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Jude LeBlanc Architect.
East Gallery, Atlanta Center for Contemporary Art, Atlanta, Georgia,

With five exhibitions and a number of other presentations throughout the year, the Contemporary’s gallery is one of the South’s most dynamic spaces for artistic exchange and experimental thinking. Exhibitions explore current ideas, attitudes and new directions in contemporary artistic expression. The exhibition schedule offers a diverse mix of solo and group exhibitions presenting a broad range of local, national and international works. Esteemed by the international arts community, the Contemporary has earned a pivotal role in Atlanta’s cultural landscape by making contemporary art accessible and by encouraging its creation.

Atlanta is the traditional art center of the South East.



Georgia Art Exchange
Dedicated to promoting and developing Georgia art, music, culture. Art Events, Artist info and Gallery announcements.

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International Search for Executive Director
Artpapers, Atlanta, USA United States of America

ART PAPERS announced today that it has begun an international search for a successor to its current Executive Director, Jamie Badoud. ART PAPERS President Peter Bahouth announced the transition, which will be marked by the planned departure of Badoud on March 15th, 2007. Serving ART PAPERS since January of 2000, he led the organization to a new level of accomplishment and recognition. During his tenure, Badoud stabilized then grew the organization into one of the most respected contemporary art magazines in the world. The organization's budget increased by more than 125% through a dramatic rise in earned revenues, foundation support, and successful fundraisers. Circulation grew 80% to include subscribers in 36 countries and newsstand sales throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. - Read Indepth Article at

Open PR
Creative Fine Art invites the public to come out and enjoy a night of art and live jazz. Creative Fine Arts will host Artists Xplosion, a fine art group exhibition of emerging and established artists on Friday, March 16, 2007. The Artists Xplosion will feature over 30 outstanding artists from the region. Freekin Bekin, a well-known jazz band will perform throughout the evening. Refreshments will be served.

Participating Artists include: Alvaro Allvillar, Morisca Shinsako, Amy Stewart-Hale, Tina Ciranni, Robert Amato, Ieva Unda, Rebecca Robinson, Stacey Shulman, Elizabeth Bame, Sarah Hatch, Katharine Hartwig Dahl, Christian Weaver, Jiovnni Tallington, Griffin Davis Art Group, Halima Washington, Brent Walker, Donna Thomas, Jeff Baker, Art Eubanks, Vickie Martin, Daniel Curran, Kim Jones, Katina Lear, K. Ashley Pittman, James Pennyman, Felix Berroa, Lance Carlson, Juliet Marateck, Jacqueline Allison, Roland Heath, Halley Semo, Corey Barksdale, and Corlia.

For additional information, please visit the website at Barksdale can be contacted at (404)312-8864 or email:

What: Artists Xplosion Art Show
When: Friday, March 16, 2007
6:00 p.m. - until
Where: Southern Mills Warehouse, 585 Wells Street
Atlanta, Georgia (blocks away from the Castleberry Hill Art District)

1041 Honey Creek Rd, PMB #279 • Conyers, Georgia • 30013 • Phone (770) 483-7735   Fax: (770) 483-3064 email:

Corey Barksdale

The diversity and emerging effectiveness of inter-racial cooperation in community art programs, some of the best in the nation, makes Atlanta's art community significantly unique.  My family saw this and much more way back in 1865 when my family assisted in the sponsoring  Americas' first African American Masonic Free Mason Lodge.



Lagerquist Gallery

Atlanta Artist ( Woods - Abstract )
Dennis Caruso

Dennis Caruso's Email:

Cultural Democracy in action:

My mission statement or purpose of the how a civic service operates visually will be proven here. For example, I believe in the highest quality artistic community representations and creatvity through empowering diversity in art for all. I believe our national diversities are our greatest national asset, and we should be dedicated to serving and supporting its ends.  IE. see the suggestion form below.
Mr. Roger Meredith Christian




Soulful Art

Soulful Art: African American fine art gallery specializing in themed African American art, offering extensive collection of unframed African American prints, figurines, and book organizers by popular African American artist.

Comprehensive Listings for Art Galleries in Atlanta, Georgia
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