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John F. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy will always be reguarded as a what if ( as pertaining to what would have happen to American history if he and the nation did not have to deal with his tragic death ), and thus his image will always be shinning.  None the less, what he did in the long run of the resulting American history was to galvanize American youth into its own powerful sub-cultural force.  Moreover, he did have a remarkable coolness about him and this crucial element impacted his administration when confronted with crises; and of which gave nothing but confidence to those around him.  As for the rest, Peace Corps, the trilling one liners in his speaches, as a man who pushed the envelope for us all his other life was indeed sensual; this was his human balance.
He got me involved and a lot of others who would have not done so without his presence, and full demonstrative attributes at a time in which American youth was just starting to find its own.  He was right there, hair style and all.  Even the best of fictional writers could never come up with a such National character.  He was rare indeed. 


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