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This is your goal!

Either by the Water Front  Chicago, or at lush oaked wooden ballroom dance floor in a 19th century plush setting, Chicago offers a wide opportunity in social and formal dances.  Along with folk dance of all descriptions, in a new choregraphed ballet and modern dance, and various club dances, the dance scene during Chicago night life comes alive with pulsations and dreams of this wonderful and growing city.
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Dance Community Get Togehters free  sign on by join the MSN group Dance Community @ [ GroupSite ] Also you can start posting @ [ Dance Community Boards ] Chicago, Illinois Dance Community Get Together is @ [ WebPage ]  This is public " National " service of Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian.
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World of Dance Visions:  World of Dance Visions started as a special to Dance Ithaca E - Magazine, then it focused on Ballroom Dance Champions as well as for Latin / Salsa.  It is now the news gathering site for city dance companies, and new dance teachers to send their dance news to.  This is then linked to Dance 4 American as like an online bureaus for each community this online publication.  More importantly Dance 4 America Online Publications, D.B.A. was like established as separate to Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy, D.B.A..

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Chicago Dance Crashes into Center for Performing Arts

Dominique Bolden

Issue date: 5/4/06 Section: Features

Media Credit: Andrew Lawrence

Members of Chicago Dance Crash perform a piece that represents a romantic relationship Saturday night at the Center of Performing Arts.

Straying away from the typical dances students are exposed to on MTV, Chicago Dance Crash Multi-Disciplinary and Contemporary Dance Company performed Saturday night, illustrating how dancing is supposed to be done.

The MC for the night was ISU Alum Michael Dice Jr. who gave a brief, comedic introduction to the dancers and had them display some of their favorite moves.

The show featured six skilled dancers, Christopher McCray and Marissa Moritz, the founders of CDC, and performers Lyndsey Rhoads, Kyle Terry, Laura Tomlinson and guest dancer Lonnie Johnson.

The range of talent among the dancers was endless, which brought a combination of variety, style and energy to the show.

Starting off the hour long presentation, three female dancers performed, for the first time, a dance called "TOJ and High Resolution," choreographed by Kyle Terry.

The dance was about relationships and how there is a constant fight between attraction among sexes.

A lot of acrobatics and animalistic type movements were incorporated into the dance, making it unique.

Next to perform was Christopher McCray, who choreographed "Lazy Bums." The CPA filled with darkness and spotlights were placed on McCray, placing emphasis on his every movement.

McCray's dance exemplified how much one can do with limited space. During some points of the dance, he laid on the floor as if in pain, but would get up suddenly and do a flip or strength requiring move.

McCray's movements were dramatic and contorted. "Lazy Bums" was definitely an unusually executed dance.

Following McCray's performance, three dancers presented "What Acceptance Must Feel Like," choreographed by Marissa Moritz. A slow, monotonic jazz-like song accompanied the dancers, setting the mood throughout the performance.

For the majority of the time the ladies were doing the same moves, but then all of a sudden a dancer would do something dissimilar and the attention was placed on that dancer.

This gave the audience members multiple things to watch.

After Moritz's dance, Kyle Terry gave the audience a complex, yet heart-stopping demonstration of the Afro-Brazilian art form called capoeira.

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Learn to Dance Online in Dance BootCamp! : Learn to Salsa Dance Online, with these amazing step by step Learn to Dance Videos. Classes on Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata and Rueda.

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ARCC Ballet & Dance
2074 North Leavitt
Chicago, Il., 60647
Jennifer Hennessy
Mobile 312.593.4833
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Ballet, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Flamenco & Tap Dance 
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