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Welcome to the future web site!

Shalom.  This  blog we'll introduce our services and highlight important areas concerning Israel's future.  Moreover, how you can get involved.
Wanted are volunteers who have experienced these activities in Israel:
Sherut La-am,
WUJS Program in Israel, especially in Arad,
Zionist Movements,   Habonim, Hashomer Hatzir, Yavneh, Hagmagshimim, Betar, Massada of The ZOA, and others not listed.
Kibbutz, and Kibbutz Aliyah,
Those who have used  Ole HaDash benifits.
Those who have studied at Hebrew University, Bar  Ilan, Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion, and other institutions of higher education.
Also those with knowledge of Israeli society in:
Child-rearing, High Technology Industry, Agriculture, Geology, Tourism, The Art s ( Dance - Theatre - Literature - Hebrew - Scuplture - Architecture ), Reaforestation, Water Resources, Mass Transiet, and Archeology.
Political Action Committies:
Current Events Sub - Committee,
Ethnic Regional Coalition Building for Liberation Sub Committee  ( This must have a qualifier, experience in a Zionist movement, Israeli, or have had extensive experience in Judaic studies ).
Objectives of  which is:
Speaker Bureau,
System of Batim, and a klitah ( to have Zionist Shabbtons ).
Central Office, adjacent to a coffee house,
and Chug Ivrit.
Note:  These are main'ly for off campus activities, and devloped to reach out and bring together those who have not developed  affiliations with  local Jewish organizations, Temples, or Shuls.  All activies will be under the Jerusalem Zionist Accords-Program, and whose sole purpose is to empower, or reempower the invidual with the Zionist magnificence of liberation vision, and/or connection to the Jewish Peoples. 

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