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Arlington, Virginia

Arlington County is a city and county located in the State Commonwealth of Virginia, directly across the Potomac River from Washington DC. Originally part of DC until July 9, 1846.

Arlington County was part of the original 10-mile square created as the District of Columbia during 1781.

The portion of the District created from territory ceded by Virginia was termed Alexandria County of the District of Columbia. It included the present Arlington County plus part of what is now Alexandria .

Arlington House, the home of the general Robeert E. Lee which later, and after the Civil War became the basis of Arlington National Cementery.

Notes on Arlington House: ( credit Chamber of Commerce )

In 1804 Custis had married Mary Lee Fitzhugh. Their only child to survive infancy was Mary Anna Randolph Custis, born in 1808. Young Robert E. Lee, whose mother was a cousin of Mrs. Custis, frequently visited Arlington. Two years after graduating from West Point, Lieutenant Lee married Mary Custis at Arlington on June 30, 1831. For 30 years, Arlington House was home to the Lees. They spent much of their married life traveling between U.S. Army duty stations and Arlington, where six of their seven children were born. They shared this home with Mary's parents, the Custis family.

When George Washington Parke Custis died in 1857, he left the Arlington estate to Mrs. Lee for her lifetime and afterwards to the Lees' eldest son, George Washington Custis Lee.

Included is The Tomb of the Unknowns / Soldier and, stands atop a hill overlooking Washington, DC.

The Pentagon in Arlington County is the headquarters of the US Deparetment of Defense. Built during the early years of WWII, it is still thought of as one of the most efficient office buildings in the world. Despite 17.5 miles (28 km) of corridors it takes a maximum of seven minutes to walk between any two points in the building

Arlington Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC

<Bi - Line Story Link
<Bi - Line Story Link
The focus of which is to exchange cultural information via the internet medium about the nightlife, dance, theatre life, art, artist, entertainment, accommodations, restaurants, and dance scene.

The second stage is to include the regional communities under the sociocultural and socioeconomic influences of the city of Washington DC. This add depth, and brings the online user into the very national environment of each selected city within the growing network of Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. More importantly, it allows a greater field of participation from the community online users to convey their interests and contributions to this cultural democracy initiative.

The selected region communities of Washington DC  are :

Alexandria  .
Chevy Chase  .
Suitland  .
Arlington  .
Silver Springs  .

Arlington Blogs, Bloggers, and Other Sites:
Arlington Night Life ( Nightlife ), RMC [ Blog ]
Arlngton History and Today [ Blog ]

Dance in Arlington [ Blog ]
Dance in Arlington.
These three dance groups are a sample of the rich dance culture which exist in the Arlington, Virginia area.
Arlington Center for Dance
Arlington Center for Dance opened in the Fall of 1981 and operates on a semester basis. The Center accepts children and adults at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels into a year-round program. The Center's four excellent studios feature sprung floors and high ceilings and are air-conditioned.

We are proud to have assembled a highly qualified and competent teaching staff. The Journal has noted we are in "the forefront of area dance," and attracting "the best performers and teachers." Washington Dance View, in citing our working knowledge of injury prevention and care of the body, says that "If you send your children to ACD, you're sending them somewhere where people care about their bodies, and [have a working] knowledge of what young dancers can and cannot do."

Many young dancers training at the Center have auditioned for and performed with internationally known companies, including Dance Theatre of Harlem, Stuttgart, Joffrey, Ballet West, and the Royal Ballet.

Due to the quality of our staff, serious dance students receive individual attention and some of the finest training available. Individuals seeking personal enrichment and exercise are able to attain their goals in a comfortable, enjoyable environment
Bowen McCauley Dance
Bowen McCauley Dance was founded in 1996 by choreographer, dancer, and teacher Lucy Bowen McCauley. Lucy's deft blending of modern and ballet along with her wit, energy, sensuality, and strong musicality, has won her many fans. Her skillful use of individual dancers' natural talents has won her the loyalty of some of the finest performers in the DC area. In late 1996 the dance company was incorporated and received recognition as a non-profit organization by the IRS. The company is governed by an independent, volunteer board of directors drawn from the local community.

Dance Factory

The actual birth of the Dance Factory was February 1976. We started off at a place called "Red, The Barber's". Red had an adjoining karate school—kick off your shoes, jump up on the big ol' mat and dance—oops, watch out for the leaky roof—puddles and all.

We have come a long way since that humble beginning. Our wonderfully relocated site is next to the Virginia Square Metro, still in beatiful downtown Arlington, Va. Our 3,000-sq.-ft. cushioned oak ballroom has entertained OVER 1/4 MILLION DANCERS.

We have 4 separate teaching areas inside the ballroom and we offer dozens of Swing, Latin, and Ballroom classes monthly. Our superb staff instructs some of the best private and group classes in the industry. We're big, we're popular, we're inexpensive, we're good, and we're fun!
For those already acquainted with ballroom dancing, we encourage you to come to ourFriday Night Open Dances, which include lessons (usually 6 to choose from), along with plenty of practice time. They're huge, and the material taught is challenging. If you'd like to learn to dance, take advantage of our Introductory Special of 3 free lessons (1 private, 1 group, and 1 Friday Dance). Don't miss the fun... Call now! 703-528-9770

The Mission of the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network
[ Cultural Democracy ]

Cultural Communications:

Cultural communications is the very heart of this system, and through the internet a free flow flow of information network has already been established to allow this to happen. What is being done, is that an intiative based upon cultural democracy has been now established for your the community online user to participate. More importantly, for those who are contributing valued information getting known on the internet too!

All too often, several events are simply not know by travelers, tourist, or those who are looking for communities to move and live. It is envisioned by this process that events become both known, and popular at the sametime. Moreover, new talent is happening all the time, and thus should likewise be promoted too!

Beyond that, is the emergence of the event provider, and thus system become even more crucial, and for two very important respects.

One: The promotion of the community itself, as represented in its entertainment value.

Two: The economic activity it establishes by which industries are likewise locally developed.

Thus this crucial initiative and where it starts for you is on this webpage...

Special Submissions Online Forms .

The growing dance culture:

The online system Dance Community Get - Togethers is a faciliative service system which is free and open to the public. This is to assist in the development of dance socials, dancce committee formations, and development of those contacts which makes dance troupes come about. Thus this can be called the empowerment zone.

Goto Website Dance Community .

The following are condensed information websites and thus they are as brief as possible. Moreover, and later on discussion boards will be added. This will also help in the flow of information.

Ballet and Modern Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Ballroom Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Belly and Folk Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Hip Hop and Modern Jazz dance Cities / City [ Website ]
The Latin and Salsa Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Swing Dance Cities / City [ Website ]

The National and International Social Dance Registry [ WebSite ]
The Ithaca Dance Directory [ Website ]

You will note both the comments section and link exchange programs which are offered freely. Take advantage of them and the central reason for this is based upon how the internet views partnerships ( internet socialization promotionals via link exchanges ) as who is offering the best service, and has a check and balance as a result.