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Want something to do which easy and fun, and it is all free ?  If yes then.....
Create your own dance community, amatuer dance troupe, or social dance through the Dance Community Get - Togethers internet facilitating system by first joning @ Dance Community.  The apply for your postings on the GeorgiaStateBords forum by registering @ forum.  Here you will be able to establish your leadership skills, and have fun too!


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Full Radius Dance - Atlanta, Georgia [ WebSite ]:
This is an innovative approach to dance, and dance services on a wider and more creative level.  Moreover, it allows inclusivity in the realm of art and personal expression.  I have work previously with challenge people, and thus I fully applaud the efforts of these new aritist upon the stage of dance.
To both the Board of Directors, and those who have, will continue and in the future will attend their performances you a have given honor to our form of Arts in Dance.  To dancers your courage will be recognized as an exciting adventure in the exploration of both our feelings and human spirit.
Roger M. Christian Editor.
Enjoy the photos...



Passioné: Full Radius Dance in Concert

Atlanta’s groundbreaking dance company in performance December 1 & 2 at 7Stages

The physically-integrated (dancers with and without disabilities) nonprofit modern dance company Full Radius Dance announces Passioné: Full Radius Dance in concert, to be held December 1 and 2 at 7Stages Theatre.

This concert offers Atlanta audiences the opportunity to see the groundbreaking and pioneering work of Full Radius Dance. The program includes the revivals of “Crawl/Climb”, “Song of Bernadette” and “Passione”. Choreographed by Artistic Director Douglas Scott, “Passione” is inspired by the depth of feeling and majestic sense of theatre that is found in grand opera, and received its premiere as part of Dance Synergy, a national tour celebrating 25 years of physically integrated dance in America. Also on the program is the premiere of “Send Me on My Way”, a quartet for four women, inspired by random encounters.

Tickets for the performances are $15.00 for Adults, $12.00 for Children 12 & under and Seniors 55 & over. Click for Reservations.

About Full Radius Dance:
Full Radius Dance is a modern dance company that presents mature, choreographically complex works celebrating technique and physicality. Additionally, the company has a desire to share the talents of dancers who have disabilities with the mainstream audience. The organization was initially founded by Douglas Scott in 1991 as a modern dance company called Dance Force, Inc. In 1993, a new focus developed when Scott began working with dancers with disabilities. In 1995, Scott and Ardath Prendergast founded E=motion, a company created with the specific intention of working with dancers with disabilities. In 1998, E=motion and Dance Force combined to create Full Radius Dance.



The Atlanta Ballet
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Dance is Fun in Atlanta
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