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Please alert all Cornell Students / Scholars about the up-coming editorial on the Bridges with Barriers. Has the social contract for and by Cornell Students / Scholars established during the 60's and 70's has been damaged as a result of " The Barriers "?

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What are the ideals of today?
Human Honors.: A WebSite which reflects on the humanist and human pioneers of the past in order for the emerging idealists of today can find their own vocies and meanings.
Student Notes :  This is like a collective notebook of the various experiences, writings, and at times funny things which has happen to Students / Scholars.
Cornell University:  This is the Cornell Website.
Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY:  This is WWW dot Ithaca Nightlife dot Com
Academia:  Central WabPage about the academic culture of Ithaca, New York
Ithaca College:  This is the Ithaca College Website.
Science Technologies, Public Policy and Ethics.  The central informative web site which details the leading factors of new science and the public policy and ethical  cancerns which emerges as a result.

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We are growing to 712,000 ( November, 2006 ) hits per month - Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network.
Cornell University's students / scholars now are included in the  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network ~ via ~ [ WebSite ]
Your imput is now being solicited.
This particular part of the Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY WebSite is to bring to the attention of the Academic communities of Tompkins county several issues now being explored through interactive discussions or GroupsSites, WebSites, and especially BlogSites on these Intellectual areas.
One:  Inter - City Cultural Communications.
Two:  InterCultural Communications with an additional focus on developing Seminars on Intercultural Communications - Their Present and Future Applications [ WebSite ]
Three:  The full application and exploration and discussions on " Cultural Democracy ."
It is from this basis, that a growing INTERNET network is now growing, and the topics themselves has inspired an on-going effort to form group coalitions, such as the various interests which exist within Groups,MSN dot Com, Yahoo dot Com, and Google dot Com.
To facilitate the need to create The Center for Cultural Democracy-Ithaca, New York by INTERNET tool =The Central [ WebSite ] " For " Cultural Democracy.  A membership generating INTERNET base by which physical organizations can be organized within those Academic and Communities who express interests in this issue.
In moderating several of these groups, plus the following interest ...
One: The Israel Information Center Ithaca [ GroupSite ].
Two:  The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York [ GroupSite ] [ Main WebSite ]
...  the cultural and intellectual sharing of knowledge now becomes Univsersally accessable-the true crux and heart of " Cultural Democracy ' taking sociocultural form within human behavior.
The Academic WebSites " For " Cultural Democracy ....
The existing network - the major sites:
Euro-Quest [ HubSite ]  from here you can find which group you wish to join. The American Cities Review [ MSN group - NightLifeRMC-site ]
Just to make sure everyone is acknowledgable of what is going on - there is the Universal Guide to Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC [ WebSite ]
Additional elements are forth-coming on this site-so bookmark it now.  You will, if your interest has been pleasured-come back and back again.  Your will see them being posted below...


Ithaca College:


Ithaca College  students / scholars now are included in the  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network ~ via ~ [ WebSite ]
Your imput is now being solicited.


The are several sociopolitical and socioeconomic issues which has a direct impact upon The United States.  This reflects how the Euro [ European central currency ] is valued in comparison with the US dollar.  What are the implications with the currency exchange rates, and how does this affect the sales of American goods and services abroad, and furhter affects the price of imports.  What are the trade offs in forming International contracts, and not with standing various agreements between nations themselves. Thus there is a political reality which also must be viewed [ WebSite ].


Cornell University, Ithaca College, and TC 3 non-affiliated Social Calendar and Registry: Have an weekly event, and it is not associated with academia ? Then have is registed here.

The Josephine Hawks Report on...
American Romanticisms

The Love Report, and Memmorable Events:


Wells College


Wells College: Students / Scholars Clubs.

 Growing International Union:


No Girl Left Behind
Women who could use some help. " Click on WebSite photo above. "


School of Architecture

Les Avant Garde

E & C

Cultural Zionism


Innovation and quality.

Founded in 1855, Elmira Female College was the first college in the world to grant a baccalaureate degree to women, equal to those granted to men. Elmira College is known as the "mother of women's colleges." (Elmira became co-educational in 1969.) Simeon Benjamin, known as "The Founder," was instrumental in the College's location in Elmira, the growing commercial and cultural center of the Finger Lakes region.

