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Tri Falcon and Dove's Services:

On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Dance Classes:
Orientation Dance Specials
Four complete dance lessons for $ 10.00.


Research and Economic Impacts Analysis
Once a dollar is spent it thens goes through another chain of events in which is used by being spent again.  There is a ratio in which the activity of this one specific dollars, among many others can be measures and tracked.  This is very important in as much as it give a verifiable direction and habit in which the dollar represents within the general conditions of an economy.  It is not the physical existance of the dollar which is important, but as an imperical tool to study an economy highly valuable.
It is the habits of human spending habits, their market interest of what to buy in whcih economic impact analysis seeks to discover.  Then, and only then will a client feel more confortable in how to market their goods and services; for they have been given a direct illustration of what is going on.  It these client, with the analysis in hand who are able to take advantage of popular consumer spending trend to actually creating them in the first place.
$ 2,500.00 startup analysis.

Tri Falcon and Dove Productions:
Internet devlopment of how to obtain rankings in all search engines at the sametime marks Tri - Falcon and Dove Production clearly a leader by far.  Almost all websites have been able to obtain a page level 5 rank after 6 week entry and analysis to search engine crawler response - which are based upon their own indivifdual analogs.  
It is from this departure that web-design is initiated and where basic creative mix of text strings to picture ratios gives a clearer focus on how to fit to each of the clients needs.  Moreover, users ( the people who are on online ) have been more specific on their seraches, and search patterns are always changing at an increased rate per hour, and thus the internet of last year is uniquely different to todays internet.
Web - design must be able to catch the very element of user eye movement to information and picture mix in which an instant sale is made to foster user commitment.  It is from here that more eacting details and knowlege of consumer interest is focuses and thus are modified.  Thus each detail of web-design is look at very closely and where implementation of Gestalting becomes supercritical.
$ 160.00 for a basic store front, or restaurant startup website ( which contains an all important index main website, four sub-webpages, and the valueable links page ).
To packages which are....
$5000 minimum and up for advanced commerical designs.

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