by political dulls.  However, in a world of increased safety with respects to gender, political rationals of the past really do not have a place in this new era of America. So one of the focus of this site is Liberation-thus clean Pin Ups based upon your advise are also encouraged.
In depth:
None the less, this is the travel and information resource internet clearing house on service and socio-cultural events website for students/ scholars within selected and suggested cities - communities.  They start on page one and goes through page four, as the top menu bar  indicates.  Moreover, and through the online interactive forms on this site, an information gathering focus-website process is also included with the overall mission of this website..  Here information is solicited from online users about selected communities, the social sphere of campus life and what additional cities - communities should be included in the growing Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Inter - City  Cultural Communications website program, the heart of the Nght Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network..
It is how the social sphere conveys of what you are doing or interests are, where others world wide will be able see, and sense campus life at Cornell, and who then will likewise prompted by us, as a result of your participation to share in return.
The specifics of which is, and always will be the following focus - mission.
An Inter - City Cultural Communications website program between selected citiies and Ithaca, New York. This is especially designed for the Student / Scholar, as well as the Budget Traveller.  Moreover, it is to promote International cultural democracy.  This translates into a series of networking, Inter - City in scope - websites which are based upon the principles of cultural democracy, and family centered in content.
This is International conflict prevention.
RMC / 8-17-2006
The online forms is on you right. >>>>



Science and Technologies Ithaca, New York News: Science and Fundemental Human Rights to Full Discovery in how both are interrelated in each discovery made and the central importance for research to be allowed to follow its path of scientific inqury with out any limitation.

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