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The City's Fashions Scene.

Fashion Regulars.

Couture Designer Jamil Khansa's Triumphant Return to New York


Acclaimed couture designer Jamil Khansa will present his latest fashion collection entitled "Andalucian Princess" at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2007. Part of Couture Fashion Week, the dazzling runway show will be held at the world-famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue (at 50th Street), New York City.

In 2005, Jamil Khansa was the first Lebanese designer to show during Couture Fashion Week in New York. During that event, he was named "International Fashion Designer of the Year" in recognition for his creativity and exquisitely executed fashions as well as the global reach of his designs. Photos from Jamil Khansa's past show.

In his latest collection, Jamil Khansa brings together elegant silhouettes and sparkling detailing rendered in the highest quality fabrics including silk, dentelle lace, tulle and satin. Mr. Khansa's innate sense of style and sophistication is evidenced in his ethereal color palette of radiant golds, celestial blues, smooth greens and delicate yellows. The use of jet black and brilliant white provide a counterpoint to the airy pastels. Sumptuous couture gowns fit for a princess are inspired by ancient Oriental motifs and embellished with hand painted details. The  finale bridal gown will feature a breathtaking combination of snakeskin leather, silver embroidery, gold embellishments in an overall Spanish style

Jamil Khansa has shown collections in Rome, Paris and at the Casino du Liban (Lebanon).  In 2003 the multinational company Nissan chose Mr. Khansa to decorate one of their cars.

Mr. Khansa’s designs combine magical imagination with extensive experience and an emphasis on impeccable quality. Whether in Beirut, Dubai, Jeddah, or soon in Beverly Hills, every woman in search of the supreme elegance of impeccable fashion design will find Jamil Khansa at her service. 

Press and wholesale fashion buyers: please e-mail or fax with name and company details (including tax resale number) for accreditation (subject to verification).  We will confirm by e-mail. info@usafashionshows or Fax 212.202.4604.

Complete Couture Fashion Week  schedule at
Editors:  Hi-res photos are available upon request.

USA International Fashion Shows, created by Andres Aquino, produces an exciting series of runway fashion shows year round featuring both national and international designers of couture and finely tailored garments and distinctive accessories. Collections are presented in beautiful settings in New York City before audiences of VIPs, the international press and upscale fashion and boutique buyers. Events are co-sponsored by Fashion Syndicate Press, founded in 1997, and serving the press with photos and feature articles covering fashion shows in all major fashion capitals. Its web site, is one of the most visited fashion portals on the internet.

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Couture Designers, Nico and Adrian, Bring Compassion to Fashion by Going Fur-Free

 Widely known for their fierce style and dramatic fur accents, Nico & Adrian have decided to make their collection for Olympus Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2007 fur-free.  Bring Compassion to Fashion by Going Fur-Free 

Widely known for their fierce style and dramatic fur accents, Nico &  Adrian have decided to make their collection for Olympus Fashion Week Fall/Winter
2007 fur-free.

With the new developments in textile technology, Nico and Adrian believe that there
is no need for animal cruelty in fashion. The huge variety of faux furs on the
market today is not only comparable to the real thing but also offers more room for
creativity. The designers hope that the fashion industry can finally move forward
and embrace a new idea of luxury.

The faux fur used in their collection was donated by RoZCoo (, an
animal-friendly luxury accessory line.

As always, Nico & Adrian are promising something dramatic and sexy with bold colors and innovative cuts in their Fall/Winter 07/08 collection. The inspiration for this season’s show is a dynamic mix of “futuristic motorcycle chic gang” with hints of
“passionate tango” brought from Nico’s recent trip to Argentina.

Nico and Adrian’s fashion show was held on Friday, February 9th 9:30PM at Crobar
on 530 West 28th St.  Web Site =  

New York City Fashion Houses:
Find more photos like this on DIY City Community
Cambio Jeans ---  New York - 212-957-6002  From contemporary to timeless, CAMBIO jeans and trousers are available in a variety of styles, with a full spectrum of fabrics and colors. CAMBIO has a look for every type of occasion and every type of woman.

City's Elements
Sisley – Autumn/Winter 2007 Campaign. Cinema mon amour :


Sisley launches a decidedly star-struck advertising campaign for autumn-winter 2007/2008, perfectly in tune with the collection's movie mood.

Looking at the pictures, we cannot fail to wonder which films inspired Terry Richardson's voyeuristic lens.

As she seductively embraces young men in Sisley Uomo fashions, is Stephanie Seymour, a beauty icon of the 90s, alluding to Mrs Robinson's smouldering eroticism?

And does the naughtily innocent glance of the women's campaign protagonist – a sweet Heather Marks with flame-red nails – hint at Lolita?

Questions that go unanswered, left to linger in the movie memories of those who look at these highly-charged sexy pictures shot in a New York hotel suite.

A backdrop well-suited to Richardson's creativity. It goes without saying that he doesn't mimic but reinterprets his film recollections. In fact he believes that the beautiful Stephanie – even more fascinating than ever as she returns to modelling after marrying and having four children – is worthy of two very unembarrassed graduates. As for Heather's shameless flirting, Terry tells us quite clearly that it's directed at him and his lens, no longer at the meek Humbert Humbert.

Stories, fantasies and movie fan flashbacks animate the Sisley woman and man campaign, enriched by pictures taken from the Sisley Young collection with its ironically dandy style and exuberantly naughty ways.

The campaign – whose exceptional cast stars Stephanie Seymour – features Kate Young's styling and Nikko Amandonico's creative direction, with production by Energy Project. And, in keeping with many past seasons, Terry Richardson handled the campaign's bold, provocative photography; he should also be given credit for persuading his dear friend, Stephanie, to be a part of it.

The campaign will appear worldwide on posters and billboards, in magazines and shops.