Academic focus and beyond campus activities.
Cornell University is both an academic institution as well as a research center.  It is it's research capacity this focus is to concentrate upon.  The city of Ithaca, New York is the prime community which facilitates the public untilities, and off campus services of Cornell University, as well as Ithaca College, TC3, Wells College, and Empire State College.  None-the-less, the city of Ithaca which now must look for additional opportunities for advancing the social, economic, and cultural needs of it's citizens, and not Cornell University or Ithaca College.
 Thus Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY intercultural initiative and mission is now three fold:
1. Establish an Inter- City Cultural Communications Network ( This is now 40% completed )
2.  Promote the city of Ithaca as the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Region of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  ( This is now an acknowledged International known campaign - as copies of this promotional have appeared.).
3.  Provide a focus in which to attract others, especially those who are local researchers-whose technological innovation has clean industrial applications , to investigate the development of alternative National and International Services, and Exportive Entertainment services and futures industries. ( This is the newest component ).
Developemental Extractions:
This website was developed to attract the attention of students / scholars, and top researchers at Cornell University and Ithaca College - who have the ability and interests to create and broaden the economic - industrial based of the city of Ithaca, New York
Social Extractions:
Off campus activities offer a broader range of social and cultural opportunities which are not present on campus.  Moreover, the connections between personal aspirations and testing ones abilities to manisfest these aspirations in both social and cultural marketable terms are impelling factors to participate off campus.  The limitations for on campus activities are in their dynamics are driven by administrative anxieites.  Where as limitations for off campus activities are solely determined by both market dynamics and rule of law, and their internal safety systems of legal redress and relief.
Employment Extractions:
The first initiative for part time applications for employment is now based upon a search for On-Campus representitives who earnings are based upon generous commissions rates for high quality and top notched goods and services.
Example  of International Programing:
InterCultural Communication - Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.

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International Intercultural Communications Zone:

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Dance Cities:
Developed to assist you in your plans in deciding for a destination city during the various academic breaks.

New, Fantastic & Innovative
University - College sociocultural interactive programs.
Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY academic community cultural democratic initiative.
Participating with others in expanding the social and cultural opportunities of Cornell, Ithaca College, and TC3 communities.  Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Academic Social Calendar is now open for you and your own organization to post regular weekly events.  Moreover Academic Get - Togethers is where you and others students /scholars can create and plan your own off - campus socials,  More importantly, it will allow you an opportunity to explore your own leadership potential and principles.
In conjuction with this programing internet facilitation Dance Community ~  Get - Togethers, along with the Forum Dance is Fun in Ithaca is where you can organize and plan your own social dance groups, amatuer dance troupe, and social dances. It is from here, and once you have established your own weekly social dances in which you will have the additional Ithaca Social Dance Calendar.
These faciliative processes are offered freely with hight internet visability.  Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY is the perfect site to launch your own social interests, and plan your own innovative cultural programs.  The networking of resources are available on these webpages to give you the added information you can use in your sociocultural initiatives for the students / scholars communities of Cornell, Ithaca College, TC3, Wells College, and Empire State College.
 Add stimulating and fascinating events  to your Academic Social Calendar, and to meet even more interesting peoples, as well as encounter the unexpected in your life.  The Academia section of Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY now includes Les Avant Garde @ Ithaca Les Avant Garde.  This gives you the opportunity to explore social, cultural,and at times spiritual issues which are at the cutting edge of human frontiers.  The Heroic Generation, Pax Fidelis, Arab - Israeli Reconciliation, The Sociocultural Revolutions of Cultural Democracies are just a few the topics for the year 2006.  You can even suggest your own, and if two other regions are likewise interested it will be included too ! Your start by initiating something call your own dialouge - thread on Les Avant Garde - Ithaca Get - Togethers.
Keeping our nation safe and secured while at the sametime giving you opportunities to assist a peoples initiatives for reconciliations the additional element of this cultural democrative initiative.  The Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is the main promotional arm of The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York.  This is totally private sector and this allows you the ability  to privately assist in the reconiliation processes of discovery by the initiating your own discussion forums of FAIR's ~ Ithaca Get - Togethers.  This as a result, could be also be added to The Ithaca Social Calendar giving you an your groups efforts the high profile is you so desire, as well as promoting peace on a private level between the Israelis and Arabs.
When you take a step back and take a long look, you will be able to see the visions of Academia ~ Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Sociocultural Interactive Programs as a two way portal through the Inter - City Cultural Communications Networks ~  which are already established.  Impacting your own academic community by your own positive actions and be able to see what others academic communities ( next to be constructed is the University of Buffalo / Buffalo State College area ) are doing is essentailly the heart of the emerging Cultural Democracy Network. Moreover, those who have issues of their own and wish to articulate them there is the additional opportunity on the New York State Cultural Democracy Network .

