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New York City NightLife

Welcome to New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. Wanted are your press releases on all cultural events, along with photos, and ongoing weekly socials. Click on the email below.

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Statue of Liberty & fireworks

The is a portal and an Internet traffic website to assist New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC in its ratings effort. 

In the United States of American New York City has the largest concentration of the arts, commercial industrial diversity, sports conglomerate,and religious diversity in conjunction with various entertainmentm entertained and financial institutions.  This bring to the sprall of mixed ethnic populations the opportunities for incoming job seekers and future merchants of this growing city where everything is up -wnating to get higher.

The sense and smells of rich historic traditions, its various order of the rustic of the several era all compacted in several museums gives you the feel of what a New Yorker is, both past, present, and far into the future.  The various differences among the complex assortment of the city's ethnic population assures comptetiveness will be ongoing and exciting.

Mr. Roger M. Christian's interpretation, July 1st, 2007, Ithaca, New York.

This is the accurate picture of New York City today.  .

  • The Borough of The Bronx is Bronx County.See Bronx NightLife.
  • The Borough of Brooklyn is Kings County.See Brooklyn NightLife.
  • The Borough of Manhattan is New York County. See Manhattan NightLife.
  • The Borough of Queens is Queens County. See Queens NightLife.
  • The Borough of Staten Island is Richmond County. See Staten Island NightLife.
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    Co - Sample sites has been developed to give you a hint of what are some of the leading events here in America's Gotham city: [ ] New York City Concerts [ ] New York City Concerts and Entertainment [ ] New York City Entertainment [ ]
    Roger M. Christian

    On this home page we'll introduce our web site's mission and highlight important areas in New York City.
    New York City's Leading Events

    New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Special Events WebSite Sectionals:
    This website, New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is going more indepth in its converage of what can be dome at night.  And if you know the city has alot to offer!
    Though " Under Construction "  the first three sites already have their URLs:
    One:  New York City Concerts:  This is at a glance topic which represents New York Citys Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Jazz, Blue, Rock concerts and much more.
    Two:  New York City Concerts and Entertainment:  This is a brief of major concerts, and entertainment which New York City is known for.  Thus this is at a glance, which will be a job in itself, topics which best represents New York City's Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC within these entertainment areas.
    Three: New York City Entertainment:  This is at galnce topics which represents New York City's Night Life ( NightLife ), Symphonic Concerts and Orchestra Achivements, Chamber Music, and more historic cultural coverage of the Arts.
    New York City Fashions and Trendsetters:  Why New York City is one of " The Eight Styles, Fashions, and Trendsetters of the World.

    Traffic Stop: New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

    Traffic Stop is an On - Line program to assist local, national and International law enforcement officials in their efforts to stop .......



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    Welcome to New York City!
    New York City Night Life, RMC ( Mr. Roger Meredith Christian ) depicts the action and luster of the night life in New York City.  This is just a taste of what really goes on.  Moreover, this is the city that nevers sleeps, and thus everything which is possible for a city to do is done here 24 hours a day.  What this also entails is the fact that New York City is world's cultural center fait accompli - though not fully recognized by others...ie the proud French concerning their Paris, or the Saudis/Arabs about their Medina.
    New York City is actually the real city of nightlife, where knights and ladies of artistic venues proclaim their bulls of favor and courtesies to those who wish to enter their various worlds of the arts.  And since everything is included in this mass of cultural varities, or vanities even if you like to hopsotch - hop, skip, and jump, there is someone with a side walk just for you to play, along with the included colored jazzy chalks to outline the fancy squares on the concrete sidewalk surface.
    Opera, Music, Dance, Theatres, Movies, Multi Media Shows, and possibly the best food on Earth, even if you want it koshered too,  is all here too.  So here is just taste, view, and gentle reflection of this great city.
    Roger M. Christian

    On this home page we'll introduce our web site's mission and highlight important areas in New York City.



    Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

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    New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

    Community Service Projects:
    The Magic of the Internet working to raise consciousness.

    Take Back The Night, RMC ~ New York City, New York: The next step in providing a platform of change aaand service focus within those business operations who are nightlife events or nightclub venues providers. Especially to replace the tacky and thoughtless cheap promotionals of " Ladies Night."

    New York City Social Calendars:

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    Welcome to New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. Wanted are your on-going weekly socials on all cultural and social events, along with photos, and ongoing weekly socials. Click on the email below.

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    Social Calendar for New York City, New York

    Strategic Links:
    International Students / Scholars InterCultural Communication Resources and Promotions for State of New York:  To offer greater hospitality to incoming Internationals on our campuses nation wide.

    Editor's Notes:  New York City  NightLife, an at a glance New York City Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC web site, is part of a web site collection which promotes the Inter - City Cultural Communications web site program between selected cities and Ithaca, New York.  Moreover, the is a greater expansion with the blogging world and its significance in the future is in the efforts of several coporation's community investments in making available blogging platforms - services open and free to the public; this gives every one an in on the Internet- both rich and poor alike on equal level. This entire initiative was deliberately planned well in advance in as much as it was the chosen critical path method by which to implemented on the Internet Intercultural Communications.  Culture in its purity is the beauty of life itself as expressed.
    With this in mind, and by additional cities being covered in Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and soon Australia the Intercultural Communications development behind this web site program becomes even more apparent.  The significance of which is that others through - out the world have their own set of value systems in which they have, within the context of their own heritage, have similarly given expressions of living beauty known as culture.
    By contributing to this effort you likewise are expressing a similar sense, or personal value of the greatness of your own life.  Entertainment has always been our community celebrations of enjoying our own lives.
    In so doing Intercultural Communications is conflict preventioning.

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