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Marcus Theatres


S___t___a___g___e   L___e___f___t   

Fact:  Modern improv was born in ChicagoSince 1959 The Second City, and more recenty ComedySportz its one of the funniest, up beat and very sharp comedy scene in America.


Full Press Release @ NorthEastern Theatre / Theater .

Blogs / Bloggers:

Chicago Acting blog by David Lawrence : Acting in Chicago stuff. Chicago acting information and news; resources that help you to be an actor in Chicago.

One Fine Day runs Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 3 PM 2/27/07 through 4/7/07. . Tickets may be purchased by calling the box office at (773) 883-8830 or online at

Street, metered and paid lot parking is available. The theatre is handicapped and CTA accessible via the Belmont El (Red & Brown) & Addison El (Red) stops. Media comps, photos, videos and interviews are available from 773.883.8830 or Streaming video will be available at

Upcoming Shows, 25 th Anniversary Season

Live Girls by Victoria Stewart (directed by SLT Producing Artistic Director Kevin Heckman)
April 24 – June 2, 2007
When an African-American performance artist interviews a self-described porn star for a piece on injustice, her preconceptions of art, sex and truth are shattered.

LeapFest 4 – Our annual festival of new works
June 12 – June 30, 2007
Stage Left Theatre teams up with the Department of Cultural Affairs to bring audiences an expanded version of Chicago’s most compelling festival of new plays at the Chicago Cultural Center. Cultural Center events will include the festival’s kick-off celebration First Night, a plyawrighting master-class, and the first ever Bad Play Benefit.

Stage Left Theatre Company ● 3408 N. Sheffield, Chicago IL 60657
773.883.8830 phone ● 773.472.1336 fax ●
Press Contact: John Sanders, 312.493.0729,

Chicago Theatres, Orchestras and Opera:



Marcus Theatres
Movies ! Movies ! Movies !

One of the best classical National theatres is The American Theatre Company - which can stand up to anything which New York City can produce on equal ground and with less money too !
For Les Avant Garde is the Neofuturists Theatre and here there is some bending of the rules too ! Their competitor of Les Avant Garde market  is The Eclipse Theatre Company - Chicago.  For real grit and solide performances with a hint of International allure, then you have to go to the Steppenwolf Theatre Company - they have one rule " Entertain " and a somethat germatic presence too ! According the Rachel, " the audience literally surrendered in enjoyment." 



Michelangelos David

Symphony Orhestras:
The International Famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra . See Press Release on Chicago Entertainment Press Releases [ webpage ]
The best training in the world for future musicians is the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra .
Leading the way is The Chicago Opera Theatre.  Then there is The Lyric Opera of ChicagoThe de Cometo .

Links - Networks:

International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network - Chicago .

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Production Companies

Glitterati Productions / Photos Christine Rivera

Theatre Building Chicago’s 2007-2008 season preview -
TBC to produce no less than 20 new musicals in progress, 3 new musicals for young audiences (PreK-2), in addition to over fifteen shows presented by ten independent theatre companies

Theatre Building Chicago announces its continuing 30th season as an incubator to develop original musical works and to support both acclaimed and emerging theatre companies and artists. Each year, Theatre Building Chicago provides space and services to more than a thousand artists in 35 presentations and 315 special events. Since opening its doors on March 15, 1977, Theatre Building Chicago – Chicago’s very own theatrical crossroads- has hosted more than 800 plays, 500 theatre companies, 1,078,000 audience members, 9000 events with 25,000 performances, and 30,000 actors, designers, directors and other theatre artists.

The musical development program at Theatre Building Chicago is a multi-tiered approach to nurturing new works of musical theatre. The first tier is the musical theatre writers workshop, an on-going educational support group for composers, lyricists and bookwriters. Our musical theatre writers workshop meets regularly to collaborate under the guidance of Artistic Director, John Sparks and Associate Artistic Director Allan Chambers. Members develop individual projects with select new works presented in the Monday Night Musicals series, as well as studio presentations, One Acts Projects, Mini-Musicals and Stages, an annual festival of new musicals in progress. Unique in the country, Theatre Building Chicago’s musical theatre writers workshop and presentation program produces more than 20 new musicals in progress each season. Over the last two decades we have premiered 251 new musicals in Chicago and seen several of them soar into other productions on Broadway and across the country.  The workshop accepts inquiries through September; for more information contact Associate Artistic Director Allan Chambers: 773.929.7367 x229

