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Roger Meredith Christain WebMaster.

Tri Falcon and Dove Productions:

Tri Falcon and Dove Productions is the key component of developing Online Internet Access, or outsourcing information for various interest of RMC.  Moreover, as Salsa Willd of The Falcon and Doves dance troupe grows in to a full Dance Review, the stage dance productions will be produced. This is to develop the sociocultural foundations of a futuristic finishing school for the 21st Century.

The Philosophy:
 "  Sociocultural Democracy  "

The first mission:  To develop a workable dance program which is socioeconomically inclusive.  The object of which is to create dance as social force in which easier community communications can be achieved.


The scond mission:  Cutlrual democracy critical element is to allow the community online internet users to have a say of what goes on WebSites which represents their communities.  Moroever, to also develop a means by which more faith based and family related WebSites are promoted  by direct and affirmative action woithin the internet. Thus - the night life series, and their related supportive BlogSites.

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