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Ithaca Date Book:
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First get your cell phone and a date book.  There is one to your left.  Then you get this site on the date book, and then click on Ithaca Concerts, Concerts and Entertainment, Theatre, or Entertainment websites for the evenings entertainment.  Then if you want something very good to go actually dinning out too, and not a rush job, you go to the Ithaca Recommended Restaurants for one hell of a great evening.  In the end it will become more easy to plan, and you really do not even have to sit at home to do it. 

An I Frame DownTown Ithaca Events News Insert:

Ithaca, New York at a Glance:
By: Mr. Roger M. Christian.

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My social consciousness corner.

Finger Lakes ReUseIthaca's Green Revolution is growing.  Recycling clean housing contruction materials oganization.

Take Back The Night, RMC ~ Ithaca, New York: The next step in providing a platform of change and service focus within those business operations who are nightlife events or nightclub venues providers. Especially to replace the tacky and thoughtless cheap promotionals of " Ladies Night."

Very valuable information.
Something everyone needs to know.

Israel Information Center Ithaca

Dance Gift Certificates are now being sold:  From $ 20.00 - 4 classes program to $ 1,480.00 complete social dance program [ 48 Classes and 24 Privates ] and more.
Call 451 - 8663 or 279 - 9945, and if you have a caller id block please leave a voice mail message, Thank you.

Roger's Fashions and Trendsetters News Covering the major fashions global centers and Ithaca's 4 emerging merchant retail markets.

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Got and Apartment ( s ), or a studio ( s )  for rent? The send in the informaion to

Dance Demo at an Art Gallery
Roma and Me:

Employers who are in need of qualified workforce  and those who are looking for stable employment should go to Ithaca Jobs Board,

Ithacan of the Year ?????

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    Who is Ayn Rand: Authors, Movie Script Writer, especially in The Fountainhead movie classic Staring Gary Cooper, and World Known Philosopher for her development of the Objectivist views and observations.

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    Harvey Fireside, who started the Amesty International - Ithaca group in 1973, died Friday morning, February 1st, 2008. There is a long obituary in this morning's Ithaca Journal. He also started many other useful groups and movements, including the Border Fund, the Ithaca branch of the Bosnian Student Project (which helped young Bosnians study here after they were displaced by the 1992-1995 war), and the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund to help immigrants and refugees (now going to be renamed the Harvey Fireside Fund).


    The City of Ithaca, New York has quite more than its share of theater, dance and musical programs, especially in summer. The State Theater, 111 W. State St. (tel. 607/277-6633), located in one of the last remaining National Historical Theatres-which is representational " Golden Era " architecture built during Hollywood's Great Era of the Entertaining Musicals - is the city's theatrical center. In a pleasant addition, the Kitchen Theater - with that extra  personal physical closeness with Ithaca's avant garde audience - is at 116 N. Cayuga St. (tel. 607/273-4497), in the historic Greek Revival Clinton House. Both have top year-round classic and contemporary theater, ballet and concerts. Recent attraction to " The State " was Whoopie Goldberg during the month of February.  Additional " Internationally known Top Liners " are now, also, being booked.

    In the beautiful Ithacan lay-back Summers The Hangar Theatre starts its season and is located in beautiful Cass Park, off Route 89 in Ithaca, NY Taughannock Boulevard/Route 89 (tel. 607/273-8588 fax;607/273-45160), offers professional, children's, and experimental theater. 

    See  Ithaca Theater / Theatre / Concerts / Ensembles: for performance schedules and press releases.

    Summer outdoor concerts by the Ithaca Downtown Business Partnership, and Dancing in the Streets, by Tri Falcon and Dove Productions series are held at The Ithaca Commons. Additional events are likewise presented at The Taughannock Falls State Park, and the Cornell University quad. For additional events on music and performing arts, see

    New this year is the Proud to Serve 4th of July Celebration The annual 4-day Ithaca Festival, Ithaca's and Tompkin's county leading event,  held the first weekend after Memorial Day, features several stages and performances by musicians, painters, dance groups, and more. Visit  for more information or call tel. 607/273-4646.

    Excellent array of restaurants and drinking lounges and establishments.  Most of them new!.  See Ithaca Night Life ( NIghtLife ), NY's Restaurant Guide and Hot Spots.  