2007: Sep 22-23; Oct 20-21; Nov 17-18
2008: Jan 19-20; Feb 23-24; Mar 29-30; Apr 26-27; May 17-18; Jun 21-22

Workshop Performances:
Workshop Showcase: 7PM - November 26, 2007
Workshop Open House: 1PM - May 17, 2008
Mini-Musicals; 2PM - May 4, 7PM – May 5 & 6, 2008

Promising works from the workshop and other developmental programs around the world are performed in the Monday Night Musicals concert reading series that forms the second tier of the program. A public presentation program of one-act musicals, musicals for young audiences and studio presentations of longer works comprises the upper tier of the program. Perhaps the most visible part of the musical program, Stages is Theatre Building Chicago’s method of offering presentation opportunities to musical theatre writers across the country. Theatre Building Chicago welcomes media attention focusing on the developmental process of new musicals; however,  works in progress are not appropriate for critical review.

October 3-18                        The Magic Paintbrush                                 (“New Musicals for Kids”)
October 29                            Opening Day                                                (Monday Night Musicals., ie “MNM”)
November 19                        Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon     (MNM)
January 28                             Heloise and Abelard                                    (MNM)
February 27-March 13          Freddy the Flat-Faced School Bus              (“New Musicals for Kids”)
March 17                              Amelia                                                         (MNM)
April 21                                iGhost                                                         (MNM)
May 19                                Whirlybirds                                                   (MNM)
July 9-24                             The Tale of Pigling Bland                              (“New Musicals for Kids”)
August 15, 16, 17               Stages 2008                                                    (15th Annual festival of new musicals in progress)

Theatre Building Chicago is the incubator for emerging theatre companies, the touchstone for exciting new works and the birthplace of great new musicals. Each year, Theatre Building Chicago provides space and services to over a thousand artists in more than 15 presentations and 300 special events. Our season never ends! 52 weeks a year, an ever-changing roster of independent companies offers exhilarating entertainment.  Chances are you just may see the next Tony-winner before anyone else! Thousands of aspiring performers, writers and composers have launched their careers at Theatre Building Chicago.  COMING TO TBC 2007-2008:

OPENING        PRODUCTION                        THEATRE COMPANY
August 17        How Now, Brown Couch                Brown Couch Theatre
August     17        Envoy                                          Echo Theatre
August 30        The Brother                                    Hancock Productions
September 7        ‘night Mother                               Hancock Productions
September 16        Phantom                                     Porchlight Theatre Company
September 25        Men of Steel                                Theatre Wit
November 17        A Wonderful Life                         Porchlight Theatre Company
November 23        A Christmas Story                      Theatre Wit
November 29        Santaland Diaries                     Theatre Wit
January 3       SketchFest 2008                               Lukaba Productions
February 2        WORDSfest 2008                        DMG Freedom Productions
February 14        My Dinner with Amy                Diamonte Productions
February 20        Muse of Fire                            Hat City Music Theater
March     25        Chemin de Fer                         Theatre Wit
April     6        Nine                                            Porchlight Theatre Company
June     1        Jekyll & Hyde                              Bohemian Theatre Ensemble
June 5            Fourplay                                     13 Carat Productions

For specific show information, individual press releases & media contacts, visit TBC online for complete details: or call 773.929.7367 x223. Theatre Building Chicago is located at 1225 W. Belmont Ave. in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.  Valet & metered parking available and convenient to CTA Belmont L & #77 bus route (Belmont/Racine); Restaurant discounts (with TBC ticket stubs) at nearby restaurants.

Theatre Building Chicago serves as a forum for a variety of important community and civic events – people have voted, married and memorialized every kind of life event at Theatre Building Chicago. Theatre Building Chicago is proud of its place in the Chicago performing arts community. We celebrate the vision of our founders, Ruth E. Higgins and Byron Schaffer, Jr., who brought a great idea to life. We are grateful for the generosity of all the individuals and institutions that have lent us support. We admire the creativity of all the artists who have shared their talent by crafting their work at the crossroads of Chicago theatre

Theatre Building Chicago is a unique non-profit company with a dynamic three-fold mission!

1. To provide subsidized space, equipment and support for performing groups
We offer services to the performing arts community with an emphasis on emerging artists and companies.

2. To develop and produce new musicals
We nurture new musicals – from our professional writers’ workshop to our concert readings and studio presentations to our nationally recognized festival of new musicals.

3. To provide opportunities for emerging artists, administrators and performing groups
We offer an intensive internship program, affording students the opportunity to break into the field.

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