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The Hebrew translaterlation for house is Bayit ( Biyit ).  this is then taken into the plural to Batim ( im = s  ).
During the mid 1970's U.A.H.C. undertook an experiment program is assisting to develop  closer ties with Jewish students.  In some areas, these Batim did actual outreach Jewish and Zionist student programs within the neighboor, and during the Shabatt also did religious, and Zionist shabbtons.  Moreover, they did not need to be dependent, and found a renewed sense of their Jewish idenities maturing at the sametime. 
What happened, is through these little units of Jewish expression, the Batim in everything from a small office apartment out - side Berkley, to a large house adjacent to Boston college created their own Jewish world as they took ownership of both their own Jewish and Zionist idenities, but those who shared  their experience at the Bayit, especially among the 8 house mates in the house adjacent to Boston College.

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