    Ithaca Downtown Partnership (tel.607/277-8679 ) sponsored event; February is Chili Cook-Off month in which the local restaurants, and private citizens alike try to out cook America's central cultural dish, Chili. 

    There is also a downtown boom going on. Based upon the best nightlife traditions established by: Chanticleer, 101 W. State St. (tel. 607/272-9678) -- famous for its neon rooster sign on the corner -- is a low-key watering hole with a bit of a gritty feel to go with its pool tables and jukebox. Micawber's Tavern, 118 N. Aurora (tel. 607/273-9243), a lively bar with live pop and rock music every Friday.

    In Collegetown up on the hill in Collegetown near Cornell, Stella's Martini Bar, 403 College Ave. (tel. 607/277-1490), is one of the coolest spots, with live music on weekends.  The other is Rulloff's with its calendar of weekly events, and excellent menue (tel. 607/272-6067).

    Ten miles north (on Rte. 96) of Ithaca, in Trumansburg ("T-Burg"), is a handful of bars, including the curiously named live-music pub Rongovian Embassy to the U.S. (known to local barflies as the Rongo). Find its stage featuring local rock bands and a good selection of beers at 1 Main St. (tel. 607/387-3334). It's open until 1am Tuesday to Sunday. More importantly, the community shines around the Christmas and Chanukah season with the Winter Festival ( ).  Even more important, The Grass Roots Festival of Music and Dance (tel.607/387-5098) (fax.607/387-5630 ) during the Summer season which has entertainment within a natural outdoorish Woodstock ( which it was a spin - off from )  atmosphere of youth and wisdom of the ages integrated with seasoned rocks musics entertainment, and country dancing.

    An impressive array of activities which draws attention world - wide.  RMC P.S. I making this so too - just browse the web these days and you see Ithaca poping all over the world now!  RMC / 607 - 279 - 9945

    DownTown's Biggest Enigma. Can it be BLACK CATTED?

    Live Webcam Downtown Ithaca, Bernie Milton Pvailion.


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    Headlines:  Get both the brief and complete Online report here on:
    For 2008
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    The City of Ithaca, New York ~
    Another report just in.
    AnnouncementsCity of Ithaca and Tompkins County Complete Wind Power... [ ] The City of Ithaca, New York ~ An Idea - Hourse Drawn Carriages ????  Ithaca work in another up-state New York community . Cornell University ~  Cornell in Competition for Energy Grants . Cornell University ~ National Science Foundation Grants . Planning your Summers in Europe ?  Then see... The World Economic Forum’s First Ever Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report

    The is Part of Paris Night Life, RNC Website.
    Click on this and below Euro-Quest Index for Paris.

    Major Student - City Issue 2007 - 2008 Bicycle Lanes in Ithaca


    Welcome to Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY. Wanted are your press releases on all cultural events, along with photos, and ongoing weekly socials. Click on the email below.  ~ Thank you.

    Place your comments on this forum.

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    washington dc nightlife lips magazine reporting in.  washington dc nightlife models too

    Ithaca Nightlife, Ithaca Nite Life, Ithaca Nitelife.


    Ithaca as The Cultural Magnet Destination City.
    " The Ithaca Promotional."
    This is the public service website.  The is another Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY published on the internet....

    A View:  Enter into Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY


    Ithaca during the night ( especially when you see it as you approach it by route 13 coming north from Pyramid Mall area ) sits like a carefully laid out showcase of hundreds of jewels between three hills.  The lake is on your right, and lush vegetation and trees are lined on your left.  You drive down the high slope of route 13, and thus you enter a different world.  Where at times dreams contend with reality, and people search to fill out their passions for life.
    It is upon examination of this jeweled picture you see sharp reds, flickering whites, and yellows, and with the normal grays, and ash collorations associated for evening hues of all night darken descriptions.  None the less, the a lure beneath this setting is always there. The back show of Ithaca during the night of it's life, and lifestyles, two large University collections' of advance architectural structures, along their own spread out be-jeweled  lights rises like fortresses on the two adjacent hills.  This is Cornell University, the big brother of the community, and Ithaca College, the lovely sister.
    At times, and during this time all to the early morning, both the trees, and Lake Cayuga gives off  hazes of fog like smoke, arising the rainbow of colors just appearing with the very rise of the sun.  Ithaca during the night is over and Ithaca now awaits the next evening when another passer by on route 13 gets to see a glimpse, and wonder when will they come back to live.  Join the MSN discussion group on your understanding of what is a cultural democracy by going to Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY MSN here.

    Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ) , N.Y. is part of the public service division of Tri Falcon and Dove Productions, and is presently edited by Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian. 

    Sharing Our Cultures:
    Celebrations Historic State Theatre - April 29 and 30th.

    National Dance Week Ithaca, New York.
    Theme:  " Sharing Our Cultures "
    " On Hold "
    Scheduled for every April 29th, or more dates. The Ithaca Ballet is booked for this weekend.
    Archive: Last year.
    The performance was at the Histroic State Theatre, around April 29 , 2006, highlights a week long celebrations in " Sharing Our Cultures " through the media of Dance.
    There will be, never - the less, Dancing in the Street Series which will be starting May 22nd, 2007  WebSite to be posted.
    See details - For Ithaca, New York read Dance Ithaca E - Magazine [ Click here - WebSite ********************************************************************************************


    Missing Child Alert 


    To get help to plan an excellent event or convention goto Visit Ithaca.Com

    Cornell Life WebCam - [ from Cornell Campus ]

    Now Playing at Ithaca College
    see details - click on.




    Dance Ithaca
    Ithaca Dance Performance Network

    Click on Photo for her Official WebSite.
    Elena Paparizou

    Elena Paparizou is now # in Europan Songs:
    Elena Paparizou representing Greece won the Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Kiev, Ukraine on May 21, 2005. Join her [ Yahoo.Com - Group here ].

    Shangri-La Gifts
    Ithaca, New York

    European Fashion Setters
    Get the latest scoop now!

    Ithaca ( The International Center of the INTERNET Cultural Democracy Network ) Local, National, International Cultural Democracy Network:  MSN Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY.  For overall report AOL HomeTown Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY [ WebSite ].  For those who have accounts - Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY [ WebSite ].


    New, Fantastic & Innovative!
    Sociocultural Interactive Programs:
    An Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Community Cultural - Democratic Initiative.
    Has spun - off to its own [ website. ]


    Join US  ----

    Persian Gulf Veterans

    About Us
    News Items
    Taking the Point [ Links Page ]


    This Persian Gulf Veterans website is part of Operation Proud to Serve of Ithaca, New York. 
    This is to foster easy social and cultural reintegration of returning veterans to Ithaca - Tompkins county, give support to local service men and women, as well as their families residing within Central New York.  Moreover, it is to assist in the development of additional support networks by promoting more social and cultural opportunities at the same time

    Ny  Look for Information on Ny? This is the place to find it.

     To get together, dance, talk, and take a date to. Ithaca Socials - Tripod.Com: [ Links ]   Social Dance Calendar Ithaca
    Any items you wish to add, or stories you wish to include send them with photo attachments to

    Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Social Planning [ Forum ] - Membership required for the planning of Social Get-Togethers.

    Ithaca Amnesty International

    Cross TalkAn innovative special program in which you can to talk thrugh the computer keys on your computer other cities, citizens to citizens by following the easy free registration process.

    Ithaca Night Life, NY is a main cog of a central plan to assist in the regional promotion of Tompkins County as a whole.  This is to give an example to the rest of the nation of how we can begin to come together stronger as a nation via special communication channels through the internet, to promote national  unity; Inter - City Cultural Communications.  Moreover, there are national and International issues in which a small community can take on, and can make improvements, as a result, in humanity as a whole.  Thus the vision of Ithaca Night Life, N.Y is realized.
    Since the Summer of 2005 The Cultural Democracy Initiative - see Central [ WebSite ] " For " Cultural Democracy.
    At this time, especially in the wake of 9/11 this is most urgent.  For we need a better strenght of self - reliance, as a means for mutual protection.  For Home Security, though it may be well funded, and staffed will not be able to give us the cover we expect, in as much as we are an open and free country, and that Home Security, as a result, has restrictions within this free society, or as long we are a free peoples.
    We come together for a better life, so that we have the means for not only happiness, but more important the ability to give happiness to others.  Now you have entered in Ithaca Night Life, NY.

    For more event click on logo.
    Need to post your function for visitors go here.

    Do you have a dance or auditions related job offer ? Or are you initiating a management - directors search ? Then goto Arts Search .

