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The City of Ithaca, The Cultural Magnet Destination City
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The city of Ithaca, New York has been reviewed by various National press as being one of the top 3 American communities in which to live.



The New Emerging Ithaca Theatre / Theatre District:
Central New York's fastests growing theater / theatre center of Ithaca, New York
The State Theater / Theatre is now booking nationally known talent such as Whoopie Goldberg. Hanger and The Kitchen Theatres are now nearly sold out at each performance, and there is construction of new theaters at the Historic Downtown Ithaca Commons.  Along with the fastest growing Hotel and Inns industry of the State of New York at Tompkins county, many are folking to Ithaca for its scenic beauty, excellent restaurants and top level entertainment too!

Ithaca Arts Community


More Galleries per capita than most US Major cities - see sample on Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Art Galleries [ WebPage ]

The Center ( WebSites, Blogs, Bloggers, and JournalSite ) for Cultural Democracy:


The International Cultural Fiesta Movement ~ Resources WebSite ~ Click on the picutre of the  Lovely Women with the black hat.

Central Website for Cutlrual Democracy in Ithaca, New York.
Cultural Democracy - An Evolving Essay [ BlogSite ]

Inter - City Blogging Program

The City of Ithaca, New York, 14850

Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News

Dance 4 American Publications

Ithaca Night LIfe ( NightLife ), NY Publications

Ithaca Date Book:
An online helper.
First get your cell phone and a date book.  There is one to your left.  Then you get this site on the date book, and then click on Ithaca Concerts, Concerts and Entertainment, Theatre, or Entertainment websites for the evenings entertainment.  Then if you want something very good to go actually dinning out too, and not a rush job, you go to the Ithaca Recommended Restaurants for one hell of a great evening.  In the end it will become more easy to plan, and you really do not even have to sit at home to do it. 


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An academic center.
The city of Ithaca, New York has one the worlds leading Ivy League institutions in Cornell University-a research pedagogy.  Moreover, and in keeping with its musical educational roots, Ithaca College, a teaching pedagogy, has added to entertainment quality of Tompkins county at the sametime.  In addtion to both TC3 and Empire State University, the city of Ithaca has a diverse system of higher education to offer.


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