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Ithaca Dance Spots:

Dance, Ithaca, Ballroom,  Social Dance Ithaca, Classes.

Social Dance Calendar Ithaca   Send in your social dance info here.



Melissa Kacalanos
Dancer - Click on photo for her WebSite.

New Leaders in Social Dance
New needs ~ something close to Ithaca College, and a Non-Alcholic Night for Noche Latina.
Email me if you wish to be included in schedule. RMC
9:00PM  to 11:00 PM
Tango / Milonga  Red Barn Cornell University
8:00 - 10:00PM
9:00 PM to 1:30 AM
Swing Dance ( Cornell Swing Dance Club ) Big Red Barn Cornell University
Noche Latina ( Latin Dance Night )  Common Ground
Reggea Night @ Castaways.
9:00 PM to 11:30 PM 
9:30 PM to 1:00 AM
ISDN's Swing Social Dance
Level B Bar - Sink or Swim - 80's Rock and Dance - Fishbowls
9:00  to
11:00 PM
9:30PM  to 1:00 AM
9:00PM to        12:00
Swing in the Hayloft
Where: Ithaca - Carriage House Cafe, 305 Stewart Ave.
Level B Bar HUSH 10PM DJ Double "S"
Latin Dance Party: Where: Ithaca - Olivia's Restaurant, Pine Tree Road
8:00 to 11:00 PM
10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Contra Dance ~ Bethel Grove Community Center
Level B Bar - House SeXXy







4:00 to 7:00 PM

9:00 to 11:00 PM

Cajun / Zydeco Common Ground
Tango Milonga Chanticleer Loft, corner of State and Cayuga Sts.

Find more photos like this on Latin Dance Master U.S.A.


4 Lessons for $ 20.00
Orientation Dance Specials in the following


Additional Resources:

Ballroom Dance Classes  Ithaca, New York .
Latin Dance Classes  Ithaca, New York .
Hot Hip Hop Action in Ithaca, New York .

Dance Classes Directory:
Place you dance class website on this directory and see your rankings increase [ waiting is usually a three week period ]. Non - for - profits / free placement.


Dance Classes being re - scheduled
Mondays 7:00 PM [ Starting September 21, 2007] Hip Hop Orientation Dance Classes @ Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant. 8:00 PM Choreography Classes.
Tuesdays 7:30 PM Latin Dance Classes @ Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant, the corner of West State Street and Route 13, 8:30 PM Advance.
Call 607  - 451 - 8663

Ithaca Dance Classes Link System
Latina Danza Link System

Salsa Wild of The Falcon and Doves Dance Troupe . The audition moto of this dance troupe is Experience helpful, but note necessary, in as much as each member is auditioned for which assigned division - Amateur - Pro Amateur - Professional. A full cultural affirmative developmental  program



World of Dance Visions:


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This is your goal!

                    Operation Empower Yourself: Lets return social dance back tothe workers.
Create your own ' amateur dance organization ' and thereby form your own social dances by following these easy steps.
First join the Dance Community MSN group @ [ GroupSite ].  Let your interests be known by posting them on the following ProBoards @ [ IthacaDanceBoard ]. After that it will be up to you and others who sign on.  This is to replace Dance Meetup.  The leadership - based upon your permission will be posted on Dance Community Get Togethers @ [ NewYork ].  This is another public service of Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian whose goal in doing this is to inspire the amatuer non professional dancers to promote their own social dances~returning social dance back to the workers who created the popularity of social dance in American culture!


The Freedom of Flight.

A New concept in Dance Clubs.  The National and International dance club of To Take Flight and Dance.  Why National as well as International ?  Answer.  This comes from the freedom in which you have when you own your own aircraft.

See news article in Dance Ithaca E - Magazine Has Social Dance Dance ( to Ithaca ) Taken to Flight or Wings.

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Roger 14850 Dance is Fun in Ithaca
National Dance Week Ithaca  Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian Dance Touring Services [ WebSite ]

Dance Ithaca [ WebSite ] Salsa DanceDVD.Com [ Salsa_Web_Sites ]



Press Releases also wanted for:
Dance Ithaca E - Magazine: Central New York's first Online Dance  E - Zine publication.  You want this audience attention you will have to first go here and get your dance news items published.


World of Dance Visions:  World of Dance Visions started as a special to Dance Ithaca E - Magazine, then it focused on Ballroom Dance Champions as well as for Latin / Salsa.  It is now the news gathering site for city dance companies, and new dance teachers to send their dance news to.  This is then linked to Dance 4 American as like an online bureaus for each community this online publication.  More importantly Dance 4 America Online Publications, D.B.A. was like established as separate to Tri Falcon and Dove Dance Academy, D.B.A..

Dance 4 America Online Publications:

Dance ithaca E - Magazine

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Dance entertainers are found here:
Salsa Forums:  Articles and discussions about all styles of Salsa - on2, LA style, Casino.
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Toronto Dance [ BlogSite ]

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Wanted Dance Acts:

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