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Colleges and Universities:
These are the website extensions of the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Communications Internet Network in which the Universities and Colleges selected are within the area of each Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC.  They in conjunction with the cities being selected are the key factors in which they are being developed.  This is based upon a six year plan in which coverage of Universities and Colleges is the beginning effort to close the loop within the Internet - or looping.




American University: Students / Scholars Clubs.

Boston College: Students / Scholars Clubs.

Columbia Universtiy: Students / Scholars Clubs:

Cornell University Students / Scholars Clubs .

SUNY @ Cortland Students / Scholars Clubs .

University of Buffalo - Students / Scholars Clubs

Buffalo State College  Students / Scholars Clubs

Elmira College: Students / Scholars Clubs.

Georgetown University: Students / Scholars Clubs.

University of Michigan Clubs: Students / Scholars .

New York University: Students / Scholars Clubs.

Ohio State University: Sudents / Scholars Clubs.

Syracuse University  Clubs: Students / Scholars :

Wells College: Students / Scholars Clubs.





City - Academic / Academia Sites:

Syracuse University Academia / Academic Studies

Innovation and quality.

Founded in 1855, Elmira Female College was the first college in the world to grant a baccalaureate degree to women, equal to those granted to men. Elmira College is known as the "mother of women's colleges." (Elmira became co-educational in 1969.) Simeon Benjamin, known as "The Founder," was instrumental in the College's location in Elmira, the growing commercial and cultural center of the Finger Lakes region.

Bloggers, Blog Sites, and Journals Academia / Academic Students - Scholars Clubs.

University of Buffalo: Students / Scholars Clubs:

Cornell University.

Itaca College: Students / Scholars Clubs .

Wells College: Students / Scholars Clubs .

Elmira College: Students / Scholars Clubs Blog.

Le Moyne College:Students / Scholars Clubs Blog.

New York University [ NYU ]: Students / Scholars Clubds Blog.

Stanford University:Students / Students Clubs Blog.

Syracuse University: Students / Scholars Clubs.


International Students / Scholars @ American University .

International Students / Scholars @ SUNY @ Binghamton

International Students / Scholars @ Boston College .

International Students / Scholars @ Buffalo State College :

International Students / Scholars @ SUNY @  Buffalo

International Students / Scholars @ Cornell University

International Students / Scholars @ SUNY @ Cortland

International Students / Scholars @ Elmira College.

International Students / Scholars @ Ithaca College

International Students / Scholars @ University of Michigan

International Students / Scholars @ Syracuse University :

The International Students / Scholars Boards / Forums

MSN's Directory .

Blogging network:  Here is where you can obtain a more student view of the various Universities and Colleges campys life by the students blogs, as well as the staff and faculty.

Ithaca College Clubs: Students / Scholars []

As per our talk:   The growth of Google dot Com in obtaining published thesis [ shift from gray white - getting lets say 15 out of 100 items published - in those published in 1996 to dark black - getting lets say 98 out of 100 published - since 2004 in concentration ] is based upon one Google's primary goals in attracting more content qualified information.  This represents a major shift in who is going to be the academic researched information providers.  Google or Public and Private Universities and Colleges.  Right now in its present configuration which reflects in public statements made by Google, the information google has already acquired it is in a far better position in being an information provider than Cornell University.  The implications of this will place in motion lost of available grants, and researched funded projects and distortion of the sources of  information giving a futuristic picture of the expected lost of freedoms to information, and the political temptations to undermind individual liberities as a result.

Presently, those who are now affected " must ' begin their own preventive measures.  There are none in existance which is public knowledge.

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