Intellectual Scope / InterCultural Communications:
Think Differently
By: Roger M. Christian


Does Twitter kill compassion? An academic institution struggles with the right response to the cata

A few days ago a colleague of a development studies institute sent out a message to the postgraduate student community about responding to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. He is an academic expert on disaster preparedness issues and he wrote a short message, cautioning people not to make rushed decisions regarding donations and also to think about long-term responses to such crises. Sending money immediately may not be the best choice. What I found a bit ambiguous was that he had a small advertisement for his latest book in his email signature and with bad intentions you may have been reading this as an indirect book promotion. But the tone of the email was appropriate, reflective and cautionary – the sort of writing I would have done and I felt perfectly appropriate for a message that goes out to a 200+ audience. It also reflected the ton of discussions in my online network.

Since then, his message has sparked quite a debate and in a follow-up message he explains that he has received about an equal amount of support and critique for his initial message. He has organised a meeting with students (who have been, among other things, organising a fundraiser) to discuss the issues in person.

But what I find so interesting is that even if we recognise the multicultural nature of the student body and the grievances particularly of Japanese students or those with links to Japan, the first reaction by a group of future development experts is to criticise a call to be cautious about donations. Whereas Twitter and the ‘blogosphere’ started early on to point out 'why waiting to give to Japan is a good idea', there seems to be a strong inclination to ‘deal with these issues later’. Let’s be shocked and raise money – then think about how to spend it later. The colleague has since then pointed out that being compassionate does not automatically mean one cannot apply the skills and knowledge that academics have, but still, I’m left with the feeling that we first should ‘do’ something and then ‘think’ about the approaches etc, even as 'charities are aggressively soliciting donations around this disaster' as an experted quoted in a NYT article points out. I don’t think this is how it should work, but I wonder if the ‘Internet’ makes us less compassionate and too critical or rational? 
I don’t think there’s an answer to it really, but I felt that following news and blogs and Twitter may have put me out of touch with what many people felt, even as Bill Easterly writes about the impact of @TopTweets he experienced after a post on Japan; The reality 'on the ground' - even in an environment of educated development experts - seems to be partly different from many online debates.

