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Located at: 154 The Commons
Phone: 607-254-6614


Bohemian Clothing and Accessories... at prices so great, you'll want to buy two of everything!

And bamboo clothing... yes, bamboo!  It's the new cotton!

We carry apparel from a US-based clothing line, Bamboosa.  "Bamboo's properties are impressive. Renewable and fully biodegradable, it is naturally antimicrobial, bacteriostatic, odor-inhibiting, hypoallergenic, highly moisture-absorbent and very fast-drying. It is also extremely soft, with a silk-like feel, making for a very comfortable fabric."  Add to this is the plant's credibility as a sustainable resource, and you have the perfect clothing line for Ithaca!

Eth'nyk also carries colorful cotton dresses, shiny silver jewelry, bright boho bags, stylish sunglasses, and natural fiber clothing for wee ones that you won't find anywhere else.


Here we may display a picture of this month's special:



Tri Falcon and Dove Productions * 103 West Seneca, Suite 206A * Ithaca * NY * 14850