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International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network [ Washington, District of Columbia ( D.C. ) - WebPage
The International Students / Scholars Intercultural open forum - [ Scholars 2000 - Washington, District of Columbia ( D.C. ) ] 
The and National International Cultural Fiesta Movement: Voluntary programs throught the United States by International Student / Scholars efforts @ intercultural communications on various University campuses. 
World of Dance Visions - An update internet publication of National - International Dance trends.
International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources ( Dance ) : An internet portal to International Students / Scholars in the world of social dance.
Fashions ~ Trendsetters / Trend Setters:  Fashions which are cuting edge in America, Europe, Asian, and in Ithaca, New York itself.

This website: Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is an Inter - City Cultural Communications web site program between the cities of Washington, DC and Ithaca, New York. Washington DC, the night life, always had a tremedous impact upon me. First when I was at Fort Belvior at its U.S. Army Corps of Engineers training as a construction draftsman ( 81B20 ); Then later stationed there with the 537th Engineers ( Topo Survery ) Company; and later, a city resident - while I was being trained as a Dance Master at both Arthur Murray Dance Studios Inc., and Fred Astaire Studios Inc. I was living at the LaSalle Building accross from The MayFlower Hotel. This was located at the very heart of the Night Life Action there during the late 60s and early 70s. It still is.
This is a special promtional program which features two missions:
One: An Inter - City Cultural ( IE. Dance ) Communications WebSite program between the cites of Alexandria Egypt, Athens, Atlanta, Baghdad, Baltimore, Berlin, Beijing, Binghamton, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Copenhagen, Cortland, Dallas, Dublin, Elmira, Gdansk, Ithaca, Kiev, Lagos, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Madrid, Miami ( the city of my birth ), Melbourne, Montreal, Moscow, Nanking, New York City, Oslo, Owego, Paris, Prague, Rome, Shanghai, Syracuse, Syre, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington DC, and Ithaca, New York ( where I live now ). To promote The city of Ithaca, New York as The Cultural Magnet Destination City of The Tri State Region of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. This encompassed two stages, geographically ; the American cities; and the Asian - European cities. Alot more has been added since this.
The third stage was recently launched.
These are my Content Uitility WebSites in which the focuses are on Fashions, Sports, Avant Garde Movements, Entertainment Sectionals, and various forums to explore the potential of the internet as a facilitive means to promote change.
Two: A cultural Democracy program in which you, the community DC online internet users have a say of what goes on this WebSite. This is specifically designed with the full " intent " to trigger internet activism to assist in the promotion of both local and national civic responsiablity.
Why? The combination of these two elements are deliberately developed to bring our nation together. Though " Home Security " is now an absolute necessity, and there will be those who will dedicate themselves to protect us as a result. Nonetheless it is , we, the citizens, must also start to be just as self - reliant and make our connnections to both the Constitution and to each other closer and stronger. Moroever, this spirit is being conveyed to Europe, through my Euro-Quest Night Life, RMC series, along with the future focus being directed towards faith base initiatives in society and culture. Thus as peoples, with our faith in " G-D " [ " B.H." ] and each other reaching out to develop special alliances for the future quests in full measure of human happinesses to the peoples of the EU of Nations.
What has been emailed, and at times it was considerable, has indicated that like Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC, the other Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC series basically said " more was needed to be done and expanded upon ". Parents, expecially were pleased, in as much as " these were clean sites too ! "
If you have the time, please feel free to comment on how you responded in discovering Washington DC Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC today!

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