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This is where you can share those wonderful moments in which like other Students / Scholars you are learning to be engaged in social, cultural, and gentle human sharings. These are the best years of your life.  Treasure them, and preserve them, and if you wish to voice your appreciation of the one you have found to share this era of campus life in your life, then here is one means in which you can really broadcast it to an entire world.  In that we can really deliver the world's attention. We have the internet power.
In addition, posted November 25, 2006 we are also looking for fun videos such as Blind Date .
Just photos with a quip, as per example below, is best by far.
Also, other pleasant experiences are also solicited.
 Remember " A kiss returned is a key to your own human potential in which you start to know what your life means. "
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Touching in various cultures.




ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., USA (April 8, 2009). There has been much controversy about touching in various cultures. The debate started when US President Barack Obama extended his hand to England's Queen Elizabeth and was further fueled when the First Lady was photographed touching the Queen on the back.

Throughout the world the act of touching has cultural meaning.

In Asia it is considered disrespectful to touch an older person on the head, back, or shoulders. Even if the intent is to show respect or to comfort the person the act of touching these areas conveys insult.

Touching a business card in many oriental cultures, especially Japan, is the same as touching the individual. Great care should be given to the business card by grasping the card with both hands, admiring it, and then placing it in your pocket closest to your heart. Also remember it is extremely rude to write on the business card, fold it, or to place it in your back pocket.

General Touching
In the Middle East it is rude to not hold the hand of a friend of the same gender while walking down the street. However it is rude, and could violate local law, to publically hold hands with a friend of the opposite gender.

Publically touching in France is normal. It is normal to touch while greeting someone, if you agree with them, or to make a point. The touching is not violent of considered an invasion of personal space as it is expected. In a study done by Jourard (1966) in Paris recorded an average of 110 touches by friends or parents in cafes as compared to 2 touches at coffee shops in Miami. Interestingly observers found that touching in Miami was more aggressive 37 percent of the time. Italy and Greece had high rates of touching while Australia, New Zealand, and England were more aligned with the Miami touch rates. Additional studies in later years found similar results.

Mediterranean cultures are also very touching. Handshakes are not as common as a hug and cheek kiss among people of the same gender. This cultural norm typically is retained by Mediterranean travelers or immigrants.

Shaking Hands
Shaking hands has some cultural implications:
In Russia and Poland shaking hands is okay provided it is not done in a doorway or over a threshold. It is considered to be unlucky for both people. Hand shaking should occur before one gets to the door or after they have already entered.

In Europe it is considered impolite to shake hands while wearing gloves. Even on the coldest days it is expected the other person is important enough for you to remove your gloves. Fashion gloves worn by women are an exception as these gloves can remain on the woman's hands – however only if the gloves are designed specifically to be worn indoors.

In sub-Sahara Africa a handshake typically involves both hands. The right hands clasp while left hands are laid over the right hands during the shake.

In most Western cultures, such as the United States it is rude for a man to shake extend his hand to a woman unless she first extends her hand. Although this cultural courtesy is dying it is still expected to be followed in the elite and those in the Builder Generation.

Never attempt to shake the hand of a German man if he is with his wife unless you first shake her hand. It is disrespectful and belittling to the woman if you seek to first shake her husband's hand.

About MBC Global
MBC Global is an international organization based near Detroit, Michigan, dedicated solely to increasing cultural knowledge and awareness. MBC Global, a division of Max Impact Corporation, offers training programs, employee assessments, project management, and business development emphasizing the many cultures flavoring the world. For more information about MBC Global, send an email to info@mbcglobal.org or visit www.mbcglobal.org.

British man finds love on Internet after bedding over 1000 women,

Clive Worth from Wales, UK, who's news went out all over the world with Reuters after being band from a dating site for dating to many women, has finally found love,

Belgium, Kingdom of (Press Release) November 27, 2007 -- Clive Worth, has become well known all over the world for his online dating, Type his name into any search engine like Google, Yahoo, AOL or MSN and you will be able to read amore about him, Clive is addiction for women came about when he gave up his addiction for alcohol and started Internet dating, the switch over did Clive a world of good and in no time he started dating women by the hundreds, getting them all to travel to his Den in Wales from all over the world, with one women going out in the morning and another coming in afternoon but has now finally found love with 61 years old Angela England from Birmingham and Retired from Internet dating but has written a book about his conquests called, (A Serial Shaggers guide to Internet dating, My 1001 lovers),

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lover Awards:

Something else I likewise found:

Love Awards:

GRAND PRIZE CITY OF LISBONShinji Aoyama, Hans Hurch, Mark Peranson, Natacha Régnier, Vasco Câmara

GOLDEN DIGITAL AWARD, 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival"A delicate individual drama, which improves itself by the level and subtle relation that reality digital filming makes possible."-Jean-Michel Frodon ( chairman ), Tikoy Aguiluz, Mabel Cheung

OIKOCREDIT AWARD, 21st Fribourg International Film Festival"The International Jury gives the award to Love Conquers All for its effective use of ambiguity and irony in constructing a surprising and subtly elliptical narrative."-Francois Verster ( Chairman), Chris Fujiwara, Ana Katz, Jacqueline Veuve, Freddie Wong

VPRO TIGER AWARD, 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam"Classical in style and structure, it is a film which speaks to the heart."-Piers Handling ( chairman ), Lou Ye, Isaac Julien, Maria Kraakman, Teresa Villaverde

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