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Moshe ( Moses )

Moses strikes water from the stone, by Bacchiacca

Moses strikes water from the stone, by Bacchiacca

The True Futurist
If you belief him to be man of " G-D ' then the issue is faith.  Not with standing though, and from the view of law and judicial review his presence within human history was all the more crucial than any other human being to be given birth. 
Civilization was anchored by the innovation of agriculture, but the human structure of relationships necessary in the maintainence of that civilization came from his life and the code of laws he gave.  It is not the serious study of these laws which gives its power, but its impact on the processes of human development which produces human qaulity of character and physical stature.
As result the grist of that character being so vested with humility that human perseptions of diversity among human kind can only be honored first and foremost. The Torah enlists its central core and hope. This is the key to the future, as its resulting traditions was never laid in the past, but given out only to the future.

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