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Downtown Los Angeles on a smoggy late afternoon with Griffith Observatory in the foreground at left.
Downtown Los Angeles on a smoggy late afternoon with Griffith Observatory in the foreground at left.

Los Angeles nightlife isn’t just about one big party, alternative styles, clubbing and even bar-hopping. The city holds itself as the host entertainment center of the United States - though an unofficial title, which includes events at art galleries, coffee houses, on the various college and university, a dash of an opera or two, richly performance of symphonies - including fond rememberance oringinal orchestrations / performances of movie themes, IE Korngold's musical backdrop score of the Warner Brothers " Captain Blood " staring Error Flynn, theatres and some of the most wierdest avtivity venues  to make your after-dark hours exciting.

Not interested in night club in West Hollywood? Not in the mood to party? Got a gaggle of kids in tow? No problem. There are plenty of places to have late-night fun that don’t involve knockin’ ‘em back at the bar, shakin’ your groove thang on the dance floor or rockin’ out at a local live music venue.

Artsy Darksy - or - Artsy Fancy here in LA " Gee the talky is real itsy. " 

There is the entertainment of the entertainment section of the Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles: Arts and Entertainment. A real quick reference.

LA hosts a self-guided Downtown Art Walk every second Thursday of the month, while San Pedro’s version is aptly named First Thursday gallery walks. In Chinatown, you can tour the eclectic galleries on Chun King Road and then pick up some antiques or souvenirs at nearby shops.

Hiking and Stargazing
Looking for a more fitness-oriented way to celebrate the dark? Drive up to Griffith Park for a night hike (the park is open until 10 p.m.). Follow the hike with stargazing at the Griffith Observatory.

The Beach After Dark
The beach also welcomes nighttime visitors, especially in places like Malibu and Dockweiler Beach. Bring something to grill at one of the public barbecue pits. If your visit happens to fall during a full moon, stick around for a while and wait for the tide to recede. You’ll often find silver dollars revealed in the sand by the moon’s luminescence.

Making Late-Night Waves
If standing on the shore has you yearning for the open sea, a dinner cruise is the perfect activity after dark. With spectacular vistas of the city lights and an uncluttered view of the horizon a dinner cruise is one of LA’s most romantic evening excursions. Just make a reservation with either Hornblower Cruises & Events in Marina del Rey or Spirit Cruises & Yacht Parties in San Pedro.

Nightlife with Kids
If you’re traveling with hard-to-impress teenagers and looking for a safe yet exciting place, you can’t beat Santa Monica Pier. With its sprawling arcade, old-school amusement park and cluster of restaurants that stay open late to host live bands, this is one of LA’s most popular attractions after dark.

PM Coffee Break
Need a jolt of caffeine to make it past midnight? A local coffee house is often the perfect place to relax in a low-key environment with a few friends. Many in the Westside present live entertainment until sixty strokes after midnight. Blues and folk bands, open mics and poetry readings are plentiful.

Finish It Off Sweet
From an Italian piazza serving gourmet gelato to a yogurt shop with a cult following, new flavors are spicing up life in the San Fernando Valley. A little bit of Italy has come to Tujunga Village in Studio City, and locals are cheering. The Gelato Bar pairs billowing clouds of colored gelato, with a European-style coffee bar. To experience the yogurt that has Leonardo di Caprio, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan lining up for more, visit Pinkberry. The tangy, stiff, fat-free South Korean-style dessert is wowing palates citywide, but its Valley location provides all the perks without the pangs of a 20-minute wait and a $65 parking ticket.



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