 Information and design are the new magic of the Internet.  Here is where International Students / Scholars can find the critical information needed to make their participation in America's academic culture more pleasure'able.
Article I
There are three distinct elements which I considered when looking at the internet and how can I get the " best " message out in what I publish which best represents the actual intent of my personality, interests, skills, and knowledge.
One.  Fundemental to everything in which I posted / published was based upon hard empirical evidence.  Thus very hard core research was involved in every aspect of any bit, or in this case " byte " of information, and the additional deliberate action to force introspective personal discoveries, is the continued some-what selfish motives and passions behind each step taken.
Two.  The single aspect of InterCultural Communications as a very deliberative means to produce events was the essential empowering element which I found out is the primary socicultural and sociopolitical power platform for the future.  The power comes from the transition of time, and of discourse of additional aspects of human development in which we, as a civilization are slowly becoming aware, which events which are based upon InterCultural Communications becomes the very formative up-evolutionary behaviorial anthro-developmental traits which triggers conflict preventioning to occur.  And it is exactly here, "Conflict Preventionng where everything else is derived.  The evidence for this truthism is overwhelming.
Three.  The actual recognition of the objectiveness of the internet itself, in as much as everything it views from various serach engine crawlers or spidders, bugs, has the interesting clean slate encryption - as each webpage is initial judged.  Moreover, it is from here, and the further understanding of the various technologies involved in both hardware and software development that  wide -spreading of content was imperative; this demanded higher and more deeply penitrative knowledge, and as a result I have well worn used at least 7 libraries within the academic central community of Ithaca, New York.  The central factor for this very timely and costly action is that there are distinct connections to the bugs of the internet, and empirical information-hard factual content information which triggers higher results.
The internet goes real buggy over hard and qualified content information.  Like a camel to desert oais water well.  At first it can not get enough.  Then later its rider is likewise very satisfied as a result. Thus, a deeping and harder introspection of each information byte produced the qualified results.
Thus you now have the initial three points, and what they eactly entail, and why everyone should begin to think differently is not only based upon the growing dependency on the growth of the internet for future prosperity, but that the single physical action we should take is to produce those events which promotes InterCultural Communications.  To do this, we need addtional International Students / Scholars - which according to my research means an additional 4.8 million addtional International Students / Scholars.
Does the world have them to offer?
The pedagogy of each institution of higher education will likewise have to adjust their academic curriculum and grading proceedures to meet the resulting discourse resultant evaluations,  faculty evaluations - student- and teaching aspects adjustments,  adjunctive financial support structures - and the needed additional principle America academia will have to adopt to modify its pedagogy as a result. 
Then, and only then, will be very clear what Thinking Differently means both a vision, and the circumstance resultant as a result of making such a commitment.
Article II
We have here in the United States millions, as it now seems, of migrate labors who are primiarly from South America - even though the Asian are now becoming more numerous.   This is opportunity.
What this means, from my own personal point of view is that these hard working peoples should be out-reached to for these very specific factors:
  1. Access what are the conditions back in their home country, and from which calibrate a community needs assessments.
  2. Measure further interests on future jobs developments by the traning needs they wish to recieve while working in the U.S, and Canada.
  3. Determine the area of their home community's available resources, and sociocultural and socioeconomic existing structures.
  4. Confirmed all date base requirements for a think tank resolve in developing career - jobs training program to coordinate with loans and credits for future economic development and construction of industry, or services in their home of origin
Mr. Roger M. Christian.
You should be getting the point now!

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As per our talk:   The growth of Google dot Com in obtaining published thesis [ shift from gray white - getting lets say 15 out of 100 items published - in those published in 1996 to dark black - getting lets say 98 out of 100 published - since 2004 in concentration ] is based upon one Google's primary goals in attracting more content qualified information.  This represents a major shift in who is going to be the academic researched information providers.  Google or Public and Private Universities and Colleges.  Right now in its present configuration which reflects in public statements made by Google, the information google has already acquired it is in a far better position in being an information provider than Cornell University.  The implications of this will place in motion lost of available grants, and researched funded projects and distortion of the sources of  information giving a futuristic picture of the expected lost of freedoms to information, and the political temptations to undermind individual liberities as a result.

Presently, those who are now affected " must ' begin their own preventive measures.  There are none in existance which is public knowledge
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The following Blog Service is one of the best I have seen, and now use.  So if your are interested in the discussion on " Cultural Democracy." then you should register.  No cost, and all you need is an email account.  RMC.


Center WebSite for Cultural Democracy [ Website ]
oD Today [ BlogSite ]
Joe Beck's Digital Democracy Blog [ BlogSite ]
Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC [ BlogSite ]
Toronto Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC [ BlogSite ]

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TheFalconI Blog  -  Cultural Democracy - An Evolving Essay [ BlogSite ] Academic Links [ BlogSite The Ithaca Cultural Directory - Ithaca Nightlife [ BlogSite ] Missions of Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is for one point alone. That is to generate community spirit. A real personal connection. It is form this point alone, along with my better part of Southern traditions from which a sociocultural conversion process is underway in these vaiorus internet publications, such as this blog. -  Ithaca College Clubs, and Student / Scholars [ BlogSite ] [ Ebloggy ] - Ithaca College Students / Scholars blog brings out one point in its mission internet publication. College years are going to be the best years of your life. Cornell University Clubs, and Students / Scholars [ BlogSite ] [ Ebloggy ]Cornell University Students / Scholars blog brings out one point in its mission internet publication. College years are going to be the best years of your life. - The Love Report - Ithaca, New York [ BlogSite ] [ Ebloggy ] Love is when you know and feel humble by the person who is showing you attention, but who is not asking anything in return. Tnis is deep, personal, and is generated by a kindness which is innate in us all. Here in Ithaca, This " The Love Report " is to give only glimpse into this world of magic which we call LOVE. -  Cornell Societies [ BlogSite ] This is a listings of societies which are either sponsored by Cornell University, affiliated, or who have co - sponsored events both locally, or Internationally.

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