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Welcome to Dallas, Texas!

Dallas, one of the major heart beat cities of the proud State of Texas.  It is here too where oil, cattle, finance, and some of the best entertainment in the nation is to be found.  No wonder why many flock to this city of real Western culture, values, and three piece suits.  Also, there exist a strong faith based initiatives among it's citizens, as well as ethnic Hispanic pride too mix in with the traditional cowboy image!  A very strong combination which makes Texas' cities like Dallas unique in the world of growing conformities.  RMC

Dallas NightLife: 

Dallas wild at times nightlife scene, along with enormous top billed performing artists. great theater, and an entire and diverse performances makes this city a real social and cultural mecca for fun loving Texas.  And thats it. " Fun loving Texas. "  In Texas you must want to exhibit that your are really alive just to make it to first base. This, as they say at the various cattle ranches and oil wells.

The next.......        "Live Music Capital of the World"

  Srap on those boots of yours and wear the best of  Stetsons.  You are going to town doll!   That means ridding bronks and dancing lively two steps and oaken wooden dance floors, and Western swing, which the gals here really like to spin to ( they don't get dizzy here).

Greenville Avenue The stretch of Greenville Avenue from Ross Avenue to Mockingbird Lane comes alive each night when both locals and visitors flock to the myriad of unique shops, restaurants and clubs. Located just northeast of Downtown Dallas.


The insider track to finding what is happening in Dallas, Texas, its concerts scene there are the following resources: 
Thus if you, or more importantly your date, are looking for an old favorite to sits and enjoy top entertainment is the Granada Theater;
if its the International reknown Gilleys you know something is happening, along with a Dallas Cowboy CheerLeader stopping in once and a while at its SouthSide Music Hall; for top nich and well organized concerts events there is the D.S.M. Management Group [ Anything with group in its title you know there are more than two working very hard.]; The Bishop Manor, along with a touch of sophistication; and for something more free and very lifting as the sametime The Bethany Church.

washington dc nightlife lips magazine reporting in.  washington dc nightlife models too

Dallas Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC SpotLight Entertainment News Insert


Cultural Center

White Rock Lake  8300 Garland Road Dallas, TX 75218-4332 + 1 214 670 4100  White Rock Lake has 9-plus miles of waterfront trails—the complete


Tara Mullins, Model for Hire, Dallas, Texas


Model MaxField Parrish
Allen, Texas

We are always looking for social and cultural news all the time here in Ithaca, New York.  The Cornell University and Ithaca College academic socio-cultural blocks makes Ithacans very interested in what is happening in other cities like Dallas Texas.  Ithaca being a small city itself.
So we are looking to publish Dallas, Texas Concerts, Entertainment, or Concerts and Entertainment and Festivals.  The interactive reporting form is below.

We are excited that you are visiting one of our Inter - City cultural Communications WebSites. Our production company is here to provide unique adventures, resources, and ideas  for any festive occasion.

On this site you'll find information about our activities and resources, along with descriptions of our special Inter - City Cultural Communications WebSite porjects-there are several. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about our production company.  Moroever, we also allow you, the online community users of the Dallas, Texas region to have input of what goes on to this WebSite-sociocultural democracy.  Please note, this is for family centered sociocultural activities, and faith based initiatives, as well as places to go and have fun. For those who wish to join a MSN discussion group the goto MSN's Dallas Night Life, RMC here.
Get your event known !
Dallas Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC now offers you the opportunity for you to register your on-going weekly socials at Socials @ Dallas, Texas.

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International Cultural Resources :


International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network [ Dallas WebPage ]  The International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement .

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Cultural Zionism

Ithaca's Dance Embassy

AOL Hometown Ithaca Dance Network

Les Avant Garde


From Dance, Stage Productions to Intercultural Communications , we do it all.
Tri Falcon and Dove Productions
B - 104 University Park Apartments, 87 UpTown Road
Ithaca, New York 14850

Or e-mail: 
607 - 279 - 9945
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For all the " Texas Events " search out the following......
www.centralticketoffice.com [] Ticket Central or Central Tickets  Tel. 800/462-7979 or 817/335-9000;
www.startickets.com  [] Star Tickets Tel. 888/597-STAR
www.frontgatetickets.com []  Front Gate Tickets (tel. 888/512-7469


There are several wys to spell Nightlife.  So to insure wider distribution of this WebSite the following formula is inserted...
Night Life = Nightlife = Nite Life.
As well as links later on.


The Love Web Site for University Students / Scholars.  Just click on the gif logo above.

Recommended Dance Bands and Dsic Jockeys [ WebSite ]
Need a dance troupe for entertainment ?  Then goto [ WebSite ]
Planning to get married and need some help ? Goto Wedding Album for some ideas { Wedding Album - WebSite ]


Auditions , Jobs, Modeling Calls - ETC.
Gota a dance or an audition related job offer ? Or are you initiating a management or a directors search ? Then goto ... [ Arts Search ]

The internal jobs board of Tri Falcon and Doves Porduction ~ Ithaca Dance Jobs.

Dance Auditions ~ Our motto is dance experience helpful, but not necessary.  Salsa Wild of The Falcon and Dove Dance Troupe.  ( The application form is on the WebSite ). Auditions are only for placement purposes in  placing you in one of three categories ~ Amateur ~ ProAmateur ~ Professional.  Our Specialities are Latina Danza de Arte, Ballroom Theatre Arts , Hip Hop - Modern Jazz, and Dan " Z " ing to " da " Jazz, as well as Lyrical and Modern.

National and International [ Sports ] Fan.

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