    The Supporting INTERNET links to promote the City of Ithaca as The Cultural Magnet Destination City:
    The Supporting INTERNET links to promote the City of Ithaca as The Cultural Magnet Destination City:
    [] The city of Albany [] The city of  Alexandria  []  The city of Ann Arbor [] The city of  Athens  [] The city of  Atlanta  [] the city of  Baghdad [] The city of Baltimore [] The city of Barcelona [] The city of  Beijing [] The city of - Berlin [] The city of  - Binghamton  []  The city of Boston [] The city of -  Buffalo [] The city of  Chicago  [] The city of Columbus []  The city of - Copenhagen  [] The city of  Cortland  [] The city of - Dallas [] The city of Dublin [] The city of - Elmira [] The city of  Gdansk [] The city of  Kiev  [] The city of  Las Vegas  [] The city of  London  [] The city of  Las Vegas [] The city of Los Angeles  [] The city of Luxembourg [] The city of Madrid [] The city of  Miami and Miami Beach  [] The city  Montreal  [] The city of Moscow  [] The city   Nanking  [] The city of  Nairobi  [] The city of  New York City  [] The city of  Oslo [] The city of Owego [] The city of Paris  [] The city of Phoenix []  The city of Prague  [] The city of Rochester [] The city of Rome [] The city of Shanghai [] The city of Syracuse  []The city of  Tel Aviv [] The city of  Tokyo  [] The city of Toronto [] The city of- Washington DC []
    This is the main goal of this WebSite - RMC

    The City of Ithaca, New York is now Linked to the Major Arts World of Galleries, Museums, Artists, and their studios.  [ The Art WebSite ].   National and International [ Sports ] Fan.  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Theater ~ Theatre Guide [ WebSite ]   Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Night Sports Clubs and Nite Spots Guide.   Entertainment and Recreation [ WebSite  To Take Flight and Dance [ WebSite  Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Restaurant Guide [ Website ] Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY on Ithaca Directory .

    Parents' Corner :




    Based upon at least 7 email suggestions, as per the cultural democratic format of this WebSite, Parents Corner is the result.
    These are the initial resource development groups, more are to follow.
    See included are Roger M. Christian's quotes.
    Here at Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY your comments are taken very seriously.   Alternatives in Child Rearing Conferences, State University of New York @ Buffalo, Community Action Corps 1977, Roger M. Christian. 
    For kids bedroom furniture come to Spacify. Our lines of kids bedroom furniture are filled with the exuberance of youth and designed to reflect your fine taste.

    Running, Colorado
    [ Atlanta, Georgia, USA ] This will primarily cover the professional and amateur sports teams within the Atlanta region, and will encourage at the sametime exchange of views between Atlanta fans, and those who are in Ithaca, New York.  For those who are in Atlanta, that means those who will be more - than -l ikely - be responding to you from Ithaca will be students from either Ithaca,College, or Cornell University.



    The Logoi directory:  Online resources related to travel, culture and languages.

 [ WebSite ]

    Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY  For Good and Dining / Coffee Houses

    Special to Dance Ithaca E - Magazine:



    Recommended Dance Bands and Disc Jockeys Ithaca [ WebSite ], and [ Registration - Website ]  Mega WebSite [ click on Here ] Got a Dance Job and Audition, or a Modeling Call ?  Goto the Jobs  Board [ WebSite ], and [ Jobs offer - WebSite ]

    Dance Bookings:  Salsa Wild of The Falcon and Doves Dance Troupe . The audition moto of this dance troupe is Experience helpful, but note necessary, in as much as each member is auditioned for which assigned division - Amateur - Pro Amateur - Professional. A full cultural affirmative developmental  program

    Plan out your wedding now, befor it is too late. The Wedding Album Sampler.

    Here are a few items ( below ) of interest.  Then go to the above " link stream " for specific items, or events of your interests.  Among the efforts in which Mr. Roger M. Christian is involved with is the Israel Information Center Ithaca, Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation, as well as promoting Ithaca as the  Cultural Magnet Destination City of Central New York, then  comes this sites North East Promotional Market arenas of Chicago, New York City, Toronto, and Washington DC.  Once that is done, then the entire United States.  After that, who knows ???
    None the less, Ithaca during the night, it's very life force comes together in a streams of events, and interesting things to do.  Moreover, with two academic areans, there is never a boaring conversation, in fact, and according to legend, it is against the law of Ithaca's first spirit of Ezra Cornell.
        Ithaca Night Life of Community Diversity
    When you plunge in the various web and groups of Ithaca you will come face to face with several prolific personalities, and contending elements - centralities all acclaiming, and at the sametime too, their virtues.  Then you have the central core focus of Ithaca Night Life, and how it's own heart beats beneath the breast plate of academia, and those who benefit as a result.

