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Gunnar Myrdal

Gunnar Myrdal

He had a real sense of public policy and economy wraped up in an intellectual admiration for the value of Public Opinion, and consumerist views.  Though this was only a part of his life, nonetheless, it was from these qualities which gave birth to others leaders in his time and era.
In focusing upon the historical development of European Union, and some other influences upon American academia, especially in economics and political science, he was the most unsung intellectual ever, and thus was unknown by many.  None the less, the EU did come about, and other ideas of his are just coming to the fore too.
I, in one of those uneplicable events which have self-riddiled my life in continous questions, ran accross one of essays in my Mother's book collection on Public Opinion.  Since then I would hear a little there about him at Dade County Jr. College, or at Georgetown U, and U of Toronto.  Eventually, I was able to put it all together.


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