High-resolution images are available in the section:
Image Gallery - Collections - Sisley - F/W 2007/2008 - Brand Campaign

"blog.mode: addressing fashion" Sparks Dialogue at Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute

  • Exhibition dates: December 18, 2007 – April 13, 2008
  • Location: The Costume Institute

As a living art, fashion is open to multiple readings, and blog.mode: addressing fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from December 18, 2007, through April 13, 2008, presents approximately 40 costumes and accessories dating from the 18th century to the present — all recent Metropolitan Museum acquisitions — and invites the public to share their reactions via a blog on the Museum's website. Over the duration of the exhibition, which will take place in The Costume Institute galleries, individual costumes and accessories will be posted on the blog periodically with commentary from curators Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton, and, where relevant, from contemporary designers.

The blog is the Metropolitan Museum's first foray into the blogosphere, and can be accessed from the "Special Exhibitions" page of the Museum's website ( Visitors can respond to the postings from anywhere during the run of the exhibition, including a "blogbar" of computer terminals in the exhibition galleries.

The exhibition is made possible by Manolo Blahnik.

"Fashion, both a reflection and an expression of the zeitgeist, is open to a wide range of interpretations," said Harold Koda, Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute. "While painting and sculpture can sometimes seem to be at an intimidating conceptual remove, fashion is so familiar, so ubiquitous to our experience that it is inherently and immediately accessible. Individuals who might shy away from commenting on the merits of a Juan Gris or Henry Moore will readily disclose their thoughts on a gown by John Galliano or a mule by Manolo Blahnik. Unlike its 'high art' siblings, fashion, even in its most extreme and avant-gardist expression, draws us in with its personal relevance."

Garments acquired during the past seven years — from a 1730s English man's suit of red wool lavishly embroidered with gilt paillettes to a 2005 John Galliano for Christian Dior deconstructed ball gown — will be presented in chronological order to stimulate debate about the vicissitudes of fashion. Acquisitions of note come from such houses as Adrian, Azzedine Alaïa, Miguel Adrover, Geoffrey Beene, Manolo Blahnik, Hussein Chalayan, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, Comme des Garçons, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rudi Gernreich, Charles James, Donna Karan, Helmut Lang, Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, Hamish Morrow, Paul Poiret, Zandra Rhodes, Yves Saint Laurent, Elsa Schiaparelli, Junya Watanabe, Vivienne Westwood, Charles Frederick Worth, and Yohji Yamamoto.

Notable acquisitions include a Miguel Adrover ensemble from 2001 made from Quentin Crisp's old mattress, which Adrover found discarded outside the writer's Lower East Side apartment. A fashionable aristocrat's opulently beaded dress from 1910, at the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire — which the museum purchased in 2003 from a London auction house — was later discovered by The Costume Institute's conservator to have a 24-carat-gold lining inside each bead. This dress represents the end of an era: a pre-modern moment before women's bodies were liberated from the constraints of corsets. In an avant-garde ode to the corset, Jean Paul Gaultier's 2001 "Des Robes qui se Dérobent," a strapless pale-pink silk satin corset dress with a silk tulle overlay embroidered with seed pearls, has laces that crisscross down an open back, pooling into a train of ribbons. The haute couture beadwork contrasts with the near-naked back, with its shocking rear view.

A jersey dress — from Comme des Garçons's all-black Paris debut collection of 1983 — was donated by Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman, whose preeminent collection of Abstract Expressionist art is now on display at the Metropolitan Museum through February 3, 2008. With its reference to Chanel's "little black dress" and its denial of an overt female sexuality, the dress epitomizes the art collector's movement away from the haute couture toward an increasing originality and experimentalism, and suggests the gutsiness of both client and designer.

A 1947 dress by Adrian provides an ideal example of surrealism on two levels – first in the textile Salvador Dalí created for Wesley Simpson that is printed with surrealist rocks and boulders, and also in the black shoulder insert (a signature Adrian technique) that forms a woman's profile on the left shoulder.

Two pairs of thigh-high leather boots made by a Parisian bottier in the 1920s reveal 4.5-inch heels, predating their emergence in high style by at least 20 years. The boots, worn by demimondaines, provide evidence of the influence of marginal and fetishistic fashions on the mainstream.

A Simon Costin necklace invokes the dark sensibility of Elizabethan literary imagery. Entitled the Incubus Necklace, it incorporates five vials of human semen, from which dangle baroque pearls. It was last seen in the Met's AngloMania exhibition in 2005, where it was shown with a Vivienne Westwood gown inspired by a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, and where the necklace served as an ironic commentary on Elizabeth's status as the widely hailed "Virgin Queen."

This selection of new acquisitions reflects a fraction of The Costume Institute's collection of more than 30,000 costumes and accessories spanning five continents and as many centuries. blog.mode: addressing fashion continues The Costume Institute's dedication to the acquisition, exhibition, and interpretation of historical and contemporary fashion. It also reflects the Museum's mission to actively seek out and obtain masterworks from all eras and corners of the world.

The exhibition is organized by Harold Koda, Curator in Charge, and Andrew Bolton, Curator, both of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute. Exhibition design is by Michael Langley, graphic design by Sophia Geronimus, and lighting design by Clint Coller and Richard Lichte, all of the Metropolitan Museum's Design Department. Chris Paulocik is the Conservator for The Costume Institute.

A book, blog.mode: addressing fashion, published after the close of the exhibition by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and distributed by Yale University Press. It will include photographs of all of the garments and accessories from the exhibition, along with curatorial commentary and excerpts from the blog.

The blog for the exhibition will go online at on December 18, 2007, and will accept new comments until April 13, 2008, when the exhibition closes.

Education programs will be presented in conjunction with the exhibition, which is also featured on the Museum's website at .

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