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Albert Schweitzer
1875 - 1965

Welcome to our web site!

Culture and Science is always at the treshold of human evolution and civilization.  They are both the reason why and how.  Thus reasoning, as we progress in myrid forms of evolving civilizations, is becoming more and dominant in all our behaviorisms.  We as a species are evolving, and not coming to an end as some Christian evangelists claims.

The leaders of yesterday, as well as now had the same feelings of idealism as you have today, except for them being at the very limits of human frontiers they had to create new resources of both hunan knowledge and understanding; this became the bullwork of the privlages we enjoy today.

Getting / earning the Noble Prize in Olso is never easy, but building an effective lists of both scientific and feats of cultural progress make a huge difference in creating a World's Civilization, advancing sociocultural responsiveness, and deep personal satisfaction by each innovator.  The term humility also seems come to the fore too!

I will place on this site such innovators and further to provide the webliography, and link exchanges of those WebSites which explain the accomblishements and human services these innovators have to offer. People don't want to spend time figuring out how a better engine lets say gas free works when-ever it is invented ! So our home page will highlight the most important of those innovators in advancing human knowledge, human understandings, and efforts.  Only!  Then later you just may want to take a better look in to how they did it.  This is also the reason for the Liberation and Ferternity links below - as the conception of the vision of cultural democracy has a solid basis in the evolving human efforts by these innovators to be free from fear and hunger.

Ayn Rand
Who is she? Find out ! ~ Click on here ~.

Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm

What are the ideals of today?
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Addtional Note:  The people included on this site had one commonality, Their lives help provide a human consciousness of important character which had its main impact upon the rule of law and the crucial influences of law has to support human freedom amd a free economy. Law, now, is the basis of how one views property, and earnings.  Economics provide the abstractual skills to understand other human activities as its applies to trade and the personal value of ones labor. This could not take place until the individual was granted the freedom of choice to decide what is of value.
Individualism, and freedoms which were a direct product of their efforts and indeed were founded in solid foundations; They had both the mark of how leadership should always have a degree of circumspect, and where humility itself became a leader's sense of pyscological and moral balance.  This developed the various humanisms of today.
Why Elizabeth I:
One addtional item, and why Elizebeth I is being included.  It was her social visions which gave more depth of who she actually was, and how she had to always deal with harsh male perseptions towards women of her day. Her own private life was as a result fustrated, and she had to make serious efforts to always hide this.  Vulnerability.  Thus proposed marriages and family troubles were all to often focused upon by historians..This to me was most tragic of all. 
Once I had her social reforms focus and views a very different Elizabeth I emerged, and from which it became all to apparant that if she did run into someone who had a good degree of circumspect to her efforts, or some sense of his own humility she would have been a wonderful wife too!
Nonetheless, it is what she did in several directions at the sametime, that the English civilization became rooted in the bedrock of human consiousness of freedom with the additional vigor to explore other human horizons.

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