    International Section:

    Elliott Back's Ithaca Night LIfe Meetup [ BlogSite ].

    Great Blogs which supports the City of Ithaca:



    Links - Partnerships to help obtain internet rankings - for visability of WebSite's mission.

    Link Exchange Program [ Here ].


    Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY ~ Matrix [ z1-z2-z3 ]


    The City of Ithaca, New York premier nightlife website no listed and posted on Merchant Circle.

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    BlogSite Links:

    Visit Ithaca Impact: Ithaca's Business Community News

    Largest Media Blog Directory

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    RMC Network

    Visit World Wide Classical Sculptures.

    Browse alley:  The enjoyment and info online column of Ithaca, New York:

    Video LineUp:


    Visit Ballroom Theatre Arts

    Useful links mixed in with availbale videos, and online games, really free stuff - primarily from YouTube dot Com.

    Concert at the Haunt

    Visit Fashions and Modeling Trendsetters

    Ithaca Fireworks:

    European Top Night Club

    Outsourcing - Insourcing WebSites   Inter - City Cultural Communications ( Links );
    Chicago = [ WebSite ]
    Mew York City = [ WebSite ]
    Toronto = [ WebSite ]
    Washington DC = [ WebSite ]

    Visit Latin Dance Master U.S.A.

    Big Ben and Parliament building
    The Nepolatan Guide to London NightLife


    Visit New York City NightLife

    Visit afghan zamin

    Is now being developed.  Tarket date for completion, 1st November, 2007.
    Full of useful holiday, travel,
    tourism articles and resources,
    we provide the holiday maker
    with total package !!


    Visit HOTMODELS.COM  Vacation rentals of privately owned condos, villa, cabins.  Rent direct with the owner.  Late deals and Special offer.
    Take a break here with YouTube Miss Kitty - now place in your headphones accordingly.
    Holiday Home Exchange:   Swap homes to get new and low cost vacation experience.
    What are the ideals of today?
    Human Honors.: A WebSite which reflects on the humanist and human pioneers of the past in order for the emerging idealists of today can find their own vocies and meanings.
    Videos :
    Student Notes :  This is like a collective notebook of the various experiences, writings, and at times funny things which has happen to Students / Scholars. Basically this is growing love journal for Ithaca, New York.
    JBB performing "Blazing Love" at the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance in Trumansburg, NY, July 2007. Dig that trumpet!.
    Cornell University:  This is the Ithaca College Website.
    Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY:  This is WWW dot Ithaca Nightlife dot Com
    Academia:  Central WabPage about the academic culture of Ithaca, New York.
    Science, Technologies, Public Policy, and Ethics The central informative web site which details the leading factors of new science and the public policy and ethical  cancerns which emerges as a result 
    Ithaca College Blog -  Ithaca College Students / Scholars blog brings out one point in its mission internet publication. College years are going to be the best years of your life.
    Ebloggy Ithaca College - For archieval of Ithaca College Public Press releases and original articles based upon reported information for distribution throughout the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Internet Network.
    The Fashions Bitch - A real hard look at recent fashions and trends for women.Ithaca Fashions -  What is the latest in fashions for Ithaca, New York.
    Cornell University:
    Battling the Historic Cornell Slope, which is great for developing the Ithaca Leg.
    The Ithaca Academic / Academia Directory -  The careful selection of Universities and Colleges in a single directory which is part of a six plan of development of the Night Lfie ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Communications Internet Network.
    Ithaca Fashions:  This is The Fashioning dot Com forum in which I joined to assist your the Students / Scholars of the Academic culture of Ithaca, New York to likewise join and interact with a larger wolld whose central focus is Fashions.
    International Students / Scholars  @ Ithaca College : Information and design are the new magic of the Internet.  Here is where International Students / Scholars can find the critical information needed to make their participation in America's academic culture more pleasure'able.



    Visit Toronto NightLife, RMC Social Network

    Ithaca Labor Issues: Yes we have alot of them! and its Forum .

    Visit Washington DC NightLife Social Network


    Email us at:

    Web site created by Mr. Roger M. Christian - see his diary:

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