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Inter - Active for Users and Community Persons of the Toronto Region:
First General Imput and Comments.
Then Recommended Link Exchanges or Direct Link Exchanges for those events, services, venues, socio-cultural organizations, faith based cultural activities and others who are family and fun centered ( No Meds, No Porn, No Gambling, and Certainly No Screw - balls ).
Mr. Roger Meredith Christian ( The - RMC in Night Life)

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Popular Toronto Blogs:
These blogs are more representitive of the feel of the life and society in which bloggers live and have the willingness to share everyday experiences to the community ( in theis case online users ) at large.  They are far better than any local Chamber of Commerce or National Trade Delegation.  RMC/Editor


About blogTO

[] blogsite []

blogTO is a web site about Toronto written by a group of obsessed artists, musicians, photographers, politicos, advertising and media types, dancers, tech geeks, food lovers, aspiring film directors, fashionistas and people for the ethical treatment of animals. We hope you like us. We really hope you like us.

Welcome to GTABloggers
[] BlogSite []
We are a blog collective group from the Greater Toronto Area. If you have a blog and live in the area, then this is the group for you. This site has been online since February 2002 but we have been getting together since October 2001. The meet and greets usually happen on a monthly basis and have been quite sucessful. We are always welcoming new people. Enjoy

Internet News  Source for below....

Reading Toronto - a city is a book with 100,000 million poems. This is a "forum for innovative design and culture in the city". James Adams in the article At last a blog for design works (Globe and Mail, May 7) said, "Reading Toronto made its bow on March 30, courtesy of the Design Exchange and Digifest, "Canada's annual showcase of digital culture," with Robert Ouellette as its producer and editor" ... "determined to make Reading Toronto "the sort of place where you can find a rather complex essay on, say, bricks or a tribute to the bartender at the Drake Hotel.""

There were a few others mentioned in a post to the SLA Toronto listserv are:

Torontoist - About Toronto and what happens in it. Has categories for arts and events, city, sports.

Art is Everywhere - a photo blog.

About Wireless Toronto

[] BlogSite []

Wireless Toronto is a not-for-profit group dedicated to bringing no-fee wireless Internet access to Toronto.

Our aim is to encourage the growth of wireless networking and to build community in interesting and innovative ways.

Biking Toronto
[] BlogSite []
One of the most comprehensive Toronto blogs available.  These bikers are really dedicated to make Toronto more live-a-able.
Heres a sample of what I mean....
One of their promotional efforts....Toronto Cycling Consultation Session. The City of Toronto wants to hear your comments and new ideas to set cycling priorities for the next five years.



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