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The Mayor:

Adrian Fenty

Welcome to the online office of the Mayor. It's a place designed with you, the citizens of the District of Columbia, in mind. Now, information about services vital to you and your family, new museum exhibits, government contacts, and news from your government is at your fingertips. Just as access to the mayor is only an email away, so is access to anything you ever wanted to know about Washington, DC.

DC.Gov has grown leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, and it will continue to evolve. The site's "Kid's Corner" is being updated with more exciting information for the city's young people. And news about upcoming city events will be added frequently. Our city is full of information and vibrant ideas, and you will be able to find them all right here.

As the District continues its quest to become a world-class city, you are invited to delve into the site that paves the way. And remember, we will continue to progress, faster than ever before. This website is full of unlimited information. So please, come on in and enjoy.

Adrian Fenty, current mayor of Washington D.C.

Adrian Fenty, current mayor of Washington D.C.

The "Voice which has a growing political echo chamber."


All is not sweetness and light in Washington DC.

Yesterday, House Democratic leaders had gathered in the Cannon Caucus room to celebrate taking power announce changes to the House rules and a domestic agenda. Instead, theywere shouted down by a group of Left wing activists led by Cindy Sheehan, who drove lawmakers away from the microphones and off the podium.

National Cathedral, Washington DC