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There is an interrelationship between Armenian history and the rise of Zionism which is still not known.  There is also, a direct correlationship between the " historic "oppressions of the Jewish Peoples under Arabic regimes, and the oppressions of the Kurdish Peoples, among others.  The dhimmitude.  Moreover, and largely due to the Zionist Orthodoxy of New York City, along with how New York City is the dominate culture center fait accompli of the world, these avenues have never been openned up.  They are important,  for with these two distinct different directions Israeli hopes for stable boarders, along with economic prosperity can be obtained by relizing:
1. The regional advocacy of a peoples' liberation by its' own National Liberation-as a signal for others in the region.
2. The establishment of regional coalitions of all Middle Eastern peoples seeking liberation.
Thus finally having very important means to escape the socio-national delayed stress " historic and spiritual syndrome of holocaust, and continued pressures to bring about the distruction of the Israeli State-which has kept the real potential of an Israeli State in a still born soci-cultual trauma.

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