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Ithaca Fashions and Fashion Innovations in Ithaca

Designs in Ithaca:
The components.
Lets get a cash award created to be given to those who are competing for a fashions design.  Break it up in 4 three month mini challenge runs, and the finalist in these four mini challenages vie for the challenge of the year. Include all of New York State, and Ontario - Quebec Canada to call it International.
The Challenge



Its Shangri - La

Shangri - La Gifts and Publications outlet on Ithaca's Historic Commons is ground zero for style and design creativity for the Ithaca - Tompkins county central New York region. Here in this small shop backup by an impressive Internet network supporting base is Gosline and Kim working on new innovations from scratch. Everything they do is hand sewed into intricate stiches and support seam pannels on the some of most creative fabric imported form Main Land China.

Every effort has been put in making various female shapes look more sensual while at the sametime in classy styles. A combination of which no one here within this region can compare to since the vacating of Angelheart Designs [mostly dressy flax designs ] almost ten years ago. Here shape and form and taste melts into the social and personal expectations of those who made it within the upper middle class, not forgeting the sturggle in how they got their; the essential echo of all Shangri - La's female customers.


Mr. Roger M. Christian

In 1998, we formed Shangri-La Publications to care for the riches of the mind, to promote cross-cultural understanding, and to lead the way in human rights. Our main headquarters is at 3 CoburnHill Rd, Warren Center PA 18851 and retail shops are in Ithaca, Cortland, & London, England.

In Ithaca, New York.

In Ithaca, NY, Shangri-La is located at 156 East State St., "The Commons," TEL 607 272 6156 or 5955.  Contact us to confirm current hours at each location.

Tuff Soul" Eco-fashion Boutique Opens in Ithaca

A cute and actually sizeable eco-fashion boutique called "Tuff Soul" opened up in downtown Ithaca, NY recently. I spent Earth Day on the Cornell campus with some good friends, met the university's new President, David Skorton, and later spoke at an intimate gathering at the Tompkins County Library.

The organizer for the event, Wendy, took me to check it out. JoJo and Autumn (picture above) carry a diverse line of vintage clothes, jewelry and accessories and an ample line of Loomstate and Mavi organic jeans. The best thing about it? If something doesn't fit quite right, JoJo and Autumn will rehem and resew your new duds on the lower level.

New store in Downtown:
Second Time Around
"Discounts are always great-but who has the time to sift through a jumble of  designer detritus? Second Time Around, a New England based clothing boutique, with thirteen stores and over 35 years of retail experience has just opened it's  first New York boutique in Ithaca on the fashion heavy South Cayuga Street. 
Second Time Around sells a revolving but always relevant selection of men's and  women's fashions including many of today's most exciting designers Gucci,  Prada, Chanel, Armani and of course all the hippest jeans and accessories. The  next  time you update your wardrobe or want to trade in your summer handbag, bring in  your unwanted pieces to trade or consign at Second Time Around.  You can always  check your account on-line to see which of your items have sold and earn you  some extra spending money.
Second Time Around is thrilled to be in Ithaca.  Come visit us on Fashion Row,  the Cayuga Street block of the Ithaca Commons for a shopping experience that  will have you coming back week after week." 
Jeffrey Wexler is the Manager / Owner and Second Time Around-New York is located at 105 S.Cayuga St, Ithaca, NY 14850


new location
Phone: 607-254-6614


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