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From a Family Diary  ( Condensed ): The social event of the year for all Southern young ladies and gentlemen of Atlanta, Georgia, The Debutant Cotillion Ball at The Grand Peach Street Ballroom. This was my first during the year of " Our Lord " 1895 for the Month and Day of June 1st.
The grand and splendid event was filled with the Young Gentry - Escorts and their Ladies who during the year turned 16 in our time of American Innosence ( as we call it ).  I  remember well the ballroom dance class at my finishing school at Jonesbourg.  Here Dance Master Irving Greene gave strict instructions during each Ballroom Dance Class.  Ladies should always exhibit " demure " during the time in which your escorts help you to fill your dance cards.  All to the well too.  As here you are more than likely to meet your future bow and spouse.  Moreover, and as Dance Master Greene pointed out during each interval of the dance class, once you are in the grips of the dance you must show off your spirited regellia of grit and femine graces.  
Yes. He was Right. For I  saw who I wanted to be my  future husban, number 10 on my dance card, and his wonderful name is Steven Christian.  Beatrice Smith who did  become Beatrice Smith Christian.

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Ballroom dance, refers collectively to a set of partner dances, which originated in the Western world and are now enjoyed both socially and competitively around the globe. Its performance and entertainment aspects are also widely enjoyed on stage, in film, and on television. While historically ballroom dance may refer to any form of formal social dancing as recreation, with the eminence of dancesport in modern times the term has become much narrower in scope, usually referring specifically to the International Standard and International Latin style dances (see dance groupings below). In the United States, two additional variations—"American Smooth" and "American Rhythm"—have also been popularized and are commonly recognized as styles of "ballroom dance".


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